Facebook bought photo sharing site Divvyshot

Facebook news:

April 3, according to foreign media reports, photo sharing site Divvyshot l announced the acquisition of the company has been Facebook this Friday, saying it is a "can not refuse the deal."

The two sides did not disclose terms of the agreement. Obviously, with the acquisition of application developers Parakey and social networking sites, like FriendFeed, hp pavilion dv2 battery, Facebook is also intended to acquire Divvyshot its technical team.

Divvyshot provide group photo sharing feature that allows multiple users to edit the album. As part of this transaction, the service will be shut down. Divvyshot said, "We will gradually shut down service today. Existing users can continue to use Divvyshot, but users will not be able to create a new account and not be able to download our iPhone applications." After six weeks, the user access Divvyshot.com will be directed to the Facebook.

Under the agreement hp pavilion dv2 battery, Divvyshot founder Sam • Odio (Sam Odio), and two other employees of the company Michael • Yuan (Michael Yuan) and DeGroot • Kaduna (Paul Carduner) will join Facebook photo sharing application development team. Facebook Photos is the world's most popular photo sharing service, the user per month for more than 30 million photos.

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