Lenovo got the Windows 7 Certified and Vista users need to pay for upgrade

Windows 7 will be released sooner an sooner, many PC manufacturers are all ready for the related products to the Windows 7, Lenovo recently released a Windows 7 Lenovo "EE" certification, covering the idea of Lenovo Think series products. The user can recognize the Windows 7 products optimized for Lenovo products by the "EE" certification logo.
Lenovo Windows 7 "EE" certified association is the combination experience for Windows 7. Certification (Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience Certification) is a Lenovo and Microsoft developers collaborating result, Lenovo and Think products in the idea of the two technical advantages LVT (Lenovo Vantage Technology), TVT (ThinkVantage Technology) with Windows 7 full integration of technology for the Windows 7 operating system, providing a fully compatible, stable and reliable operating platform.
Lenovo said one of the valuable "EE" feathures is to optimize the certification system performance, so that the computers greatly accelerate the speed to start. "EE" Certification embodied in the idea of the value of products which also includes audio-visual entertainment experience richer and make it more easy to use and maintain, is reflected in the value of Think products , to bring a new experience for and security features.
In addition, the Lenovo Group official said, the old users need to upgrade Vista to Windows 7 by paying 88 RMB, which includes the software costs and logistics costs, then call the customer service line, after-sales service personnel will come to their homes to install.
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