Amazon Fire Phone v. Samsung Galaxy S5: Specs Compared

Amazon is jumping into the smartphone game with the Fire Phone. It's a natural chain from the Kindle Fire and the Fire television media ribbon, and Amazon is taking target squarely by the side of other companies' flagship smartphones. Samsung's own flagship, the Galaxy S5$99.99 by the side of Amazon, stands by the side of the top of the smartphone heap meant for nearly everyone carriers. Let's get the drift how they compare.
Skin texture
Both are machine phones, but Samsung adds its own tricks and unique hardware aspects to a fair and square standard version of machine 4.4.2 KitKat, while the Fire Phone uses Amazon's highly modified version of machine, Fire OS. By the side of a glance, Fire OS 3.5's huge, friendly tiles and icons look closer to iOS than machine, which is appropriate allowing for how much the Fire Phone resembles the iPhone 5s.
 Amazon Fire Phone Back substructure stand in front of Detecting Cameras contemporary Carousel and Gestures Mayday Firefly consider ALL PHOTOS in the sphere of GALLERY

Acer AS11A3E      
Acer AS11A5E      
hp RC06XL          
hp H4R53EA        

The Galaxy S5 skin texture an Ultra Power Saving Mode with the aim of disables many skin texture and switches to a monochrome show to dramatically upsurge battery life and keep the phone running whilst its battery is just about drained. It skin texture Samsung's S vigor fitness tracking software, functioning in the same way as a pedometer and a central part rate television, and it can do with Samsung's Gear Fit and Gear 2 fitness strip and smartwatch. It in addition boasts a fingerprint bookworm  like the iPhone 5s. At length, it's water- and dirt-resistant with IP67 certification, making it a remarkably supple smartphone.
The Fire Phone, on the other tender, uses Fire OS and a only some hardware tweaks of its own to urge its own congealed of unique skin texture. It sports a button on the margin meant for Firefly, which can recognize movies and television shows, songs, phone records, websites, and email addresses a moment ago by looking by the side of or else trial them. It in addition has Dynamic Perspective, a unique multi-camera-based gesture and motion-recognition regularity with the aim of allows unique menu navigation. Like the Kindle Fire HDX, the Fire Phone has a Mayday button with the aim of can routinely communication technical support with a capture on tape chat. It even comes with a time of Amazon Prime, which is very near gratitude to the generous media libraries membership comes with.
The Fire Phone skin texture a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU with an Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM, comparable to the Galaxy S5's 2.5Ghz quad-core CPU. Its 2,400mAh battery is to some extent less significant than the Galaxy S5's 2,800mAh battery, though Amazon claims it can provide up to 22 hours of discussion measure, 65 hours of audio playback, or else 11 hours of capture on tape playback. We'll get the drift how the phones stack up in the sphere of absolute performance with our complete re-evaluation and suite of tests.
Amazon Fire Phone
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon Wireless)

On the capture on tape margin, the Fire Phone seems to some extent feeble next to the Galaxy S5, with a 4.7-inch, 720p screen compared to the Galaxy S5's 5.1-inch, 1080p Super AMOLED show. The Fire Phone can lone best ever 1080p capture on tape by the side of 30fps with its 13-megapixel camera, while the Galaxy S5 can best ever 4K capture on tape or else 1080p by the side of 60fps with its 16MP camera. The Fire Phone seems to some extent added ambitious with sound, with Dolby Digital Plus audio handing out and dual stereo speakers.
We'll urge a complete discern of how Amazon's elementary smartphone fares whilst we test it in the sphere of the lab, but so far it seems a smidgen a lesser amount of technically impressive than the Galaxy S5. With just about identical prices, Amazon willpower allow to offer selected very appealing skin texture on Fire OS to standstill next to Samsung's huge phone.


Fujitsu Labs develops 56G receiver circuit

Fujitsu Laptop battery Laboratories Ltd. Says it has residential a receiver circuit able of receiving electrical signals by the side of 56 Gbps. This is binary the data exchange of ideas quickness concerning CPUs in the sphere of the current state-of-the-art equipment, and is an of great magnitude step in the sphere of the development of the subsequently generation of high-performance servers and supercomputers, the company says.

In the sphere of topical years, rising data-processing speeds in the sphere of servers has doomed increasing CPU performance, in sync with boosting the quickness of data communications concerning chips such to the same degree CPUs. However, single complication to this has been the performance of the circuits with the aim of correct degraded waveforms in the sphere of incoming signals.

Fujitsu Laptop battery Laboratories has used a contemporary "look-ahead" architecture in the sphere of the circuit with the aim of compensates in lieu of quality degradation in the sphere of incoming signals, parallelizing the handing out and increasing the operating frequency in lieu of the circuit in the sphere of order to binary its quickness.

Details of this machinery are being presented by the side of the 2014 Symposia on VLSI machinery and Circuits, opening June 9 in the sphere of Hawaii (VLSI Circuits Presentation 11-2).

Quick decisions affair

In lieu of the subsequently generation of high-performance servers, the goal is to binary the data exchange of ideas speeds concerning CPUs and other chips to 56 Gbps. Meanwhile, the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has been working on the equivalence of 56 Gbps in lieu of the optical modules used in lieu of optical transmission concerning armature (see “OIF launches 56-Gbps electrical interface projects”).

Single way to quickness up the receiver circuit is to perk up the handing out performance of the decision response equalizer (DFE) circuit, which compensates in lieu of the degraded input-signal waveform (see figure).The rule behind DFE is to correct the input gesticulate based on the bit-value of the prior crumb and to lay emphasis on changes in the sphere of the input gesticulate, but the genuine circuit design mechanism by choosing concerning two predefined corrected candidates. If the prior crumb attach importance to was a 0, the correction process would apply a affirmative correction to the input gesticulate (additive) to lay emphasis on the coins from 0 to 1. If the prior crumb attach importance to was 1, it would apply a no correction to the input gesticulate (subtractive) to lay emphasis on the coins from 1 to 0. If an extra 0 was customary, the affirmative compensation would intensify the gesticulate level, but not to such a level to the same degree would create a snag in lieu of the 1/0 decision circuit.

Source: Fujitsu Laboratories

Fujitsu Laptop battery Laboratories took a contemporary verge on, a "look-ahead" method with the aim of pre-calculates the two candidates based on the selection consequence in lieu of the prior crumb, and all together decides the attach importance to of the prior crumb and the current crumb in the manner of deciding the attach importance to of the crumb two bits prior. This shortens calculation time, resultant in the sphere of a receiver circuit with the aim of can drive by the side of 56 Gbps.

Multiple look-ahead circuits with the aim of apply DFE single crumb by the side of a generation can besides drive independently from every other, making it on the cards to parallelize these processes. Parallelization is achieved by inserted a handhold circuit concerning the selection circuit and look-ahead circuit, with the input and output of every handhold circuit being in step.

For the reason that the calculation generation in lieu of the look-ahead circuit is roughly the same to the same degree the selection generation in lieu of the selector, overall calculation generation is dependent on the amount of selectors, so in the sphere of a four-bit practice, two selectors are obligatory. This income computations can ensue safely complete with electronics running by the side of truthful single quarter of the desired data transmission quickness of 56 Gbps. The end is with the aim of it becomes on the cards to practice 14 Gbps electronics to receive data by the side of 56 Gbps.

This machinery makes it on the cards to intensify bandwidth of communications concerning CPUs in the sphere of opportunity servers and supercomputers, even if CPU performance doubles, with no increasing pin counts, and yearn for put in to increased performance in the sphere of large-scale systems someplace numerous CPUs are consistent, Fujitsu Laptop battery Labs claims.

In the sphere of addition, it complies with values in lieu of optical module communications, and compared to the 400-Gbps Ethernet in the sphere of OIF-CEI-28G optical-module communications, the amount of circuits running in the sphere of analogy (number of lanes) can ensue halved, allowing in lieu of less significant optical modules running on a smaller amount power, and advanced practice performance.

Fujitsu Laboratories tactics to apply this machinery to the interfaces of CPUs and optical modules, with the goal of a applied implementation in the sphere of fiscal 2016. The company says it is besides allowing for applications to next-generation servers, supercomputers, and other products.

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Accomplish we give Tim Cook to thank on behalf of the iPad mini?

A new to the job profile in the sphere of the new to the job York time suggests with the aim of it was Tim Cook and not Steve Jobs who was the driving force concerning the conception of the iPad mini. According to the tell — which doesn’t repeat Cook unequivocally — he was sure of yourself with the aim of a less significant device would show to survive a gigantic achievement in the sphere of the tablet marketplace, while the operate he succeeded to the same degree Apple first in command was excluding reliable.
You can remember with the aim of the iPad mini was unveiled to the humankind in the sphere of October 2012, not quite two-and-a-half years bearing in mind the unveiling of the creative iPad and definitely in excess of twelve months bearing in mind Steve Jobs’ death. With the aim of income the artifact would’ve been in the sphere of development ahead of Cook officially took the reigns, and the NYT suggests he was the operate pushing on behalf of the less significant form cause.
According to Disney chief executive Robert Iger, who additionally sits on Apple’s board, Cook “thought the humankind would passion a less significant and excluding expensive tablet” even though Steve Jobs wasn’t convinced. To the same degree we know, Cook got his way, and Apple produced a typically enthusiastic promotional capture on tape to chatter up the many remuneration of the less significant and lighter iPad mini.
The revelation doesn’t really be of importance in the sphere of the entire scheme of things, but it provides an remarkable insight into Cook’s be similar to, particularly whilst you consider the rumors around new to the job form factors on behalf of the iPhone. Apple’s first in command has repeatedly promised with the aim of near are a little impressive new to the job products in the sphere of the pipeline, and if the iPad mini is no matter which to die by, he can survive additional willing to modify a winning formula than Steve Jobs was.
There’s a instructions reveal of the iWatch, which yearn for appear in the sphere of the carry on quarter of 2014 according to the NYT’s sources. The article says Cook is taking a excluding ‘hands-on’ than Steve Jobs did, and is additional interested in the sphere of the iWatch’s broader implications on behalf of strength than the finer details of its design, which give been almost entirely entrusted to other executives
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