Qualcomm will wireless broadband spectrum auction in India


WiMAX and LTE will go to war.

According to Indian media "Hindu Business Line" report, Qualcomm ready to participate in the Indian broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum auction in order to wait for the future of 4G technical tests Lg LB52113D battery. India has just begun the deployment of 3G networks, the Indian Government plans to complete the 3G license auction two weeks later, another move to open broadband wireless access spectrum auction.

India's 3G license auction has been postponed several times, the Government has recently announced the auction date is April 9.

It is reported that Qualcomm had contacts with India, a number of operators in order to jointly bid for the spectrum. India has confirmed that an operator Lg LB52113B battery, Qualcomm Headquarters sent a high-level team of experts in Mumbai has developed a bidding strategy.
Qualcomm, refused to comment on this news.

This means that Qualcomm WiMAX and LTE will once again go to war, even though the Indian government has identified the use of wireless broadband technology neutral Lg LB32111B battery, but the industry generally agree that the new band is likely to be used Wi deployment.

Qualcomm has agreed to sell its own recently in Australia have never used the 3G spectrum.

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