Microsoft's MSN video player will be officially released online


Between March 10, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft will officially release MSN online video player, and does not rule out the possibility applies to Xbox consoles and Windows Phone 7-series phones on the possibility.

The player is free, relying on advertising revenue to support operations, free to watch full TV shows and video clips. In its beta version of the testing phase, with more than 1 million users of the product VGP-BPS8 battery, which allows Microsoft to believe that the player may develop for the company's important assets.

At present the average user stay on the site 25 minutes, far more than its competitors such as ITV Player and 40D, and advertisers are urged to purchase the ad before the video playback time, Microsoft has been with Endemol and the Shed Media and other content providers to extend a cooperation agreement, be required to provide more video.

Microsoft's MSN business manager Rob Crossen, said: "We have the total video duration be extended to more than 1000 hours, we also signed a series of new agreements, will continue to be attractive to our audience of the video."

He also said: "In our this new platform, content is the core element, the most important is the broadcast programs. To obtain a large number of video is not an end in itself, more importantly, precisely in accordance with the needs of users provide a desirable the contents of the Dell inspiron 1525 Battery. "

The formal announcement of the platform will support Microsoft's Silverlight, and Flash formats, if the speed good enough, but also enjoy high-definition video resolution of 720p.

There is no doubt that public opinion will be MSN Video Player and iPlayer for comparison. It is now clear that Microsoft will promote the player to your TV, Xbox game consoles, Windows Phone 7 phones and set-top boxes. BBC had also used a similar approach, try to include the Virgin Group's broadband services, and iPhone and other platforms to sell their own products.

Crossen said, "we are doing is to MSN in order to present them in an unprecedented way."

"Television is a very good promotion of the MSN Video Player is an important position, in fact, we have other options, but the challenges around the corner, so we should grasp the opportunity to choose the best."

When asked about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series phones will install the mobile version of the MSN Video Player, when, Crossen replied: "This year we will have a very good market, but today we do not have any fixed plans DELL Mini 12 battery can be announced."

"MSN Video Player development will be our customers have told us that their needs and to express the content of their views of good and bad and consumption process, so this will be an open process of growth."

Xbox users can already through the cooperation between Microsoft and Sky Player service, and launched a movie download service to buy another watch movies, but a free, supported by advertising revenue channel sounds probably more attractive.

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