Facebook accounted for nearly a quarter of U.S. display advertising market share

The data research company comScore, Facebook amount of exposure to 297 billion U.S. display ad publishers ranked first, accounting for 23.1% of display advertising market share.

According to statistics, the third quarter of 2010 received a total of 1.3 trillion Internet users display advertising, an increase of 22%, each display ads seen by Internet users on average up to 6000.

Facebook has 297 billion the third quarter, display advertising exposure, accounting for 23.1% of the display advertising laptop battery market share. The data of 9.2% year on year increase of 13.9%.

These data further validate the previous message on Facebook: The company revenue this year will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars.

Exposure to 140 billion Yahoo (11% share) ranked second, followed by Microsoft's Web site 640 billion (5% share) and Fox Interactive Media 480 billion.

AT & T is the third quarter, the largest U.S. display Asus A42-A6 battery advertising market, advertisers, advertising exposure amounted to 21.1 billion, followed by Scottrade and Verizon.

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