Verizon Wireless this week 4G service

Verizon Wireless will be published in the December 5 faster fourth generation (4G) mobile services, web browsing and video competition for mobile users.

The largest U.S. mobile operator, said most low-end service contract $ 50 per month package 5G traffic. The company also introduced two notebook computers to allow users to connect to the network modem, and said it plans to launch 4G mobile phones next year.

Verizon said, 4G network using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, providing customers with the speed 10 times faster than 3G networks, and ultimately can be achieved, such as high-definition video streaming and live TV functions. AT & T rival Verizon to launch 4G services until next year.

Headquartered in the Verizon Wireless New laptop battery, and competitors are actively compete for customers, because the available number of new users shrinking. U.S. Mobile Communications Industry Association (CTIA) said the United States 93% of the population have mobile devices.

Higher data transfer rate

4G network data transfer rate will average 5 to 12M / s, closer to clients at home and use a fixed line speed. Traffic plans cheapest 3G services than similar cheaper $ 9.99 plan. Signed a new two-year contract 4G modem price $ 99.99, and phased return of 50 dollars.

Including Oppenheimer's Tim Holland (Tim Horan), including analysts had estimated, Verizon invested for the network upgrade about 30 billion U.S. dollars. But Verizon said it would not affect its capital spending budget Dell RM791 battery, because the company originally planned to use into the fiber optic network, FiOS TV and Internet funds.

Mobile phones and tablet PCs

Verizon plans to launch next year, January 6 4G services using smart phones and tablet computers, will be launched in 2011, more devices. The company said it plans a half years to two-thirds of LTE Dell FK890 battery coverage of the U.S. population.

The service initially will be started this week, including Boston, New York, Washington, Southern California, Miami and other markets, covering a population of over 110 million.

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