iOS 4.2 version of iPhone listed postponed to October 24

Time November 13 message, according to foreign media reports, according to reliable sources, the iOS 4.2 Wi-Fi exposed fault system, Apple has canceled the Friday launch of the iPhone by iOS 4.2 system and the iPad the plans, and The plan postponed to 24th of this month.

Wednesday news that Apple will launch on Friday the system based on iOS 4.2 iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. But the latest news, Apple and Asus A42-A3 battery has been canceled and postponed the plan. This is the second time Apple has at least postponed the listing of the operating system. iPad iOS 4.2 version will bring AirPlay, AirPrint and multi-tasking capabilities.

Informed sources said, mainly because the formal launch of the system before the iOS 4.2 Golden Master final version of the test, found that the system has Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. In this system, users can create Wi-Fi connection, but in fact there is no network, the user can not perform any network operations Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 battery. For iOS 4.2 and AirPrint AirPlay is available, Wi-Fi vulnerability undoubtedly be disastrous.

In addition to Apple's full line of products will be configured, iOS 4.2 system also fixes using iOS 4.1 systems (3G, 3GS and 4G) iPhone smart Asus A41-A6 battery phone to change the existing loopholes in the system time and had a third party can do anything to bypass the iPhone PIN Dial lock function slip holes. The latter is easy to let third-party access to iPhone users to store contacts, email, SMS and phone records and other data.

Apple's security work has been done very place, the delay iOS 4.2 Version for complete listing of the system is considered. Listing in the system, iPhone 3G users will benefit. Prior to using iOS 4 iOS 4.1 system or even iPhone 3G mobile phone users often been the poor performance of power problems, and iOS 4.2 is expected to be solve this problem. Apple has done more to iOS 4.2 sound system is to allow users of the iPhone 3G handset performance was excellent.

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Facebook accounted for nearly a quarter of U.S. display advertising market share

The data research company comScore, Facebook amount of exposure to 297 billion U.S. display ad publishers ranked first, accounting for 23.1% of display advertising market share.

According to statistics, the third quarter of 2010 received a total of 1.3 trillion Internet users display advertising, an increase of 22%, each display ads seen by Internet users on average up to 6000.

Facebook has 297 billion the third quarter, display advertising exposure, accounting for 23.1% of the display advertising laptop battery market share. The data of 9.2% year on year increase of 13.9%.

These data further validate the previous message on Facebook: The company revenue this year will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars.

Exposure to 140 billion Yahoo (11% share) ranked second, followed by Microsoft's Web site 640 billion (5% share) and Fox Interactive Media 480 billion.

AT & T is the third quarter, the largest U.S. display Asus A42-A6 battery advertising market, advertisers, advertising exposure amounted to 21.1 billion, followed by Scottrade and Verizon.

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