Adobe and Apple patch fixes software products released

September 21, according to foreign media reports, Adobe Systems and Apple on Monday released a security patch to fix all of its products in the security vulnerabilities, including a major patch, fix up a network attack has been to use the Adobe Flash Player The security vulnerability.

Adobe released a patch is the most important because it fixes a network attack is said to have been used for security vulnerabilities. May be due to fear of these Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t battery attacks, Adobe a week earlier than planned release of this patch.

Adobe on Monday said it has received the hackers to exploit the vulnerability on Windows systems Adobe Flash Player attack report. This may cause serious problems, since most PC are installing Adobe Flash Player software, use the flaw to the victims of malicious software installed on your computer.

Security firm Symantec said Monday, using the number of attack Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t battery vulnerability is very limited.

Adobe Flash Player is a network attack occurred, but because of Reader and Acrobat software to use Flash, malicious hackers to lure the victims to open PDF files can also be an attack. However, Adobe has not received the PDF file of the attack on the report.

Adobe's security updates apply to all operating systems it supports. Reader and Acrobat's patch will be on October 4th week of release.

Apple said Monday the security bulletin, Apple repair AFP (Apple File Protocol) protocol in a security vulnerability in MacOS. Hackers could exploit the flaw to access Mac files on your Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t battery without a password. Know the name of the target system accounts for remote hackers to bypass the password authentication, access to shared folders AFP.

Apple said the flaw for Apple's Mac OS X v10.6 previous versions of the system is not affected.