Price of Windows 7 is too high and NOT conducive to upgrade

Microsoft's Windows 7 price is likely to encourage users to upgrade the operating system, but forget the shadow impact of efforts Vista, which is greatly reduced.
A lot of users are very disappointed with the upgrade price of Windows 7, upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium price is as high as 119.99 U.S. dollars, only less than 8% the appropriate version of Vista. 120 dollars is a high price, as it needs 300 U.S. dollars to buy a new PC case.

It seems that Microsoft may prevent the user to upgrade to Windows 7 for free, so that Vista will lost Microsoft's best interests as the consumers through the lofty price of the upgrading, that is Microsoft Windows 7 sets up a big obstacle to upgrade for users.

Some of the analysts also condemn that Microsoft did not provide a license covering more than one PC, allowing users to be able to upgrade all home PC. at least in the United States, most households have more than one PC, if buying a copy of the software at lower price will be able to upgrade all of the PC at home, there will be no doubt that it will greatly enhance the user's experience.
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DELL mini 10 review

The pros of Mini 10: High-end width including a higher-resolution screen and HDMI output; very configurable and convenient; it is for a Netbook, including optional mobile broadband, bring more convenience.
The bad of DELL mini 10: Options drive the price up into mainstream laptop territory; short DELL Mini 10 battery life.
The bottom line of this laptop: DELL inspiron mini 10 laptop it is the most customizable Netbook in the DELL markets. Adding extras such as a higher-resolution display makes it more useful, but also blurs the price line between Netbooks and mainstream laptops in all brands of the laptops.
Specs: Processor CPU: Intel ; RAM installed: 1 GB ; Hard drive size: 160 GB,28 Wh battery capacity.
The Mini 10 shares the same design as the Mini 9 and Mini 12; the rounded lid sports the same glossy black coating (also available in white, green, pink, blue, and red, for an extra $30) which is prone to fingerprints. Underneath the hood, the black keyboard is offset with a smooth silver palm rest and gritty trackpad.

The Mini 10 is one of the most compact 10-inch netbooks on the market. Measuring 10.3 x 7.2 x 1.3 inches, it’s both thinner and shorter than the Samsung NC10 and the ASUS PC 1000. It isn’t as thin or light as the 1-inch, 2.4-pound HP Mini 1000, but the 2.6-pound Mini 10 fit into our purse and left plenty of room. Its single cord, 0.4-pound AC adapter is also more compact than most of its ilk.
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