Microsoft is worried about the ten most IT products


Microsoft is involved in many aspects today, especially in the operating system, office software, browser, has taken the leading position in mobile phones. However, with Apple, Google and other rivals of the rise and rapid development of IT industry DELL Latitude D820 Battery, Microsoft's dominance has been under increasing challenge that year.

Area in the operating system, Apple Mac system has been a great headache for Microsoft; Office has been the challenge of Google Docs, etc. in recent years; IE more No, its market share continued to decline, also fell below 60% last month; Windows Mobile smart phone operating system in the field has never been able to compete with the iPhone OS.

Well-known IT magazine "eWeek" has selected the present and for some time that Microsoft is worried and afraid of the ten products, with a look at the Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery:

1, Apple iPhone Smartphone

2, Google search

3, Google Chrome OS operating system

4, Apple iPad tablet machine

5, Zoho Docs online office software

6, Google Android smart phone operating system

7, Google Docs online office software

8, Mozilla Firefox browser

9, Apple Mac OS X operating system

10, Google AdWords advertising platform

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Google pushed a new user-friendly search tool

Google news:

May 6 am news, according to foreign media reported yesterday, Google will display its search results to fine-tune the aim is to enable users to more easily find information and pictures.

Google will introduce some new tools, while also on the website "Google" logo to make small changes, characterized by a more bright color will become red, blue, green and yellow, the background is the shadow will become less; addition The upper right corner to represent the trademark symbol "TM" words would be removed, but it certainly does not mean Google to give up legal ownership of this trademark.

Google most notable changes modify is the left side of site search and results page will provide additional search tools Hp Pavilion dm3 battery, search results features are re-configured to lock in specific search categories, such as news, pictures, blog and videos. Google director of product management Johanna Wright said the company began to perfect its new tools in 2006.

Analysts said Google made these changes in order to keep its Internet search market leader. According to Google, it said the company only changes about 550 in the last year of its search engine Sony VGP BPS12 battery.

11 months ago that Microsoft introduced be (Bing) search engine, this is the company in the search field to compete with Google's latest attempts to conduct. Does take years to be released, this search engine market share in the United States has increased from 8% to nearly 12%, but this growth was the decline in share from Yahoo. According to market research firm comScore data released over the past year, Google's share in the U.S. market has been maintained at around 65%.

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Dell's director said it would focus on small-scale acquisitions

May 3 morning news today, according to foreign media reports, Dell's director David M Johnson (David Johnson) In an interview, "Barron" interview that the company will focus on a smaller scale and "able to digest" in mergers and acquisitions.

Johnson said that Dell Laptop Batteries will focus on the overall product mix that can adapt to merger transactions. He added: "The acquisition is just one of many tools."

Analysts had previously said that Dell Latitude E6500 battery may buy CommVault Systems, 3Par and others. "Barron" is that, NetApp seems too expensive in terms of the Dell.

Johnson believes that integrating the transaction does not matter how profound, but they need hard work. He said: "I think you will see a deliberate strategy. We have already prepared plans for the next step."

Dell did not immediately comment.

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