DELL mini 10 review

The pros of Mini 10: High-end width including a higher-resolution screen and HDMI output; very configurable and convenient; it is for a Netbook, including optional mobile broadband, bring more convenience.
The bad of DELL mini 10: Options drive the price up into mainstream laptop territory; short DELL Mini 10 battery life.
The bottom line of this laptop: DELL inspiron mini 10 laptop it is the most customizable Netbook in the DELL markets. Adding extras such as a higher-resolution display makes it more useful, but also blurs the price line between Netbooks and mainstream laptops in all brands of the laptops.
Specs: Processor CPU: Intel ; RAM installed: 1 GB ; Hard drive size: 160 GB,28 Wh battery capacity.
The Mini 10 shares the same design as the Mini 9 and Mini 12; the rounded lid sports the same glossy black coating (also available in white, green, pink, blue, and red, for an extra $30) which is prone to fingerprints. Underneath the hood, the black keyboard is offset with a smooth silver palm rest and gritty trackpad.

The Mini 10 is one of the most compact 10-inch netbooks on the market. Measuring 10.3 x 7.2 x 1.3 inches, it’s both thinner and shorter than the Samsung NC10 and the ASUS PC 1000. It isn’t as thin or light as the 1-inch, 2.4-pound HP Mini 1000, but the 2.6-pound Mini 10 fit into our purse and left plenty of room. Its single cord, 0.4-pound AC adapter is also more compact than most of its ilk.
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