Sandy Bridge Intel Xuan Mito comprehensive tour shows

San Francisco, the first day of Fall IDF 2010, Intel is better overall picture of the expectations of the next-generation processor family, "Sandy Bridge", and first published a large number of in-depth technical details and fine wafer Photos

Intel Vice President and General Manager of Architecture Group Dadi Perlmutter said: "the way people use computers is the speed of evolution of an explosive, an urgent need for more powerful, more visual expression of the experience. Our upcoming second-generation Intel Core processing device family represents the computing performance and capabilities of the most significant progress Dell Studio 1735 battery. In addition to Intel notebook platforms provide these features, we also plan to extend to the data center server and embedded computing product line. "

Sandy Bridge will be the official name of the series "2011 the second generation Intel Core processor family" (2011 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family), known as the first new Intel-based "Visibly Smart" micro-architecture, using 32nm process and the second generation of high-K metal gate (HKMG) technology, which integrates about 10 billion transistors.

Sandy Bridge family will continue to use Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 by way of Dell Studio 17 battery sub-series, and again replaced with new LOGO ID:

Sandy Bridge family, the main technical highlights include:

- The next generation Turbo Boost (Turbo) Dynamic Acceleration Technology:

According to instructions on the type of operation dynamically adjust CPU, GPU frequency to achieve maximum performance or energy consumption, and to add new power balancing algorithm, manage power consumption and heat dissipation, optimizing performance.

- Improved the core of the ring interconnection and innovation:

Significantly improved the core, and a revolutionary interconnect to better connect the ring to improve data bandwidth, performance and energy efficiency. Ring interconnect is a high-bandwidth, low latency of the integrated module, closely connected computing core CPU Dell Studio 1735 battery, GPU graphics core and other modules (Display, I / O, system assistant, memory controller, etc.), provide high-speed low-latency communications.

- The industry's first implementation of the pipeline with new graphics core:

The sixth generation of integrated graphics core, the same 32nm HKMG technology to support high-definition video, stereo 3D, mainstream games, multitasking, social networking, multimedia and more. CPU core and GPU core of shared system resources such as three-level cache to optimize performance and reduce power consumption.

Non-official statement, the new set was also full support for DX11.

Intel also unveiled a new site architecture transcoding hardware acceleration performance, including high-definition video encoding and decoding. Use CyberLink MediaEspresso to a minute long, 30Mbps bit rate 1080p Full HD video into iPhone-compatible format, Sandy Bridge takes less than ten seconds.

- Desktop Low power consumption:

Including performance optimization 65W (thermal design power) version, power optimization of the 45/35W version, etc., are shipped through special authorized dealers Intel boxed version, with a new half-high small radiator at the same time Intel has also invested a small Mini-ITX specification standardized the desktop motherboard and chassis, for one machine system.

- Desktop Integration and Innovation Programme:

Foxconn, Mitac have demonstrated thin-one desktop, and use a specially designed Intel's "Buffalo Bay" motherboard and power supply. Acer systems are based on 65W Core i7 processor.

- The next generation of Sandy Bridge Xeon processors:

Also based on the Sandy Bridge architecture for two-way server and workstation market, a single processor, up to 8 cores, 16 threads, will be put into the second half of 2011.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini unveiled a new Xeon server site Vidyo video conferencing software to run the case, all running 32 threads Dell Studio 17 battery, and also uses the new AESNI instruction set.

In addition, there Westmere-EX Xeon processors Dell Studio 1735 battery, Nehalem-EX is compatible successor to, 32nm process, up to 10 cores, 20 threads, memory support doubled to 32GB (system total 2TB), security enhancements.

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