Dell's acquisition of clustered storage vendor Exanet


Clustered storage is increasingly popular, not only users of its increasing concern, the major storage vendors are stepping up their action. Recently Dell mini 12 battery has agreed to buy the professional vendor Exanet clustered storage assets issued an offer.

During the economic downturn of last year, clustered storage vendor to obtain unexpected success, as represented by Isilon clustered storage vendor to obtain a contrarian's income, which also made large IT vendors are eyeing a new piece of cake. Last year, hp 510 battery acquired Ibrix, LSI acquired Onstor, Dell is also unwilling to people, I want to join through the acquisition of Exanet clustered storage market.

Starting from the acquisition of EqualLogic, Dell market has become a major manufacturer in the data storage in the past two years. Now Dell Inspiron 1210 battery wants through the acquisition of Israeli companies Exanet set his sights on cluster file system and NAS market. Exanet last month filed for bankruptcy protection.

A Dell spokesman said Dell has been the acquisition by the Israeli court approval after the liquidation of Exanet assets - primarily patents and other IP - sent out an offer. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to purchase Exanet, which not only benefit our storage technology, but it also let Dell have the opportunity to develop the Israeli market. Memory is Dell's enterprise-class solutions in an important component of, Exanet's resources are an extension of Dell's storage. Israeli court has not yet formally approved this transaction, we will not be completed or agenda guess. "

The right Exanet of NAX-based Linux platform for the acquisition should be considered as clustered NAS market, the main data storage vendor's recent moves.

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