Windows Phone7 next year into the Chinese market

In the mobile phone market, WindowsPhone 7 Microsoft to fight back has become a Google Android and Apple iOS the only weapon, so Microsoft WindowsPhone 7 invested huge sums of money and a lot of energy. Unlimited potential for the huge Chinese market, Microsoft is not giving up. Recently Microsoft Consumer and Online division Zhuangyi Li, general manager of Greater China, said that at some point next year, WP7 phone market in China.

In fact, from some time ago mainly for Microsoft application developers in China, the Chinese Development Center formally launched WindowsPhone 7, basically to be able to judge them WindowsPhone 7 in the Chinese mainland market is absolutely possible. Zhuangyi Li pointed out that Microsoft is on the Xbox360 and Kinect into China's problems and questionable regulatory departments, which will also be WindowsPhone 7 access to the core issue in China, because it directly affects the Xbox Live features a formal operation in the country.

Xbox Live was born in 2002, is the XBOX game console by Microsoft to provide its network services. Xbox Live users can download to a variety of classic games, due to low cost and time-consuming download is short, so the popular users. Later, Microsoft and open a new Xbox Live video meeting house, provide plenty of film and television entertainment download services, so more is to further enrich and expand the scope of the Xbox Live service.

In the November 09, Microsoft will increase its Zune XboxLive video services network, and according to Microsoft insiders say, and since then the Japanese high-definition video downloads doubled. Today, Microsoft Zune platform to bring through WindowsPhone7 WM mobile phone users. In fact, people who used the Zune HD products can be found a little bit careful, WindowsPhone7 very similar to the interface with the Zune, in fact, they are almost exactly the same in the.
Zhuang Yili emphasized, WindowsPhone 7 is not a simple application, nor is it a simple smart phones, it brings further to enrich the consumer's personal experience, especially in social and communication aspects, consumers can obtain from friends and contacts real-time information, very easy to contact, and he contacted, such a new product changed the way people communicate and interact with the outside world experience. It is reported that Microsoft is working with hardware vendors and partners in talks to ensure WindowsPhone 7 to provide the Chinese users the best possible experience.
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