Microsoft expands co-operation with the Facebook


According to foreign media reports, Microsoft and Facebook expanded its search advertising partnership, but lost the latter's display advertising business.

Microsoft today announced that through the blog and Facebook's search advertising the scope of cooperation will be expanded to markets outside the United States, and will add new features Iphone 3G Battery. In addition, the two companies also decided to lift the banner display advertising partnership.

Microsoft hopes to reach a search deal with other companies to narrow the gap between Google and the leader, Facebook is developing a new banner display advertising strategy will focus on social activities associated with the graphical ads. Over the past two years, Microsoft has been selling banner ads Facebook.

Early this year Facebook is no longer sold by Microsoft in other markets outside the United States banner display ads. Microsoft's display advertising business head of the United States • Robin Domeniconi (Robin Domeniconi) said last month that as part of the agreement Facebook also plans to suspend the two companies in the U.S. display advertising business partnership.

Facebook ads is more interactive, the user can become a company's "fan." • Facebook spokesman Brandon McCormick (Brandon McCormick) said the ads with a social element is more suitable Facebook site, "they look and feel of Facebook more consistent with Asus M51 battery, Facebook can be published based on user information provided by the more targeted ads. The combination of targeted and social elements of this strategic change is to promote a major factor. "

According to previous agreement, Microsoft and Facebook banner display advertising agreement will expire in 2011. Domeniconi said last month that lost Facebook banner display advertising deal does not affect Microsoft's revenue, because Microsoft in other social networks for advertisers to find more appropriate advertising. As long as a few explicit requirements for Microsoft's advertisers to run ads on Facebook.

In addition to the search business co-operation extended to other markets outside the United States, Microsoft will work with Facebook co-operation, allowing users to access more Bing search function. Microsoft spokesman Adam Bing business • Sunn (Adam Sohn) said that at present, Facebook users in the search results can only see a series of links to the Facebook users to consider Microsoft's answer to the question to provide search and search results are divided into different category.

Market research firm ComScore data show that since Bing since the release last June, Microsoft's search market share increased by 2.7 percentage points. In December last year, Microsoft's U.S. search market share of 10.7%, Google and Yahoo, respectively 65.7% and 17.3%.

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