Inventory of Twitter’s Top Ten Best points in 2010

2010, Twitter has released 25 billion on the collar. Surrounding world, become a fashionable topic, news eyeliner, person tracking, event decryption ... ..., including almost every moment of the planet changes.

December 17, Twitter Twitter announced the top ten laptop battery topics, outlines the hottest events the world over the past year. Faithful in promoting the collective contribution of this map, BP (British Petroleum) Friends of the Gulf of Mexico pushed oil as the world's most concerned about the topic, it also topped the first five news trends. The late Michael Jackson singing "We are the world", but for those who destroy public interests of the zaibatsu interests, Twitter bridge the boundaries of the grassroots and the elite, to show the true nature of a new media. Speak up, Weiyantaiyi, duty-righteous spirit.

In addition another four natural and man-selected news trend: Haiti, Pakistan, floods and other natural disasters have been pushing the Friends of serious concern. Push the Friends of the different colors reflect the good people of shared values. Next question is how to translate into goodwill charity. In this regard, Natalie Portman and other Hollywood stars have risen by Twitter raising money race, etc., the Friends concerned about the push from the network has become a wave of real-life community to infiltrate the force. In addressing man-made disasters, the faithful of the Korean conflict, to push the comments reflect the different interests of different sectors of camp positions and laptop battery ideas. But for a large rescue miners in Chile, real-time follow-up reflects the cross-regional inter-racial human temperature.

Complete inventory of the five news trends, let us return to the top ten Twitter topics, in addition to BP Gulf of Mexico oil finish first, the highly anticipated World Cup in South Africa, will undoubtedly become the topic of greatest concern to push friends, whining ancestors you, octopus Paul , the list. This summer, 20 million fans will undoubtedly bring a wealth of experience and enjoy the madness. If the incident is still only do the major TV media coverage, then the shock came from the big screen two films, Nolan's "Pirates of the dream of space" and cumulative reputation of the "Harry Potter 7: Deathly Hallows." The former created the miracle of film history, it does not "Avatar" epic effects and Cuikulaxiu shocking, no sword 20 years Cameron's determination and courage, but it had to pursue the dream of a film person - When the curtain is still a land of fantasy you dreaming. British middle-aged women who carried on the myth of JK Rowling, divorced mother of whimsy with the train to complete the enlightenment of children's magic Sony VGP-BPS9 battery and Sony VGP-BPS8 battery, but also completed the transformation of the adult fairy tale.

Speaking of transformation, technology is undoubtedly the most successful Killer. It is easy to brainwash, and created one after the fashion of groups of people. Those self-proclaimed Geek of the guys are in for the iPad wedding day with Google Android, yes, this is the two camps, this is the two cultures, this is the two systems and, more importantly, this is both concept. Jobs laptop battery, still go its own way of innovation, Brin and Page were pulled Photo Sharing large network. Push the two paths countless fans friends, and their confrontation, so the planet to witness what is smart.

Past, a smash hit Twitter people are surprised to have top 5 list, in which gifted children in Canada on YouTube Justin Bieber invincible its imitation, created a network of 13-year-old myth. Thus increasing the entertainment the youngest king, even behind his push to become a youth friendly example. Sometimes, you have to admit the Internet to attract the young at heart forever. Also in there is mine entertainment troublemaking mother Lady Gaga, although domestic such as Shang Wenjie and his ilk would like the sword easy road. The mother's line, but mine is too weird too out of place, and be able to wear 20 pounds of fresh pork to the Grammy stage, how many stylists will see ecstasy? Faithful in your life Tietu push, but also created a legend can not be copied.

The power of women to see her in the hands of the token, taking over from former Brazilian President Lula heiress, proving once again that faithful implementation of the HTS power of curiosity. Will host a 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games , the country's leaders will be about her second decade of the 21st century, the two events. Friends of how could I forget to push?

In the "Time" magazine poll, lost to Zhu less Bangzhu Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, but push the Friends of the eyes WikiLeaks make the network become a distribution center for the truth, just from the perspective of improving the right to know, Asan Church more in line to the United States of the world. Who does not deny the bunker hiding in Sweden, the United States exposed to the world tell your Limo Mo Australians, all journalists should respect. Perhaps the liberal press stand, not the textbook example, but his presence is still to push the friendly one step closer from the truth. This is the power of the network, who did not forget ... ...

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Samsung Galaxy S sales will break through 10 million units soon

December 20, according to foreign media reports, Galaxy S Samsung smartphone sales this month has exceeded 9,000,000 units, will soon be over 10 million units. Samsung executives Shin Jong-kyun as Galaxy S's outstanding performance, appointed as head of Samsung's mobile business, next year will be in charge of Samsung's Internet department.

Ended in October of this year, sales of Apple A1175 battery's iPhone 4 million units in 1400. Domestic market in Korea, Samsung's sales of Galaxy S is better than the iPhone 4, listed 70 days exceeded 100 million units sold.

Analysts said that when Apple introduced the iPhone, Samsung, the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer but to take no competing products, is facing a huge crisis. With the Galaxy S is the success of Samsung, will be the first time into the Android smart camp has sold over 10 million units of the smart phone.

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The New York Times: In 2010, Apple iPad

In 2009, I've written about in 2010 will be the "Tablet PC years"; and this forecast from Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs introduced to the world only a few months iPad. I said, 2010 will appear on the market several brands of tablet PCs, including those from Apple, Microsoft, Google and other computer manufacturers of innovative technology products, the move will change the shape of the computer, will also change our magazines, newspapers, video and other Web content reading and spending habits.

However, most of the Tablet PC at the outset have not been successful. For example: Microsoft Courier, an innovative dual-screen tablet computer color; Microsoft shelved the project, the specific reasons we have so far not known. For a long time for Google Tablet PC rumors spread like wildfire; but has yet to officially open the market. As for other products, including Hearst's Skiff, including electronic reader, have also been strangled in the cradle.

So what happened in Tablet PC? The answer is simple: iPad. Google is a tablet PC look like, embedded in its perfect iTune application experience, competitive pricing; all of which help Apple and quickly occupied the Tablet PC market.

As we enter 2011, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next year's January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas. At that time, 2,500 companies will showcase the latest electronic products for this; and that most of them associated with the Tablet PC. Microsoft, HP, and a series of Google Android platform using the Tablet PC will appear in front of people; all of the ultimate goal of these manufacturers are replaced by Apple. So, this also indicates that next year is still a "Tablet PC years."

Market research firm IDC, Forrester and market research co-published annual report, from the sale of electronic products, applications and trends, the tablet PC market in the next few years, the explosion in growth. IDC predicts the U.S. market only Tablet PC sales in 2011 will be up to 42 million units.

However, which company is expected to compete against Apple in this area? Today, consumers look forward to the listing iPad 2; about it more and more full of the news networks; content and we can look forward to include: whether the equipment before and after the dual rear camera, and possibly reduce the design.

If only by providing peripheral equipment, bigger screens and other technology upgrades to entice consumers, those companies trying to compete with Apple probably will fail - as previously tried the same. But some may not fail, like Google, take enormous effort to upgrade the operating system Android platform, and Chrome, is committed to a larger screen, may still be able to create competitive products. However, this hope may be realized in the next year; or we can look forward to 2012

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The thin 11-inch Sony YPCYA15EC laptop review

laptop review:

You still buy a laptop for their own to worry about it? So please pay attention to Sina laptop part for everyone to bring a day of eight popular notebook now. They may be among the most selling light of this, there may be a very high cost notebook, or a high-end business book, or a top video this. In short, our aim is to make you spend the least money, buy the most suited to their notebook, along with eight of today's hottest look under the bar.

Today's top eight selling the cheap nowadays by Sony this YA15EC led light, 11.6-inch screen and easy to carry, and another red and black to provide choice and price is only 4,699 yuan, is worth everyone's attention. There is also a new 11.6-inch MacBook Air offer 7300 yuan; Samsung aesthetic design of the new mold notebook SF410; to cost-effective, known for Acer AS4552G; black beautiful cool-looking Lenovo Z460A; 13 inch fashion sense of the full HP dv3 other models. Look at it under the following details:

Sony YPCYA15EC / R: 758USD

Sony's latest ultra-thin fashion Computers - Sony YPCYA15EC / R laptop has officially arrived. The use of the dual-core U5400 processor, Intel Pentium, 2G memory, 320G hard drive, given the current business offer is only 4699 yuan, as well as Gifts for both hands.

Appearance, Sony YPCYA15EC / R laptop case with glitter coating, roof is red. Shell smooth and delicate, look very fashionable like Sony VGP-BPS8 battery and Sony VGP-BPS9 battery; equipped with a 11.6-inch 16:9 LED-backlit 1366 × 768 resolution screen, integrated camera above the screen there are easy video chat, the whole size of 290 × 25 × 305 mm, weight only 1.46 kg.

Configuration, the Sony YPCYA15EC / R notebook equipped with Intel Pentium dual-core U5400 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, standard 2G DDR3 memory, 320G hard drive, Intel GMA HD integrated graphics. Interface, Sony YPCYA15EC / R is equipped with multiple in-1 card reader, 3 × USB2.0 interfaces provided, Sony vgp-bps13 battery, VGA, HDMI video output interface, RJ45 (network interface), headphone output, microphone input interface, power supply interface to facilitate the user's connection. Windows 7 Home Basic pre-installed operating system.

Sony YA15EC / R

Processor Type Intel Pentium dual-core U5400

320GB hard drive capacity

Graphics chip Intel GMA HD (integrated in the processor)

Screen size 11.6 inches

Notebook weight 1460g

Battery Type Lithium laptop Battery

Windows 7 Home Basic operating system

Edit Comment: Sony YPCYA15EC / R Notebook trendy appearance, while using chocolate keyboard design, comfort, better. Recent plan to buy a small portable friend, can be considered under this new product.

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Top ten most popular YouTube video released this year

YouTube has just named its top ten most popular video in 2010, in which Funny funny "rapist song" (Bed Intruder Song) tops the list, its more than 47 million views.

Earlier this year, Alabama's 24-year-old man Anthony Dodson (Antoine Dodson) was the sister of burglary, sexual abuse criminals. Local television station interviewed him and the victim, angry Dodson shouted abuse at the TV cameras before. Less expected is the pop group "Gregory brothers (Gregory Brothers)" will be coupled with the RAP this news video and singing out of tune by the users blitz, and even the orchestra, drums and many other versions.

Second is the foreign professional team of Key of Awesome cover Jokes cutting-edge American singer Kesha (Ke $ ha) of the single "Tik Tok". Since February has been uploaded to YouTube, this video has reached 51 million views. It is worth mentioning that, Kesha original "Tik Tok" MV's Views of only 34 million.

In third place, sixth grade students strong Grayson Adams (Greyson Chance) Lady Gaga performing single "Paparazzi". His performance shocked the Internet, and earned him a movie star Ailundezhan Nice (Ellen Degeneres) to a recording contract Dell xps m1730 battery and Dell xps M1530 battery. Watch this video up to 34 million times.

Rank 4-10 is: YouTube star on the animated "annoying orange (Annoying Orange)", male fragrance "Old Spice" ads Takeo, a double rainbow and excited to see the uncle cried, pop group " OK Go "in the MV, the film" Twilight City 3: Eclipse, "the commercials, singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) to participate in Jimikaimo (Jimmy Kimmel) talk show and rally driver Ken Locke ( Ken Block) of a wonderful drag racing video. (Yan-Fei)

The following is the most popular top ten videos list:

1, Funny Funny "Song of rapists" (Bed Intruder Song)

2, the spoof cover of the U.S. team, cutting-edge singer Kesha single "Tik Tok"

3, the sixth-grade students performing Grayson Adams Lady Gaga strong single "Paparazzi"

4, YouTube movie star on the "annoying orange (Annoying Orange)"

5, the male fragrance "Old Spice" ads Takeo

6, a double rainbow and the excitement that cried uncle

7, the pop group "OK Go" MV

8, the film "Twilight City 3: Lunar Eclipse," API

9, singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) to participate in Jimikaimo talk

10, Rally driver Ken Rock (Ken Block) great drag racing videos

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Consensus of the world's three major newspapers: Site fee is the only way to survive


The world's three most influential newspapers to reach a consensus to charge online readers is the only way to survive. But in this week's Reuters Global Media Summit, "New York Times," "The Times" and "Financial Times" There is no fee system to be adopted to reach a consensus.

"The Times" test themselves with mixed results. News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Carey said: "We created a very valuable and important, and we have to try to ensure a fair reward from."

Carey and other top officials at the Reuters Summit this week's speech, is trying to calibrate the number of fees and Dell GK479 battery products, to avoid alienating advertisers; while expressing their concern readers and the newspaper used to free Internet access to consumers will rapidly reduce .

News Corp also has a "Wall Street Journal", the newspaper is the online subscription business over the past decade, the healthy development of one of the few newspapers.

But the group to change the "Times" Reader's strategy was not successful. June of this year, the Group of "The Times" web site on the payment page after the content, readers can pay £ 1 per day (about 2.05 dollars), or pay £ 2 a week into the site to read, resulting in reduced reader almost 90%.

"New York Times" will be published early next year, the specific charges in the program, it will be to convince readers to change the original deep-rooted habit of reading online for free, so willing to pay for the final effort.

"The New York Times" in 2007 had tried to read the network column of readers charged, but for some reason the plan was later shelved.

The paper will take a different approach, the reader only from the "New York Times" Web site to read a certain amount of free content before TECHNOLOGY in Dell FK890 battery and Dell KG479 battery.

"Financial Times" since 2007 began to take metering and charging solution to allow the reader to read a certain number of free monthly payment after the article.

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Windows Phone7 next year into the Chinese market

In the mobile phone market, WindowsPhone 7 Microsoft to fight back has become a Google Android and Apple iOS the only weapon, so Microsoft WindowsPhone 7 invested huge sums of money and a lot of energy. Unlimited potential for the huge Chinese market, Microsoft is not giving up. Recently Microsoft Consumer and Online division Zhuangyi Li, general manager of Greater China, said that at some point next year, WP7 phone market in China.

In fact, from some time ago mainly for Microsoft application developers in China, the Chinese Development Center formally launched WindowsPhone 7, basically to be able to judge them WindowsPhone 7 in the Chinese mainland market is absolutely possible. Zhuangyi Li pointed out that Microsoft is on the Xbox360 and Kinect into China's problems and questionable regulatory departments, which will also be WindowsPhone 7 access to the core issue in China, because it directly affects the Xbox Live features a formal operation in the country.

Xbox Live was born in 2002, is the XBOX game console by Microsoft to provide its network services. Xbox Live users can download to a variety of classic games, due to low cost and time-consuming download is short, so the popular users. Later, Microsoft and open a new Xbox Live video meeting house, provide plenty of film and television entertainment download services, so more is to further enrich and expand the scope of the Xbox Live service.

In the November 09, Microsoft will increase its Zune XboxLive video services network, and according to Microsoft insiders say, and since then the Japanese high-definition video downloads doubled. Today, Microsoft Zune platform to bring through WindowsPhone7 WM mobile phone users. In fact, people who used the Zune HD products can be found a little bit careful, WindowsPhone7 very similar to the interface with the Zune, in fact, they are almost exactly the same in the.
Zhuang Yili emphasized, WindowsPhone 7 is not a simple application, nor is it a simple smart phones, it brings further to enrich the consumer's personal experience, especially in social and communication aspects, consumers can obtain from friends and contacts real-time information, very easy to contact, and he contacted, such a new product changed the way people communicate and interact with the outside world experience. It is reported that Microsoft is working with hardware vendors and partners in talks to ensure WindowsPhone 7 to provide the Chinese users the best possible experience.
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Verizon Wireless this week 4G service

Verizon Wireless will be published in the December 5 faster fourth generation (4G) mobile services, web browsing and video competition for mobile users.

The largest U.S. mobile operator, said most low-end service contract $ 50 per month package 5G traffic. The company also introduced two notebook computers to allow users to connect to the network modem, and said it plans to launch 4G mobile phones next year.

Verizon said, 4G network using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, providing customers with the speed 10 times faster than 3G networks, and ultimately can be achieved, such as high-definition video streaming and live TV functions. AT & T rival Verizon to launch 4G services until next year.

Headquartered in the Verizon Wireless New laptop battery, and competitors are actively compete for customers, because the available number of new users shrinking. U.S. Mobile Communications Industry Association (CTIA) said the United States 93% of the population have mobile devices.

Higher data transfer rate

4G network data transfer rate will average 5 to 12M / s, closer to clients at home and use a fixed line speed. Traffic plans cheapest 3G services than similar cheaper $ 9.99 plan. Signed a new two-year contract 4G modem price $ 99.99, and phased return of 50 dollars.

Including Oppenheimer's Tim Holland (Tim Horan), including analysts had estimated, Verizon invested for the network upgrade about 30 billion U.S. dollars. But Verizon said it would not affect its capital spending budget Dell RM791 battery, because the company originally planned to use into the fiber optic network, FiOS TV and Internet funds.

Mobile phones and tablet PCs

Verizon plans to launch next year, January 6 4G services using smart phones and tablet computers, will be launched in 2011, more devices. The company said it plans a half years to two-thirds of LTE Dell FK890 battery coverage of the U.S. population.

The service initially will be started this week, including Boston, New York, Washington, Southern California, Miami and other markets, covering a population of over 110 million.

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Sony e-book sales to restart next month

November 25, according to foreign media reports, Sony will re-start the market in Japan, sales of e-book reader, the goal is to win half of the Japanese market share of digital publishing. This is the first time since 2007, Sony's home market conduct in the sale of the business of e-book reader.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery said in a statement, a pocket with a 5-inch display e-book reader will be 10 next month, beginning on sale in Japan, priced at 20,000 yen (about 240 U.S. dollars), and the other a large-screen e-book reader price of about 2.5 million yen.

Since the launch of Apple iPad since April this year, further intensified competition in the market for this, Sony was the second time this year in July lowered its sales in the U.S. market price of e-book reader. Japan's largest LCD maker Sharp said this September, will be launched in December the Japanese version of electronic book service.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery Marketing Japan, said Nobuki Kurita, president of Sony in the first year's target is to sell 300,000 Japan e-book reader. Before the market demand is small, 3 years ago, Sony had stopped selling in the Japanese market business e-book reader. Earlier this year, Sony and mobile operator KDDI, Asahi Shimbun Publishing Company and Toppan Printing companies jointly established a company providing electronic publications.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery said in May this year plans in China, Italy, Spain and Australia, sales of e-book reader.

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General Administration of Customs: for personal use tax does not violate WTO regulations ipad


Yesterday, the General Administration of Customs Supervision ipad concern for the recent tax question, once again responded that the tax on personal use of the ipad does not violate WTO rules.

General Administration of Customs said that in the time of entry, the WTO (WTO) rules are mainly aimed at national, regional trade, the goods involved. Items for personal use of the ipad is not cargo. Goods and Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 battery items are different, items have a "non-trade" feature. Notice No. 54 for the individual items.

In the tax rate, the current channel of imports of goods tariff whole computer has been reduced to zero. The Post article on-line notebook computers in the tax rate of 20%, which is approved under the State Council in 2006, "the importation of goods entering the country tax rate table" implemented. China's accession to WTO, signed the "Information Technology Agreement," applicable to trade in goods.

In the valuation, the "Customs Valuation Agreement" in the "scope" of a show, "The agreement applies to the normal commercial sense of the imported goods." Especially noteworthy is that the "non-commercial imports, including the entry of visitors and other postal articles or baggage," is listed in the "do not apply to this Dell RM791 battery Agreement," in several situations. At present, the individual items included laptop computers, including ipad the dutiable value, in line with international practice, the legal basis.


iOS 4.2 version of iPhone listed postponed to October 24

Time November 13 message, according to foreign media reports, according to reliable sources, the iOS 4.2 Wi-Fi exposed fault system, Apple has canceled the Friday launch of the iPhone by iOS 4.2 system and the iPad the plans, and The plan postponed to 24th of this month.

Wednesday news that Apple will launch on Friday the system based on iOS 4.2 iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. But the latest news, Apple and Asus A42-A3 battery has been canceled and postponed the plan. This is the second time Apple has at least postponed the listing of the operating system. iPad iOS 4.2 version will bring AirPlay, AirPrint and multi-tasking capabilities.

Informed sources said, mainly because the formal launch of the system before the iOS 4.2 Golden Master final version of the test, found that the system has Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. In this system, users can create Wi-Fi connection, but in fact there is no network, the user can not perform any network operations Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 battery. For iOS 4.2 and AirPrint AirPlay is available, Wi-Fi vulnerability undoubtedly be disastrous.

In addition to Apple's full line of products will be configured, iOS 4.2 system also fixes using iOS 4.1 systems (3G, 3GS and 4G) iPhone smart Asus A41-A6 battery phone to change the existing loopholes in the system time and had a third party can do anything to bypass the iPhone PIN Dial lock function slip holes. The latter is easy to let third-party access to iPhone users to store contacts, email, SMS and phone records and other data.

Apple's security work has been done very place, the delay iOS 4.2 Version for complete listing of the system is considered. Listing in the system, iPhone 3G users will benefit. Prior to using iOS 4 iOS 4.1 system or even iPhone 3G mobile phone users often been the poor performance of power problems, and iOS 4.2 is expected to be solve this problem. Apple has done more to iOS 4.2 sound system is to allow users of the iPhone 3G handset performance was excellent.

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Facebook accounted for nearly a quarter of U.S. display advertising market share

The data research company comScore, Facebook amount of exposure to 297 billion U.S. display ad publishers ranked first, accounting for 23.1% of display advertising market share.

According to statistics, the third quarter of 2010 received a total of 1.3 trillion Internet users display advertising, an increase of 22%, each display ads seen by Internet users on average up to 6000.

Facebook has 297 billion the third quarter, display advertising exposure, accounting for 23.1% of the display advertising laptop battery market share. The data of 9.2% year on year increase of 13.9%.

These data further validate the previous message on Facebook: The company revenue this year will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars.

Exposure to 140 billion Yahoo (11% share) ranked second, followed by Microsoft's Web site 640 billion (5% share) and Fox Interactive Media 480 billion.

AT & T is the third quarter, the largest U.S. display Asus A42-A6 battery advertising market, advertisers, advertising exposure amounted to 21.1 billion, followed by Scottrade and Verizon.

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Sandy Bridge Intel Xuan Mito comprehensive tour shows

San Francisco, the first day of Fall IDF 2010, Intel is better overall picture of the expectations of the next-generation processor family, "Sandy Bridge", and first published a large number of in-depth technical details and fine wafer Photos

Intel Vice President and General Manager of Architecture Group Dadi Perlmutter said: "the way people use computers is the speed of evolution of an explosive, an urgent need for more powerful, more visual expression of the experience. Our upcoming second-generation Intel Core processing device family represents the computing performance and capabilities of the most significant progress Dell Studio 1735 battery. In addition to Intel notebook platforms provide these features, we also plan to extend to the data center server and embedded computing product line. "

Sandy Bridge will be the official name of the series "2011 the second generation Intel Core processor family" (2011 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family), known as the first new Intel-based "Visibly Smart" micro-architecture, using 32nm process and the second generation of high-K metal gate (HKMG) technology, which integrates about 10 billion transistors.

Sandy Bridge family will continue to use Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 by way of Dell Studio 17 battery sub-series, and again replaced with new LOGO ID:

Sandy Bridge family, the main technical highlights include:

- The next generation Turbo Boost (Turbo) Dynamic Acceleration Technology:

According to instructions on the type of operation dynamically adjust CPU, GPU frequency to achieve maximum performance or energy consumption, and to add new power balancing algorithm, manage power consumption and heat dissipation, optimizing performance.

- Improved the core of the ring interconnection and innovation:

Significantly improved the core, and a revolutionary interconnect to better connect the ring to improve data bandwidth, performance and energy efficiency. Ring interconnect is a high-bandwidth, low latency of the integrated module, closely connected computing core CPU Dell Studio 1735 battery, GPU graphics core and other modules (Display, I / O, system assistant, memory controller, etc.), provide high-speed low-latency communications.

- The industry's first implementation of the pipeline with new graphics core:

The sixth generation of integrated graphics core, the same 32nm HKMG technology to support high-definition video, stereo 3D, mainstream games, multitasking, social networking, multimedia and more. CPU core and GPU core of shared system resources such as three-level cache to optimize performance and reduce power consumption.

Non-official statement, the new set was also full support for DX11.

Intel also unveiled a new site architecture transcoding hardware acceleration performance, including high-definition video encoding and decoding. Use CyberLink MediaEspresso to a minute long, 30Mbps bit rate 1080p Full HD video into iPhone-compatible format, Sandy Bridge takes less than ten seconds.

- Desktop Low power consumption:

Including performance optimization 65W (thermal design power) version, power optimization of the 45/35W version, etc., are shipped through special authorized dealers Intel boxed version, with a new half-high small radiator at the same time Intel has also invested a small Mini-ITX specification standardized the desktop motherboard and chassis, for one machine system.

- Desktop Integration and Innovation Programme:

Foxconn, Mitac have demonstrated thin-one desktop, and use a specially designed Intel's "Buffalo Bay" motherboard and power supply. Acer systems are based on 65W Core i7 processor.

- The next generation of Sandy Bridge Xeon processors:

Also based on the Sandy Bridge architecture for two-way server and workstation market, a single processor, up to 8 cores, 16 threads, will be put into the second half of 2011.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini unveiled a new Xeon server site Vidyo video conferencing software to run the case, all running 32 threads Dell Studio 17 battery, and also uses the new AESNI instruction set.

In addition, there Westmere-EX Xeon processors Dell Studio 1735 battery, Nehalem-EX is compatible successor to, 32nm process, up to 10 cores, 20 threads, memory support doubled to 32GB (system total 2TB), security enhancements.

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Intel multi-functional chip

Intel (Intel) will be published next week, the first integrated graphics and video processing power of the processor chip architecture, aimed at the mobile device market, and further threaten Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Nvidia (Nvidia) graphics chip business.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini will be held from 13 Intel Developer Forum (IDF), the publication dubbed "Sandy Bridge" in the microprocessor chip Dell KG479 battery architecture. Sandy Bridge chips to microprocessor circuit design, and processing of graphics and video performance with a single integrated circuit chip, can significantly reduce the personal computer (PC) graphics chip to be used (GPU) number.

Performance of integrated graphics technology breakthrough

Sandy Bridge chip architecture is expected to put into production next season will be the basis for Intel's entire product line.

This new way of integrating chip industry is a major symbol of change: the next PC Dell KG479 battery may no longer need to install additional graphics card.

Intel spokeswoman Kena Fu pointed out that the graphics performance of Intel and the main processor integrated into the same after a chip, will have cost advantages, and to reduce chip power consumption, improve operational efficiency. Intel's latest design is clearly Zhuyan mobile device market.

Otellini pointed out that as smart phones and other electronic products, cost and valuable space, multi-chip status will also gone up, he said: "applicable to all types of devices, automobiles and television products, a single chip device, will gradually become market trends. "

Intel's newest chip design architecture, will threaten both AMD and Nvidia graphics chip maker's market.

Market research firms Gartner analyst Kelaihansi pointed out that because Intel's new products allow PC manufacturers do not have to join another one chip, PC Dell GK479 battery users may be beneficial to use.

AMD Fusion planning is under way, try to turn the graphics performance and integrated into the microprocessor chip, but has repeatedly delayed production schedule, the current applied to the first quarter of next year, computer chip products.

Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia is facing a strong threat

Kelaihansi that produce only the Nvidia graphics chip, once Intel's built-in graphics performance of new products to meet the needs of consumers and businesses, these customers no longer have to pay to install an additional graphics card, will enable NVIDIA reduce the crisis facing the Dell GK479 battery market.

Nvidia spokesman for the Marin Martinez said that, to talk about shrinking separate graphics card market too early, because Intel has yet to impact on this market, and demand for such products is still increasing.

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Intel Q3 revenue increased 59%

News about Intel

Oct. 13 news, Intel has just released third quarter financial results show that many Wall Street analysts worried the economic bottom of the sign did not worry about destroying the desire of consumers to buy a new PC laptop battery.

Intel on Tuesday said the company net income increased 59% in the third quarter, sales increased 18%, both of which exceeded analyst expectations.

Intel's stock markets closed on Tuesday announced that the company 2.96 billion third-quarter profit, earnings per share of 52 cents. Intel's profit last year amounted to $ 1,860,000,000, equal share of 33 cents per share. About this quarter, analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had forecast profit of 52 cents per share DELL Vostro 1310 Battery. Sales revenue increased 18% to USD 11.1 billion. The analyst's forecast is $ 10,990,000,000.

Third-quarter forecast has been modified in August, when Intel lowered its financial expectations, the company this comes down to diffuse the whole computer industry, sluggish demand for consumer PC. It seems that if the economy did not inhibit the back to school season, buying binge, the technology industry leader Tuesday reported financial leap will be higher. Electronics industry back to school period is the most important shipping DELL Vostro 1310 Battery season.

The employment market turmoil makes buyers more his wallet, back to school sales season, many poor PC manufacturers and suppliers into bankruptcy despair. The focus now is the computer industry is a desperate time - holiday shopping season sales.

Many analysts now predict this winter than the more favorable the autumn just past, Intel's fourth-quarter forecasts seem to support this view. Intel forecast fourth quarter sales of 110-118 million U.S. dollars, analysts forecast is 113 million.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said, Intel continue to be optimistic, "the global market for the health needs of various computing products" as the world's largest "PC brain" - the microprocessor manufacturer, Intel is the DELL Vostro 1510 Battery market indicator. Intel Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said in an interview that Intel expects fourth-quarter consumer PC market will continue to grow, but the growth rate will be lower than the first half of this year.

After the close of trading in the stock market, investors will be slightly pushed Intel shares like DELL Vostro 1510 Battery. Intel's stock price rose 22 cents after the close, the stock rose to $ 19.99.

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"Wall Street Journal" Technology Innovation Award

Sept. 27 news, The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award announced, technology Innovation Awards out of 17 different areas of innovation awards. Winners to take a look at it.

Computing System

Washington Lightfleet Corp. The company when connected to a computer processor, the innovative use of the directional beam, rather than copper wire or fiber optics, this won the award in the field.

In large data centers, and even the best performance for the microprocessor, or between the server node will be the connection between the bottleneck and speed are affected. Lightfleet the company's new technology is to eliminate the bottlenecks, specifically, it uses a carry data to all nodes in the directional beam emission device, replacing the traditional management node connected to cable converter. Faster data transfer speeds to deal more effectively with trading operations on Wall Street quickly possible.

Consumer electronics

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (Industrial Technology Research Institute), not only in the area come out on top, is a comprehensive selection of gold medal win. (Award-winning invention is a "soft ultra-thin displays," Click here for details.)


Receivables Exchange LLC in New Orleans public auction of the company for SMEs should provide an online platform for payment instruments, and thus won since 2004, no one is interested in e-commerce for the award.

Small companies do not have the big companies into the financial markets, so in order to obtain short-term working capital is particularly difficult for them. Use of payment instruments should be the practice of borrowing is very common in some industries, namely, accounts receivable factoring. But for the vast majority of SMEs, such transactions may be costly, and often needed for the realization of the transaction for a long time co-ordination arrangements.

Receivables Exchange LLC is to let companies lock in funds in the accounts receivable were to be used more easily. For example, enterprises can put their online platform in the multiple unpaid invoices, the platform selected by the seller to determine the minimum income guarantee and the seller has at least the last two years are in operating condition. Screening can be completed within 24 hours, these invoices can be posted on the site the next day. Buyers can bid on the site posted some or all of the bills receivable, and Web site operators from the commission on transactions between buyers and sellers.

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Adobe and Apple patch fixes software products released

September 21, according to foreign media reports, Adobe Systems and Apple on Monday released a security patch to fix all of its products in the security vulnerabilities, including a major patch, fix up a network attack has been to use the Adobe Flash Player The security vulnerability.

Adobe released a patch is the most important because it fixes a network attack is said to have been used for security vulnerabilities. May be due to fear of these Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t battery attacks, Adobe a week earlier than planned release of this patch.

Adobe on Monday said it has received the hackers to exploit the vulnerability on Windows systems Adobe Flash Player attack report. This may cause serious problems, since most PC are installing Adobe Flash Player software, use the flaw to the victims of malicious software installed on your computer.

Security firm Symantec said Monday, using the number of attack Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t battery vulnerability is very limited.

Adobe Flash Player is a network attack occurred, but because of Reader and Acrobat software to use Flash, malicious hackers to lure the victims to open PDF files can also be an attack. However, Adobe has not received the PDF file of the attack on the report.

Adobe's security updates apply to all operating systems it supports. Reader and Acrobat's patch will be on October 4th week of release.

Apple said Monday the security bulletin, Apple repair AFP (Apple File Protocol) protocol in a security vulnerability in MacOS. Hackers could exploit the flaw to access Mac files on your Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t battery without a password. Know the name of the target system accounts for remote hackers to bypass the password authentication, access to shared folders AFP.

Apple said the flaw for Apple's Mac OS X v10.6 previous versions of the system is not affected.


Intel's next-generation processor, a large-scale shipments early in 2011

September 14 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Intel CEO Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini), said this week, Intel's next generation of Sandy Bridge processors will ship in early 2011 began a large scale.

Otellini said he expects PC sales volume in 2011 from sales will be driven by emerging markets such as China, after Intel had the laptop battery demand in mature markets are pessimistic, and warned that strong demand as expected.

August Intel warned that its third-quarter revenue may be lower than previously estimated one billion U.S. dollars, because of concerns about the strong science and technology industry recovery is not enough.

Intel is now betting on the Sandy Bridge processor, said Sandy Bridge will be a powerful graphics processor technology combined with the core processing technology, will receive next year, PC manufacturers and consumers.

While PC laptop battery makers may still use the product specific discrete graphics, Intel still expect Sandy Bridge to meet within the next few years, the mainstream computer graphics needs.

Some analysts have criticized the critics say, Intel's processors can not meet the demand for high-end graphics laptop battery users, such as those willing to spend big bucks for the high-end graphics card gamers. This high-end market is currently the British Hill & Knowlton (NVIDIA) and AMD both divided.

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Apple's iTunes social networks can not interact Ping

Sept. 6 am news, according to foreign media reports, the failure to reach an agreement with record companies, Apple's music social networks can not Ping the users of the service to listen to all music.

The industry believes that, Ping's biggest flaw is not with the user's iTunes music library to interact, but can only support purchased from the Apple Powerbook G3 battery store a limited amount of music.

For example, when users play iTunes music library Kanye West (Kanye West) of "Power" song, he's Ping friends will not know he was listening to this song, but just know that he likes " Power "The song - as he searched in iTunes on the song, and click on the" like "button.

Unable to tell friends what their listening to music, some people think that Ping is a useless laptop battery service. Lala music service, the user can not listen to all of Ping's, which became a major flaw in the service.

It is learned that the reason for this defect is an agreement with record companies, not Apple Powerbook G3 battery. Apple has been negotiating with record companies, want to allow users to upload music library to Apple's server, so all users can listen to the music streaming. Back in January, well-known technology site reported:

"Apple executives to provide free streaming music service plan and conducted negotiations with the four major record laptop battery companies. Apple's manager, said the program aims to enable iTunes users to the music library stored on Apple's servers. If the scheme is to achieve , iTunes users will be able to back up music, and can access the Internet through any device access to the music. "

Insiders said that he was like by browsing Ping understand what people like music, but Apple Powerbook G3 battery order to realize the potential of Ping, to better negotiate with record companies.

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