Sony e-book sales to restart next month

November 25, according to foreign media reports, Sony will re-start the market in Japan, sales of e-book reader, the goal is to win half of the Japanese market share of digital publishing. This is the first time since 2007, Sony's home market conduct in the sale of the business of e-book reader.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery said in a statement, a pocket with a 5-inch display e-book reader will be 10 next month, beginning on sale in Japan, priced at 20,000 yen (about 240 U.S. dollars), and the other a large-screen e-book reader price of about 2.5 million yen.

Since the launch of Apple iPad since April this year, further intensified competition in the market for this, Sony was the second time this year in July lowered its sales in the U.S. market price of e-book reader. Japan's largest LCD maker Sharp said this September, will be launched in December the Japanese version of electronic book service.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery Marketing Japan, said Nobuki Kurita, president of Sony in the first year's target is to sell 300,000 Japan e-book reader. Before the market demand is small, 3 years ago, Sony had stopped selling in the Japanese market business e-book reader. Earlier this year, Sony and mobile operator KDDI, Asahi Shimbun Publishing Company and Toppan Printing companies jointly established a company providing electronic publications.

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery said in May this year plans in China, Italy, Spain and Australia, sales of e-book reader.

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