Bill Gates: Apple iPad Moxi will not be popular


According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (BillGates) recently said that Apple iPad iphone 3G battery has not left a deep impression, there was nothing to learn from Microsoft.

Gates said: "I believe the touch screen and digital reading, but the voice, handwriting pen and a combination of the physical keyboard, or the Internet may become the mainstream of this before."

Gates went on to say: "iPad gave me the impression that iPhone did not profound, although the iPad is a good reader, but I saw this product, the heart does not smoke like the idea:" If Microsoft's earlier to make such products just fine. ""

In fact, more than one person iPad Gates expressed disappointment. On-line consumer electronics Web site Retrevo latest survey results show that the release of Apple's iPad not only failed to ignite the enthusiasm of the user, but they lose interest.

In the iPad before it is published in the industry on this Tablet PC has high expectations, but the product actually released, many consumers indicated that only a large of iPodtouch.

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Google proposed pilot network and speeds up to 1Gbps

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Google announced that the company in the United States intends to pilot the establishment of super-fast broadband network to 50 million families that provide network connectivity to ensure that broadband networks, which can meet the needs of video and other applications.

Google said the project will be to external developers to provide a platform for their development and testing of the current network bandwidth requirements exceed the level of applications. Google said its experimental broadband fiber optic network will be 500,000 U.S. households rate of 1Gbps network connection, a broadband network than the current 50 to 300 times faster. Current U.S. broadband connection speed of 3Mbps to 20Mbps.

Google is expected, through its broadband network, users download a full-length, high-definition movie takes less than 5 minutes; rural clinics can be transmitted over the network 3D medical image; the Global students can collaborate with each other, through the broadband network of "live" mode watch other universities the teacher lectures, 3D video. Google's communications and media consultant Richard Witt (Richard Whitt) said, "Our goal is to test new technologies and exploration can take advantage of super-fast Internet applications, the current network may hinder the development of next-generation applications." Wei special said, Google has no intention of competing with the telephone and cable companies, but to contribute to birth an advanced broadband network broadband applications and network technology, to explore lower cost to more U.S. households popular means of fiber optic connections.

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as "FCC") Chairman Julius Sige Na Krakowski (Julius Genachowski) broadband network project of Google expressed appreciation, saying that "higher bandwidth will lead to more opportunity." FCC documents released to explain to all U.S. households provide high-speed broadband network issues next month.

Google said there was still difficult to estimate the construction costs of its broadband network, but will not apply for assistance to the state capital. Google plans to have competitive prices direct to the consumer sales network connection, but will consider allowing Internet service providers or local governments through its network to sell their services.

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Dell's acquisition of clustered storage vendor Exanet


Clustered storage is increasingly popular, not only users of its increasing concern, the major storage vendors are stepping up their action. Recently Dell mini 12 battery has agreed to buy the professional vendor Exanet clustered storage assets issued an offer.

During the economic downturn of last year, clustered storage vendor to obtain unexpected success, as represented by Isilon clustered storage vendor to obtain a contrarian's income, which also made large IT vendors are eyeing a new piece of cake. Last year, hp 510 battery acquired Ibrix, LSI acquired Onstor, Dell is also unwilling to people, I want to join through the acquisition of Exanet clustered storage market.

Starting from the acquisition of EqualLogic, Dell market has become a major manufacturer in the data storage in the past two years. Now Dell Inspiron 1210 battery wants through the acquisition of Israeli companies Exanet set his sights on cluster file system and NAS market. Exanet last month filed for bankruptcy protection.

A Dell spokesman said Dell has been the acquisition by the Israeli court approval after the liquidation of Exanet assets - primarily patents and other IP - sent out an offer. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to purchase Exanet, which not only benefit our storage technology, but it also let Dell have the opportunity to develop the Israeli market. Memory is Dell's enterprise-class solutions in an important component of, Exanet's resources are an extension of Dell's storage. Israeli court has not yet formally approved this transaction, we will not be completed or agenda guess. "

The right Exanet of NAX-based Linux platform for the acquisition should be considered as clustered NAS market, the main data storage vendor's recent moves.

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IBM Upgrade Power server to Challenge Hewlett-Packard and Sun

According to foreign media reports, IBM began a series of servers and other hardware products, long-awaited upgrade to make them more than hp 520 battery and Sun's products more energy-efficient and more competitive.

IBM Monday said that the latest POWER7 system includes a new microprocessors, storage devices and middleware, POWER6, compared with the previous generation, POWER7 can handle more data can be used for network management or banks to process electronic transactions and other complex applications.

IBM's Power Systems business general manager of Ross - Moree (Ross Mauri) said: "Upgrading from the chip-level products, the product upgrades will be dynamically adjusted according to the workload of its own energy ThinkPad T20 battery."

Over the past decade, IBM's business operations from hardware to software and services for the progressive transfer of business. However, hp 500 battery and Sun with the competition process, IBM's advanced server business is still a key part of marketing strategy. In addition, Cisco also recently launched a comprehensive set of technology products. According to the plan, Oracle will be the acquisition of Sun.

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Apple shares 90% of the high-end PC market

IT news:

Windows 7 market has not slowed down but the release of Apple's Mac sales is growing, especially in the high-end market. According to NPD statistics, the fourth quarter of 2009, the U.S. retail personal computer market, Apple 500-1000 U.S. dollars in the mid-market share of 5 percent from a year earlier, doubled to reach 10%. More terror is more than 1000 U.S. dollars market, Apple's share from a year earlier, 79% to 90%. In other words, the U.S. market to sell 10 units of 1000 U.S. dollars for every high-priced computer, there are nine sets from Apple M6138 battery.

NPD statistics said low-priced products because of the Internet and the popularity of the fourth quarter, Windows PC, the average selling price of 475 U.S. dollars, compared with 2008 fourth quarter of 589 U.S. dollars lower a lot. Because Windows PC average selling prices have been less than 500 dollars, 999 U.S. dollars and the Apple MacBook, and 599 Apple M4685 battery is also optimistic about sales, which led to Apple 500-1000 U.S. dollars to double the share price segment.

And because Apple M6385 battery's last quarter to reduce the prices of some of its flagship product, leading to Mac average selling price down to 1499 U.S. dollars from 1366 U.S. dollars. However, it is also cut prices to enable them to 1000 U.S. dollars more than market share increase to 90%.

In July last year, NPD has released the report said according to sales terms, Apple in 1000 U.S. dollars more than the PC market share reached 91%. This time the statistics were calculated based on units sold, Apple really got the U.S. share 90% of high-end market.

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Microsoft expands co-operation with the Facebook


According to foreign media reports, Microsoft and Facebook expanded its search advertising partnership, but lost the latter's display advertising business.

Microsoft today announced that through the blog and Facebook's search advertising the scope of cooperation will be expanded to markets outside the United States, and will add new features Iphone 3G Battery. In addition, the two companies also decided to lift the banner display advertising partnership.

Microsoft hopes to reach a search deal with other companies to narrow the gap between Google and the leader, Facebook is developing a new banner display advertising strategy will focus on social activities associated with the graphical ads. Over the past two years, Microsoft has been selling banner ads Facebook.

Early this year Facebook is no longer sold by Microsoft in other markets outside the United States banner display ads. Microsoft's display advertising business head of the United States • Robin Domeniconi (Robin Domeniconi) said last month that as part of the agreement Facebook also plans to suspend the two companies in the U.S. display advertising business partnership.

Facebook ads is more interactive, the user can become a company's "fan." • Facebook spokesman Brandon McCormick (Brandon McCormick) said the ads with a social element is more suitable Facebook site, "they look and feel of Facebook more consistent with Asus M51 battery, Facebook can be published based on user information provided by the more targeted ads. The combination of targeted and social elements of this strategic change is to promote a major factor. "

According to previous agreement, Microsoft and Facebook banner display advertising agreement will expire in 2011. Domeniconi said last month that lost Facebook banner display advertising deal does not affect Microsoft's revenue, because Microsoft in other social networks for advertisers to find more appropriate advertising. As long as a few explicit requirements for Microsoft's advertisers to run ads on Facebook.

In addition to the search business co-operation extended to other markets outside the United States, Microsoft will work with Facebook co-operation, allowing users to access more Bing search function. Microsoft spokesman Adam Bing business • Sunn (Adam Sohn) said that at present, Facebook users in the search results can only see a series of links to the Facebook users to consider Microsoft's answer to the question to provide search and search results are divided into different category.

Market research firm ComScore data show that since Bing since the release last June, Microsoft's search market share increased by 2.7 percentage points. In December last year, Microsoft's U.S. search market share of 10.7%, Google and Yahoo, respectively 65.7% and 17.3%.

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