Microsoft Windows will be launched on April 4


April 3 news, Microsoft has made secrecy one of the best things a PC, which can easily upgrade from one version of Windows7 to another version of Windows, although Microsoft is not the intent of this rule.

Windows7 high-end computer running Ultimate edition has all the features. This is called "WindowsAnytimeUpgrade" (Windows Anytime Upgrade) function allows the user to purchase a code and unlock new features. Microsoft said that this process requires only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to allow users familiar with or interested in this upgrade hp pavilion dv2 battery.

Microsoft hopes to begin this week on a promotion, change this situation. Some retailers will buy a new PC users with a discount to upgrade to a more advanced version of Windows7 opportunities. In the United States, Microsoft provides two benefits, although it is not all retailers provide these two benefits. Windows7 pre-installed version to buy entry (some of the Internet the use of this version) Windows7 PC users to upgrade to Home Premium cut the cost from 79 dollars to 49 dollars, from Windows7 Home Premium upgrade to the Professional version costs 89 dollars down from the to 79 U.S. dollars.

Microsoft said in a blog, this offer is limited time promotion, and hp pavilion dv2 battery will end on July 3.

Microsoft, this promotion will help give small businesses get what they want Windows7 machine. Many small businesses are buying from retailers PC. While some stores have begun selling the machine configuration Windows7, but choose to remain a problem.

Microsoft's Windows Anytime Upgrade program is started from the WindowsVista, but, in addition to purchase outside of this code, WindowsVista is also need to purchase PC, with a special upgrade the hard disk.

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Microsoft Office 2010 global conference will be held on May 12

IT news:

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced the release of Office 2010 program, Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010 will complete the RTM version in April and made available to original equipment manufacturers. Business users Toshiba Satellite A350 battery can start from May 12 were Office 2010, for the average consumer, Office 2010 will be in June in both online and retail market.

Microsoft plans in the United States Eastern Standard Time (EST) May 12 this year, held online conference, when Microsoft Watch Stephen Elop, president of business will be announced through the network to the global Office 2010, SharePoint 2010's official release. To make up for lack of a virtual conference, Microsoft also decided to hold a news conference in New York, announced the release of Office 2010.

By the end of May, Microsoft will hold another event in Windows Summit 2010, Microsoft said they would be elected at the meeting partners, "team directly through Windows, and Windows 7 and IE on the basis of technology to develop better products Dell Inspiron 1440 battery." highly anticipated Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (Hardware Engineering Conference) seemed to be indefinitely postponed. Microsoft explains: "Given the economic situation and the MIX, WPC, TechED, and many other event held to organize a grand exhibition on no need for that, so we decided to hold a small seminar for developers, Dell xps m1730 battery, engineers and testers provide an exchange and learning opportunities.”

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German manufacturers pushed WePad to challenge Apple iPad tablet

March 30 message, according to American Technology blog TechCrunch reports contained in the article, the European leading brand WePad Tablet PC has been Europe's largest magazine publisher Gruner companies (Gruner + Jahr) support, the two companies will establish a partnership the introduction of support WePad electronic magazine. Industry analysts Satellite A200 battery say the move will iPad market prospects in Europe adversely affected.

WePad German manufacturers Neofonie launched Tablet PC xps m1730 Battery, equipped with 11.6 inches Resolution is 1,366 x 768 resolution display, Intel Atom 1.66GHz N450 processor, GMA 3150 graphics, integrated camera, 2 USB interface and a card reader device, laptop battery life can reach more than 6 hours. Use Google's Android operating system to enable it to enter the huge Android market.

Gruner publishing (Gruner Jahr) under the command of belonging to Bertelsmann, which published in 24 countries around the world about 300 journals. Europe's largest magazine, with a staff of more than 14,000 people in over 20 countries were published 285 kinds of magazines and the provision of network services.

According to Gruner Publishing Company said the company had worked with Apple A1189 battery to support the iPad intention representations, but only because the two sides unable to reach agreement on such issues as tariffs scrapped.

The new electronic journal in addition to containing WePad traditional text and images, it also supports a rich audio, video and Flash animation to reflect the perfect combination of magazines and websites.

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Apple market value of over 210 billion U.S. dollars


March 30, according to foreign media reports, iPad will be published on Saturday in the United States, Apple's stock price continued to rise. Local time on March 29, Apple laptop batteries shares closed at 232.39 U.S. dollars, a new high, so the first time exceeded 210 billion U.S. dollars worth, to reach 210.73 billion U.S. dollars, and rival Microsoft's market value difference of less than 50 billion U.S. dollars.

Microsoft shares closed at 29.60 U.S. dollars the same day, the market value of 259.61 billion U.S. dollars. Apple market value of more than Microsoft is only a matter of time. Apple iPad initial inventory sold out before the Saturday. Apple's Web site on March 29 by the orders until April 12 need to be shipped. IPad is expected bookings up to 24 million units. Which does not include the release day of sale by the number of Best Buy. So, this weekend, Apple shares hit a new high Dell XPS 16 battery this week, a stock price performance has reflected this trend.

But Apple only released in the United States. By the end of April, Apple iPad will be major markets around the world. May, it is estimated Apple will also introduce the new MacBook rumors and Mac Pro product. In June, Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, or held, released new version of iPhone. After Apple's new software tool will display development kit (SDK).

In short, Apple is concerned, this summer it will be another sensational season. After the dust settled, Apple and Microsoft, the market value of 50 billion U.S. dollars between the gap will continue to shrink.

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Apple iPad is expected to create 2.5 billion U.S. dollars this half year


March 29 news, Apple iPad tablet PCs ship the first batch on April 3. The global information industry and the consumer great deal of attention, and why? Is very simple, because iPad under the leadership of Steve Jobs from Apple. Since the introduction of personal computers beginning in 1976 Jobs, to Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, are all set off a revolutionary wave. Even he bought Pixar (Pixar), also made animated film market also undergo radical changes.


2.5 billion in annual profit U.S. "Newsweek" that Steve Jobs has an incredible ability to bring people do not know in the end product or need stirring up, and then suddenly, we found that those who was actually essential for life . iPad is brewing for many years the dream of Steve Jobs is said that when he received a liver transplant operation, but also in mind this product Dell Studio 1735 battery. He told the people around him, iPad that he has done in this life the most important thing.

iPad using the iPhone's operating system, Macintosh computers is more than easy to operate. While some say that it is just larger version of the iPhone, not change anything. However, one only sell 500 U.S. dollars, the price attractive, and 150,000 kinds of small programs (app) can freely choose. apple A1185 battery has received 24 million Pre-orders, expected to ship in the first year could sell 5 million units, the creation of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of profits.

Revolutionary Trends

Would like to replace the newspaper and TV iPad easy to hide under it now is a power of change, some people think that computer literacy iPad will open a new page in the future, people use a computer keyboard and mouse no longer needed, simply touch the screen with your fingers. iPad strong network function, may one day replace the TV, newspapers and bookshelves. APPLE powerbook g4 Battery will also be transformed into cable companies have a large number of subscribers.

More importantly, iPad Steve Jobs is expected to achieve a greater ambition: to build a totally dominated by Apple's network of business empires. Apple will not only sell your unit, its online store iTunes is the only source of the required software. Jobs convinced Apple's products were good to the unimaginable, only a closed system, in order to ensure that users enjoy the perfect experience.

Tablet PC world

Of course, the closed system also allow APPLE laptop batteries to earn more money, iTunes no matter what are they selling, 30% of their profits will fall into Apple's pocket. Into the Apple world, and is equal to sign with Apple's Faustian bargain, for these lovely products, you have to sacrifice some freedom. For example, can only use Apple's iPad Internet Safari browser, IE, Firefox always declined, we can not watch in order to Adobe's Flash software to make movies.

Seeing Tablet PC Cyclones ready to go, other information industry, of course scramble from Google, DELL Studio 15 Battery , HP Pavilion DV4 Battery did not dare to gearing up, the industry is estimated that 1 billion within a decade the world will appear flat-screen computer VGP-BPS8. The Apple iPad it would be a family-oriented, from the pocket of the pocket to large two-page A4 magazine, such as type, readily available.

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Analysts say Samsung and Nokia are most likely to buy Palm

Breaking news:

March 28, according to foreign media reports, patents, consulting firm PatentVest CEO Anthony Mazaleyrat (Anthony Mazzarella) said he believed that in view of Palm smartphones have the field of patents and fierce competition VGP-BPS8, Samsung and Nokia are the most likely to Palm's acquisition of two companies.

Since earlier this month released disappointing third-quarter earnings report, and forecast current-quarter results would be worse, since the industry would take it that Palm will "die." It is learned Palm executives said the VGP-BPS8 company is willing to sell the company a fair and reasonable price.

For Palm, the reasons for patents by other companies after the acquisition is a result of the bankruptcy of the worst. Need patent "umbrella" of the smart phone manufacturers to buy Palm, to avoid being Apple, RIM or Motorola in the indictment. Palm has a large number of mobile phone-related patents Dell inspiron e1505 Battery.

Mazaleyrat said, "According to our calculations, Palm and Apple in the value of a patent on an order of magnitude, the market has underestimated the value of a patent Palm."

Mazaleyrat pointed out that Samsung in patent applications referenced in Palm patents than any other company, followed by Nokia. Apple and Motorola, Palm cited the number of patents is only half of Samsung, "Samsung and Nokia, Palm definitely very high interest in the patent."

However, mobile phone analyst with IDC Weiersituo fare (Will Stofega) that he felt that the two companies are currently not buying Palm, "Nokia, there are some legal dispute, and is transforming Symbian, unless it can be a very low price acquisition of Palm, or acquisition of Palm does not make sense. " Stofega said that Samsung and Nokia, similar to the situation. Samsung developing its own smartphone platform Bada Thinkpad t20 battery. Stofega said, Palm still have time, may be recovered.

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