Intel multi-functional chip

Intel (Intel) will be published next week, the first integrated graphics and video processing power of the processor chip architecture, aimed at the mobile device market, and further threaten Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Nvidia (Nvidia) graphics chip business.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini will be held from 13 Intel Developer Forum (IDF), the publication dubbed "Sandy Bridge" in the microprocessor chip Dell KG479 battery architecture. Sandy Bridge chips to microprocessor circuit design, and processing of graphics and video performance with a single integrated circuit chip, can significantly reduce the personal computer (PC) graphics chip to be used (GPU) number.

Performance of integrated graphics technology breakthrough

Sandy Bridge chip architecture is expected to put into production next season will be the basis for Intel's entire product line.

This new way of integrating chip industry is a major symbol of change: the next PC Dell KG479 battery may no longer need to install additional graphics card.

Intel spokeswoman Kena Fu pointed out that the graphics performance of Intel and the main processor integrated into the same after a chip, will have cost advantages, and to reduce chip power consumption, improve operational efficiency. Intel's latest design is clearly Zhuyan mobile device market.

Otellini pointed out that as smart phones and other electronic products, cost and valuable space, multi-chip status will also gone up, he said: "applicable to all types of devices, automobiles and television products, a single chip device, will gradually become market trends. "

Intel's newest chip design architecture, will threaten both AMD and Nvidia graphics chip maker's market.

Market research firms Gartner analyst Kelaihansi pointed out that because Intel's new products allow PC manufacturers do not have to join another one chip, PC Dell GK479 battery users may be beneficial to use.

AMD Fusion planning is under way, try to turn the graphics performance and integrated into the microprocessor chip, but has repeatedly delayed production schedule, the current applied to the first quarter of next year, computer chip products.

Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia is facing a strong threat

Kelaihansi that produce only the Nvidia graphics chip, once Intel's built-in graphics performance of new products to meet the needs of consumers and businesses, these customers no longer have to pay to install an additional graphics card, will enable NVIDIA reduce the crisis facing the Dell GK479 battery market.

Nvidia spokesman for the Marin Martinez said that, to talk about shrinking separate graphics card market too early, because Intel has yet to impact on this market, and demand for such products is still increasing.

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