Qualcomm will wireless broadband spectrum auction in India


WiMAX and LTE will go to war.

According to Indian media "Hindu Business Line" report, Qualcomm ready to participate in the Indian broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum auction in order to wait for the future of 4G technical tests Lg LB52113D battery. India has just begun the deployment of 3G networks, the Indian Government plans to complete the 3G license auction two weeks later, another move to open broadband wireless access spectrum auction.

India's 3G license auction has been postponed several times, the Government has recently announced the auction date is April 9.

It is reported that Qualcomm had contacts with India, a number of operators in order to jointly bid for the spectrum. India has confirmed that an operator Lg LB52113B battery, Qualcomm Headquarters sent a high-level team of experts in Mumbai has developed a bidding strategy.
Qualcomm, refused to comment on this news.

This means that Qualcomm WiMAX and LTE will once again go to war, even though the Indian government has identified the use of wireless broadband technology neutral Lg LB32111B battery, but the industry generally agree that the new band is likely to be used Wi deployment.

Qualcomm has agreed to sell its own recently in Australia have never used the 3G spectrum.

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Microsoft's MSN video player will be officially released online


Between March 10, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft will officially release MSN online video player, and does not rule out the possibility applies to Xbox consoles and Windows Phone 7-series phones on the possibility.

The player is free, relying on advertising revenue to support operations, free to watch full TV shows and video clips. In its beta version of the testing phase, with more than 1 million users of the product VGP-BPS8 battery, which allows Microsoft to believe that the player may develop for the company's important assets.

At present the average user stay on the site 25 minutes, far more than its competitors such as ITV Player and 40D, and advertisers are urged to purchase the ad before the video playback time, Microsoft has been with Endemol and the Shed Media and other content providers to extend a cooperation agreement, be required to provide more video.

Microsoft's MSN business manager Rob Crossen, said: "We have the total video duration be extended to more than 1000 hours, we also signed a series of new agreements, will continue to be attractive to our audience of the video."

He also said: "In our this new platform, content is the core element, the most important is the broadcast programs. To obtain a large number of video is not an end in itself, more importantly, precisely in accordance with the needs of users provide a desirable the contents of the Dell inspiron 1525 Battery. "

The formal announcement of the platform will support Microsoft's Silverlight, and Flash formats, if the speed good enough, but also enjoy high-definition video resolution of 720p.

There is no doubt that public opinion will be MSN Video Player and iPlayer for comparison. It is now clear that Microsoft will promote the player to your TV, Xbox game consoles, Windows Phone 7 phones and set-top boxes. BBC had also used a similar approach, try to include the Virgin Group's broadband services, and iPhone and other platforms to sell their own products.

Crossen said, "we are doing is to MSN in order to present them in an unprecedented way."

"Television is a very good promotion of the MSN Video Player is an important position, in fact, we have other options, but the challenges around the corner, so we should grasp the opportunity to choose the best."

When asked about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series phones will install the mobile version of the MSN Video Player, when, Crossen replied: "This year we will have a very good market, but today we do not have any fixed plans DELL Mini 12 battery can be announced."

"MSN Video Player development will be our customers have told us that their needs and to express the content of their views of good and bad and consumption process, so this will be an open process of growth."

Xbox users can already through the cooperation between Microsoft and Sky Player service, and launched a movie download service to buy another watch movies, but a free, supported by advertising revenue channel sounds probably more attractive.

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Sony's first alliance aside collect royalties DVD


Had to switch to Sony's Blu-ray camp, led by Toshiba Satellite A200 battery, and Sony may have to "pull the wrist"

Yesterday, Toshiba's external announcement has been with Mitsubishi Electric, Thomson, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group to build a Blu-ray licensing Union (BD4C), Toshiba, the alliance will be mainly made no mention of VGP-BPS8 battery. And stressed that March 1, the alliance has started with the Blu-ray DVD-related products such as global joint patent licensing program.

The specific terms of reference covers almost all areas. Such as Blu-ray decoder, encoder, player, CD-ROMs films, can read and write CD-ROM, hard drives, VCR and so on. In addition, it includes a Blu-ray DVD capabilities.

BD4C stressed that in line with Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) Blu-ray Disc specifications of products, will be able to achieve the above-mentioned patent portfolio license, an applicant can "one-stop shop", but also members of the Alliance to negotiate individually with the patent. However, the company will serve as the Asia, including Japan, the Atlantic Island, the Middle East and North America, Central and South American region, licensing companies. Europe, Africa region, by the Thomson patent licensing company.

Specific charges have been promulgated, including Blu-ray video discs, CD-ROMs each closed 4 cents, Blu-ray decoder received one U.S. dollars per encoder 1.5 U.S. dollars. The Blu-ray video players, DVD-ROM drive, video recorder closed 4.5 U.S. dollars each, respectively, 6 dollars, seven U.S. dollars.

The charge ratio is high. Currently, the market prices of many Blu-ray DVD has dropped to less than 1,000 yuan, and some even dropped more than 600 yuan, if the fee calculated in accordance with the above-mentioned patent, the next six months, with the CD-ROM playback and recording terminal decline in the price, patent fees are expected to exceed 10%.

Up to now, Blu-ray disc player price dropped from 3,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, the Chinese version of HD DVD Industry Alliance brand players, listed prices have dropped to below 1,500 yuan, 700 yuan or so brand-name or even price. The disc prices have nearly 200 yuan from the previous fall to 100 yuan. Chinese version of HD DVD, list price is only 30 yuan to 50 yuan, far below the standard of overseas products.

In the industry said that with the disc and player prices continued to decline, if the use of Toshiba's patented technology, covering every aspect of patent costs will account for nearly 10% of the cost.

"It's really amazing! This causes confusion in the market again." China's high-definition optical disc industry insiders to promote an alliance of "First Financial Daily" said that does not rule out so that Toshiba Satellite A500 battery, Sony Blu-ray camp, the recurrence of conflicts between, or said that they see the global Blu-ray market, the rapid growth momentum.

In the next-generation DVD standards, the Sony VGP-BPS9 battery Blu-ray camp and Toshiba-led HD-DVD camps struggle for many years. In 2009, Toshiba said it is willing to join the Blu-ray camp. Local EVD League Secretary-General Zhang Baoquan at that time said that this in fact tantamount to sentencing the HD DVD's "death." But Toshiba did not give up, it has been looking for new opportunities, especially for the Chinese market to full use. In fact, as early as in 2007, contains the core of Toshiba's patents "China's high-definition optical disc industry alliance" is formally established.

However, these people believe, whether Sony or Toshiba Satellite A300 battery, Blu-ray camp, the price is far more advantage of Chinese products.


VMware CEO: Mobile Virtualization is the future focus


If all other technologies, virtualization is also being more and more precise breakdown, today filed virtualization is no longer a simple server virtualization, desktop virtualization, network virtualization, and even virtualization, such as mobile phones are also Fast approaching our lives. VMware Inc. CEO Paul Maritz, president and chief's visit to China in the receiving IT media Toshiba Satellite A205 battery, said that "Mobile will be a cloud virtualization a key market because it is a very important platform for the delivery market in the future, most of us will have at least two devices, one is the small size portable screen device, another one is the large size of the screen, which can be very easy to read the documents of the device, these two platforms are used to the user in different ways, I think we do not want information only confined to the use of a device, which is why the virtual help to the user Toshiba Satellite A300 Series battery. "

"In my case, my private life, personal life, there is a role, my second role is in my career, the role of a set of different ones like SMS, phone book, contact list. Today, the two role in the mix on your cell phone, with virtualization, we can work in private sector's role and the role of separation is actually two, but is actually a mobile phone. " To mention the mobile virtualization, Maritz confidence, he said that VMware currently has a dedicated research team is doing this, and have positive progress.

VMware Prior to joining, Maritz was a cloud computing start-up Pi founder and CEO. In the EMC Corporation Toshiba Satellite A200 battery in February 2008 acquisition of Pi Corporation, he subsequently became EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services president. Prior to the creation of Pi, he had worked at Microsoft for 14 years, as the five members of the Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of the company.

During his tenure at Microsoft as a platform strategy and developer group vice president, Paul Maritz is responsible for management system software products (including Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 2000), development tools (Visual Studio), database products (SQL Server) as well as the Office Exchange entire product line, and the R & D and marketing Toshiba Satellite A210 battery. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was 5 years at Intel Corporation, focused on software and tool development.

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