Nokia CEO: Microsoft will provide billions of dollars in financial support

For Microsoft, the cooperation with Nokia will benefit more speculation, Nokia CEO (Stephen Elop) countered that Sunday in Barcelona, Microsoft will provide the company billions of dollars in financial support, so that Nokia for more benefits.

Financial support

Nokia on Friday announced it will Windows Phone 7 as the promotion of the company's major operating systems. Elop subsequently disclosed on Sunday, will be Microsoft's financial support and access to other benefits with the transaction.

Elop, said in an interview, although Nokia will pay an amount of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 unknown license fees, Nokia has to take "substantial cuts" operating expenses, including layoffs IBM laptop battery and Apple laptop battery, because the company no longer have to invested heavily in self-development mobile operating system.

Nokia shares in Helsinki on Thursday, the stock market fell 14%, in part because investors have not announced a drastic reduction of Elop Nokia R & D expenditure expressed disappointment.

Although Elop acknowledged, Nokia in the mobile market is facing challenges regain lost ground, but still dominant in the mobile phone market share, making the company received a strong bargaining position. Nokia has worked with Microsoft and rival Google launched a co-operative negotiations. Nokia in recent years despite the development of technology not as Google Android and Apple iPhone, but unit sales, the Finnish company is still the world's largest mobile phone maker.

Elop said Microsoft and Google's executives are aware of, and Nokia will have their own prospects for the mobile market have a decisive influence, and willing to sign the agreement in favor of Nokia. "We are a swing factor, either put to the Android, you can put the other direction, creating a third ecosystem." He said, "taking into account the contribution of all the unique factors of Nokia, including the swing factors, including for Windows Phone as a market challenger, Nokia, Microsoft will contribute substantial financial gain. it will be worth billions, not millions. "

He said that Nokia is worried that if cooperation with Google, Android and the iPhone will allow the formation of "duopoly" situation Apple laptop battery and Toshiba laptop battery. Elop said that he had with Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) and the Android head Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) negotiations and finally the Nokia Board of Directors at a meeting on Thursday decided to Microsoft, the next day announced the agreement.

Microsoft declined to disclose financial terms of the transaction. Google also did not comment.

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