PayPal and Google talks

August 14, according to foreign media reports, three unnamed sources, PayPal and Google are negotiating and hope to integrate Android, its payment services to facilitate the Android users to buy applications.

The source said, Android mobile phone users as early as this year will be able to purchase through PayPal to pay the application fee. At present, the users credit card and Google's Checkout service to pay the cost of purchase applications.

PayPal's payment service through support, Google will provide application developers an alternative, "the collection of payments" means, to improve the attractiveness of their Android platform. Although the Android mobile phone sales over Apple iPhone, but Apple is still the king applications. Apple device 22.5 million lines of application, Android platform, only 70 000 models.

Apple iTunes users can one-click payment, because Apple has been stored in their payment information. Google Checkout offers similar services through, but it is far from popular iTunes or PayPal, for new users trouble. Through support for PayPal, Google could attract more paying accounts. PayPal has more than 87 million active accounts.

The sources said the negotiations were still continuing, there is the possibility of no agreement is reached.

PayPal last quarter added 1 million new accounts each month, accounting for 37% of eBay revenue.

Market research firm Gartner issued a report yesterday in the U.S., Android over iPhone and the BlackBerry has become the largest smart phone operating system users; in the global market, Android is second only to Nokia's Symbian and BlackBerry's third-largest mobile phone operating system, iPhone came in fourth.

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Windows7 belittle Mac

Latest Windows7 and Mac news:

August 11, according to foreign media reports over the past many years, the Microsoft Windows product marketing has been very time, "low key", never as a direct competitor to Apple. But in a recent new computer products for the design of online advertising, Microsoft added an unprecedented number of heavyweight content to Apple's Mac users aware that there are many loopholes in the system.

Microsoft home page in today's Windows 7 to add the contents of a specific option "PC vs Mac"; Interestingly, Apple also used the phrase classic advertising slogan for a long time - "I'm a Mac, and I ' m a PC ".

In the new official home page of Windows, Microsoft stormed the many weaknesses in Apple products, such as Mac product can not play Blu-ray movies, do not support access to 3G connectivity narrow range of functions and compatible software, and so on.

In fact, Microsoft's marketing model to do this fairly "decent" just right the way they used to tell consumers choose Mac is definitely not a good idea. Before that, Microsoft feels that doing so is a serious mistake.

Apple has had most of the focus was the iPhone and iPad, while Microsoft is at this time to re-display their products for the personal computer market leadership say it is a perfect opportunity. The market expect the network marketing company in this round as soon as possible after successful completion of a market battle with Apple's shift to television advertising.


iPhone 4 in Switzerland insufficient supply can only meet 10% demand

August 9, according to foreign media reports, the Swiss telecommunications operator Swisscom CEO Carsten Schloter in a newspaper interview published Sunday, the article said, since Apple's iPhone 4 difficult in the global smartphone market, the company has only to meet 10% of the demand on the iPhone 4.

Apple's July 30 sale of the iPhone 4 extended to 17 countries on three continents and regions, including Switzerland. However, many Swiss users to buy a buy iPhone 4, so that those waiting in line outside the store several hours of consumers are very disappointed.

Start selling iPhone 4 in the first day, Swisscom shops opened in a few hours for the sale of finished all of the iPhone 4 phones. Since 90% of the user requirements are not met, Schloter warned that Apple should not lose contact with their users, these users should be allowed to be booked in advance iPhone 4.

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