Apple iPad is expected to create 2.5 billion U.S. dollars this half year


March 29 news, Apple iPad tablet PCs ship the first batch on April 3. The global information industry and the consumer great deal of attention, and why? Is very simple, because iPad under the leadership of Steve Jobs from Apple. Since the introduction of personal computers beginning in 1976 Jobs, to Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, are all set off a revolutionary wave. Even he bought Pixar (Pixar), also made animated film market also undergo radical changes.


2.5 billion in annual profit U.S. "Newsweek" that Steve Jobs has an incredible ability to bring people do not know in the end product or need stirring up, and then suddenly, we found that those who was actually essential for life . iPad is brewing for many years the dream of Steve Jobs is said that when he received a liver transplant operation, but also in mind this product Dell Studio 1735 battery. He told the people around him, iPad that he has done in this life the most important thing.

iPad using the iPhone's operating system, Macintosh computers is more than easy to operate. While some say that it is just larger version of the iPhone, not change anything. However, one only sell 500 U.S. dollars, the price attractive, and 150,000 kinds of small programs (app) can freely choose. apple A1185 battery has received 24 million Pre-orders, expected to ship in the first year could sell 5 million units, the creation of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of profits.

Revolutionary Trends

Would like to replace the newspaper and TV iPad easy to hide under it now is a power of change, some people think that computer literacy iPad will open a new page in the future, people use a computer keyboard and mouse no longer needed, simply touch the screen with your fingers. iPad strong network function, may one day replace the TV, newspapers and bookshelves. APPLE powerbook g4 Battery will also be transformed into cable companies have a large number of subscribers.

More importantly, iPad Steve Jobs is expected to achieve a greater ambition: to build a totally dominated by Apple's network of business empires. Apple will not only sell your unit, its online store iTunes is the only source of the required software. Jobs convinced Apple's products were good to the unimaginable, only a closed system, in order to ensure that users enjoy the perfect experience.

Tablet PC world

Of course, the closed system also allow APPLE laptop batteries to earn more money, iTunes no matter what are they selling, 30% of their profits will fall into Apple's pocket. Into the Apple world, and is equal to sign with Apple's Faustian bargain, for these lovely products, you have to sacrifice some freedom. For example, can only use Apple's iPad Internet Safari browser, IE, Firefox always declined, we can not watch in order to Adobe's Flash software to make movies.

Seeing Tablet PC Cyclones ready to go, other information industry, of course scramble from Google, DELL Studio 15 Battery , HP Pavilion DV4 Battery did not dare to gearing up, the industry is estimated that 1 billion within a decade the world will appear flat-screen computer VGP-BPS8. The Apple iPad it would be a family-oriented, from the pocket of the pocket to large two-page A4 magazine, such as type, readily available.

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