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Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord (2014) ($1,499, since tested) is this year's bring up to date to solitary of our favorite problem ultrabooks, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch$1,448.00 next to Lenovo. It retains the small fry, rugged construction of preceding models while flake sour any more division of an edge your way, and the overall package is still a very lovely problem laptop. Not all trade is in support of the better, however, and while Lenovo has made a number of bold changes to keep the X1 Carbon touch a chord next to the leading limit of laptop expertise, a number of of the tweaks seem to be alive a step backward more exactly than forwards.

Like many high-end and business-class ultrabooks, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord uses premium supplies to attain a winning combination of thinness and rugged durability. Taking part in this set of circumstances, it used carbon fiber, which is embedded all over the molded plastic frame and lid in support of small fry strength and resilience. The updated design of the X1 Carbon is even slimmer than preceding models, measuring simply 0.73 by 13.03 by 8.94 inches (HWD)—astonishingly slim what time you bank account in support of the information with the purpose of touch-capable displays are, of need, thicker than their non-touch counterparts. Weighing 3.15 pounds, it's lighter than both the preceding iteration, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch$1,448.00 next to Lenovo (3.25 pounds), and the Editors' amount Lenovo ThinkPad X240$1,451.67 next to Lenovo (3.2 pounds), but the Toshiba Portege Z30-A1301$1,239.99 next to Amazon (2.6 pounds) is a half-pound lighter, merit to any more premium material, magnesium-alloy.

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The 14-inch put on show is a small piece superior than you might expect to see to it that on a laptop with these dimensions, but Lenovo manages to fit supplementary screen area into the design due to exceedingly narrow bezels surrounding the put on show panel. The touch a chord panel—which wires 10-point multi-touch and all of the standard gesture controls in support of Windows 8—is protected from scratching and cracking by an edge-to-edge sheet of Gorilla tumbler. In support of a small piece of especially functionality, the X1 Carbon touch a chord has a 180-degree center, which lets you fold the put on show down even. Our go over thing came equipped with a high-resolution (2,560-by-1,440) panel, which offers admirable color quality and viewing angles. My simply complaint with the put on show is with the purpose of the tumbler is supplementary philosophical than I'd like, and is a small piece smudge-prone. Taking part in addition to the high-quality put on show, the X1 Carbon touch a chord is outfitted with two 1-watt stereo speakers, and enhanced with Dolby back home the stage sound doling out.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord 2014 : Lid
The X1 Carbon touch a chord skin tone Lenovo's AccuType baby grand, which uses a standard chiclet design with scalloped, sculpted keycaps with the purpose of are supplementary comfortable than the usual flat-topped keys. The arrange has been altered, however, with two alienated keys—a put together of keys sharing the size and appearance normally occupied by one—combining Delete and Backspace taking part in the upper-right corner, and the back home and finish keys replacing the Caps Lock fundamental entirely. The contemporary arrange desire take a number of getting used to, but overall the changes seem equitably well idea not at home.

Taking part in the highlight of the baby grand is the distinctive red catch a glimpse of of Lenovo's TrackPoint, along with exact and not here thumb-friendly buttons merely under the spacebar. Alongside the baby grand is a fingerprint person who reads in support of down-to-earth biometric security. The clickpad mouse has plus been updated, using the same way of clickpad seen on the Lenovo ThinkPad T440s$1,299.00 next to Lenovo and Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga$1,049.00 next to Lenovo. The contemporary clickpad has supplementary travel what time hard-pressed, follow-on taking part in a deeper click. I personally dislike it, but it's the sort of list with the purpose of desire vary from solitary person to the after that, so try to persuade a number of hands-on period with it ahead of purchasing.

Lenovo has taken the unexpected step of replacing the standard function keys (F1-F12) with a narrow touch-sensitive put on show called the Adaptive Function Row. This embedded touch a chord input skin tone a backlit liquid semiprecious stone put on show, protected with a layer of Gorilla tumbler. It replaces the standard function keys with a a small amount of dozen altered functions—each with its own icon—from the usual F1-F12 buttons to mesh browsing tools, media controls, and supplementary. The indication makes discern, and it does offer a supplementary flexible selection of tools, but it plus makes the function row supplementary complicated, requiring a number of especially hunting through the altered tool sets to learn what did you say? You're like.

Skin tone
The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch's slimness puts constraints on how many ports and family can be alive fit on top of the edges of the bodywork. On the exact, you'll learn a Kensington lock slot, solitary USB 3.0 seaport, and a micro Ethernet seaport, which requires an adapter dongle (bundled with the laptop) to really plug taking part in a LAN cable. On the not here, there's a rectangle power connector, which plus doubles since a connection in support of Lenovo's OneLink Pro cut off, a compact cut off and seaport replicator, sold independently ($179.99). There's plus HDMI and mini DisplayPort in support of film output, and a go along with USB 3.0 seaport with sleep-and-charge capability. Our go over thing came equipped with 802.11N Wi-Fi (dual-band Wireless-AC is plus open in support of an further $30), along with Bluetooth 4.0. There's plus the option in support of mobile phone broadband, with a SIM certificate slot on the back of the scheme, offering not obligatory 4G capability.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord 2014 : Ports

Inside, the laptop is outfitted with a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD), which promises hurried performance and cargo space in support of thousands of credentials and photos. If you're dealing with film before other copious media annals, however, with the purpose of 128GB of area might fill up quickly. The scheme comes with Windows 8.1 expert (64-bit), and Lenovo preloads it with a a small amount of programs and apps, like a 30-day trial of Norton Studio, cloud cargo space through Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), Dragon gradation Assistant, Evernote and Skitch (which lets you save sketches and add annotations to images taking part in Evernote), along with a a small amount of with a reduction of advantageous extras, like Rara melody, Amazon Kindle person who reads, and AccuWeather. Lenovo covers the ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord with a one-year warranty with the purpose of includes depot and carry-in repairs.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Caron touch a chord (2014) The X1 Carbon touch a chord is equipped with an Intel central i5-4200U central processing unit, a dual-core, 1.6GHz CPU paired with 8GB of RAM. The follow-on performance was on par with our current Editors' amount Lenovo ThinkPad X240, since evidenced by the exceedingly like PCMark 7 results—the X1 Carbon touch a chord scored 4,724 points, while the Lenovo ThinkPad X240 scored a almost identical 4,717 points. Despite this similarity, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord does offer to some extent sooner multimedia doling out than the Lenovo ThinkPad X240, completing Handbrake taking part in 1 take notes 24 seconds and Photoshop taking part in 5:08.

The X1 Carbon touch a chord presented to some extent better performance taking part in graphics doling out. The Intel HD Graphics 4400 integrated solution won't offer support in support of supplementary demanding applications like AutoCAD before SolidWorks, but it's supplementary than a sufficient amount in support of PowerPoint and mesh browsing, since made known taking part in 3DMark 11, somewhere it topped all three competing systems and scored 1,805 points (Entry) and 296 points (Extreme).

The 45-Wh, eight-cell battery is sealed into the laptop's slim bodywork, which sacrifices the knack to swap not at home the battery in support of the sake of a to some extent slimmer design. Taking part in our battery rundown test, the X1 Carbon touch a chord lasted 4 hours 36 minutes. Unfortunately, this was significantly shorter than the battery-life presented by other systems—the Lenovo ThinkPad X240 with no trouble outlasted it with 5:54 (and feat 15:16 with a go along with extended battery), while the Toshiba Portege Z30 supplementary than doubled the nifty battery life (10:19). The scheme does get nearer with Lenovo's RapidCharge expertise, which allows the battery to quickly boost up to 80 percent of its plump gift contained by an hour of plugging it taking part in. So, while it won't stay fresh you all day of the week, recharging won't take much longer than your eat hour.

While the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord (2014) is still a very well-built problem laptop with a light and durable design and performance in support of all of your piece needs, the contemporary sculpt makes a number of sizeable changes, and they aren't all winners. The contemporary baby grand arrange and rotating touch-sensitive function debar possibly will set a number of users sour, and the battery life is unacceptably undersized. If the slimmer design and better-than-HD put on show are skin tone you crave, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch a chord (2014) is challenging to beat, but in support of like performance with no the revamped baby grand, and with significantly longer battery life, the Editors' amount Lenovo ThinkPad X240 is still our top pick in support of mid-range problem ultrabooks.
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