Microsoft Windows will be launched on April 4


April 3 news, Microsoft has made secrecy one of the best things a PC, which can easily upgrade from one version of Windows7 to another version of Windows, although Microsoft is not the intent of this rule.

Windows7 high-end computer running Ultimate edition has all the features. This is called "WindowsAnytimeUpgrade" (Windows Anytime Upgrade) function allows the user to purchase a code and unlock new features. Microsoft said that this process requires only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to allow users familiar with or interested in this upgrade hp pavilion dv2 battery.

Microsoft hopes to begin this week on a promotion, change this situation. Some retailers will buy a new PC users with a discount to upgrade to a more advanced version of Windows7 opportunities. In the United States, Microsoft provides two benefits, although it is not all retailers provide these two benefits. Windows7 pre-installed version to buy entry (some of the Internet the use of this version) Windows7 PC users to upgrade to Home Premium cut the cost from 79 dollars to 49 dollars, from Windows7 Home Premium upgrade to the Professional version costs 89 dollars down from the to 79 U.S. dollars.

Microsoft said in a blog, this offer is limited time promotion, and hp pavilion dv2 battery will end on July 3.

Microsoft, this promotion will help give small businesses get what they want Windows7 machine. Many small businesses are buying from retailers PC. While some stores have begun selling the machine configuration Windows7, but choose to remain a problem.

Microsoft's Windows Anytime Upgrade program is started from the WindowsVista, but, in addition to purchase outside of this code, WindowsVista is also need to purchase PC, with a special upgrade the hard disk.

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