Dell's director said it would focus on small-scale acquisitions

May 3 morning news today, according to foreign media reports, Dell's director David M Johnson (David Johnson) In an interview, "Barron" interview that the company will focus on a smaller scale and "able to digest" in mergers and acquisitions.

Johnson said that Dell Laptop Batteries will focus on the overall product mix that can adapt to merger transactions. He added: "The acquisition is just one of many tools."

Analysts had previously said that Dell Latitude E6500 battery may buy CommVault Systems, 3Par and others. "Barron" is that, NetApp seems too expensive in terms of the Dell.

Johnson believes that integrating the transaction does not matter how profound, but they need hard work. He said: "I think you will see a deliberate strategy. We have already prepared plans for the next step."

Dell did not immediately comment.

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