Acer Liquid E3 mid-range smartphone make another study of

2014 may perhaps come up with been branded the day of wearable tech, but there's any more trend that's set taking part in an form this day, and that's the mid-range smartphone. The Acer Liquid E3 is individual of the many new to the job mid-range smartphones we aphorism on MWC 2014 taking part in February, with attractive software, mild design and a low Laptop battery rate tag. Here's our Acer Liquid E3 make another study of. Ensure plus: Finest smartphones of 2014

Acer Liquid E3 make another study of: Rate

Like a mid-range smartphone, the Acer Liquid E3's rate tag pray be there appealing to many. It outlay £160, which is much let fall than the Sony Xperia M2's £230, but to some extent further than the Motorola Moto G's £135.

Acer Liquid E3 make another study of: Design and build

Taking part in expressions of design, there's nothing overly unlike all but the Acer Liquid E3. It has a decent sized 4.7in screen and not too much bezel to the absent and directly of the show off. It has a finicky significance on 135g and is fairly diluted on 9mm, making it feel solid and compact taking part in your hands. That's lighter than both the Motorola Moto G and Sony Xperia M2, though the M2 is to some extent thinner on 8.6mm

It does seem to be there further of a masculine device, though, from its squared edges and red, grey and black colours directly through to the software design.


In attendance are a not many too many dust and fluff-storing crevasses in favor of our liking, plus the front facing speakers (which we'll squeal further all but later) with the purpose of are established to some extent back from the show off taking part in a diluted harmonize that's not to be faulted in favor of grit and grunge to build up taking part in.

Acer Liquid E3 make another study of: Hardware and performance

Like mentioned sketchily greater than, the Acer Liquid E3 has a 4.7in show off. It's an impressive individual, too, particularly in favor of the rate. The IPS screen is individual of the phone's finest attributes, boldness a really mild 312ppi from its 720 x 1280 pixels. We found the viewing angles of the Acer Liquid E3 to be there mild too. This sets the Laptop battery Liquid E3 apart from around of its flanking rivals, plus the Sony Xperia M2 with its 229ppi 4.8in show off, and not far rotten the Moto G's impressive 326ppi show off.

Making with the purpose of show off even better is the information with the purpose of it's paired with front-facing speakers, making watching videos and movies on the device a much better experience than on many rival campaign.


The Acer Liquid E3 categorically feels lengthy, though. Now and then, the phone would take a little bit too extended to wake up at what time the have a lie-down button was hard-pressed, causing me to certainly press it again and therefore good turn the show off back rotten. Frustrating.

It's powered by a Quad-core MediaTek 1.2GHz central processing unit, paired with 1GB RAM, but the Acer Liquid E3 doesn't come up with a share of built-in storeroom. The 4GB it comes with pray fill up taking part in veto count, so you're disappearing to need a MicroSD certificate that's in favor of for sure. You can boost the pause on the device by up to 32GB using a MicroSD.

The Acer Liquid E3 scored 328 taking part in the single-core GeekBench 3 test and 1131 taking part in the multi-core test, which is upper than the Sony Xperia M2 despite the let fall rate tag. It's to some extent let fall than the cheaper Moto G, though.

The E3 didn't light well taking part in the graphics tests though, with speeds of fair 4.9fps. That's compared with the 15.4fps of the Sony Xperia M2 and 11 of the Moto G, so it's pretty poor and Laptop battery process with the purpose of the Liquid E3 isn't ideal in favor of cell phone gamers.

The Liquid E3 proved to be there quick compared with rivals taking part in the Sunspider browser test though, with an norm of 1410 compared with the Xperia M2's 1647 and the 1512ms of the Moto G.

The Acer Liquid E3 isn't 4G supported, which is a small piece disappointing, particularly like this is a dual-SIM phone. You can learn prevented further all but the reimbursement of a dual-SIM smartphone at this juncture.


On the back of the Acer Liquid E3, you'll learn a clean up button beneath the camera. That's the AcerRAPID button, which is alike to LG's rear button. The AcerRAPID button is designed to award you quick and laid-back access to apps. By accessing the settings on the E3, you can revolutionize which app launches at what time you press the button. We found the phone app was practical, but you might fancy Email before Facebook, in favor of paradigm.

You can extended enfold the AcerRAPID button to launch the camera app, but we found with the purpose of you come up with to enfold it in favor of a small piece too extended. It would be there earlier fair to unlock the phone and launch it from the home-made screen.

Acer Liquid E3 make another study of: Camera

Individual occurrence with the purpose of sets the Liquid E3 apart from rivals is the front-facing LED show off, which is not to be faulted in favor of selfie addicts. The front-facing camera is Laptop battery simply 2Mp, but we imagine with the purpose of the selfie generation isn't too nervous all but the quality of its pouty Snapchat photos.


What's further, the Camera app even comes with 'Face Beauty' options to help even the colour and smoothness of your skin taking part in individuals selfies. That's taking part in addition to exposure, colour and happening options.

The rear-facing camera, which plus sports show off, is a pretty impressive 13Mp. Many high-end smartphones come up with Laptop battery cameras with 8Mp sensors, so Acer has particular equipped the Liquid E3 with around physically powerful camera options.

Overall, we were really impressed by the photos we took with the Liquid E3, particularly at what time taking the low rate of the phone into consideration. Tape is mild too, on 1080p HD.

You can ensure a selection of photos we took with the Acer Liquid E3's rear-facing camera less than. Click the photo to enlarge.