Dell Vostro A840 and A860 Review

Laptop News:
Dell has announced the two new laptops joining its Vostro series, the A860 and A840. Dedicated to helping your business succeed, Dell is leading the way in designing solutions to meet your needs at every stage of growth. Dell's latest Vostro models deliver affordable solutions to address basic computing tasks on any budget. With two new laptops to choose from, you will be ready for business with features optimized for everyday office computing.
The Vostro A860 is mainly meant for business tasks. It is Dell’s first 15.6-inch notebook and uses a 16:9 aspect ratio display. The key features of Vostro A860 includes an HD widescreen LCD with anti-glare coating, integrated network modem and wireless connectivity with optional Bluetooth capability.

The Vostro A840, on the other hand, is smaller in size as compared to Vostro A860. The 14.1 inch A840 has WXGA display. It also incorporates HD widescreen LCD with anti-glare coating and offers reliability with mobile business computing.
Both of these have almost same internal specifications. Both laptops have 1GB of RAM, 160GB or 120GB hard disks, CD/DVD burners, Wi-Fi and optional Bluetooth. Processors range from Celeron to Core 2 Duo, and the OS option is Vista or Ubuntu. The best feature is that both of these can be customized to choose preferred processors and operating systems.
Other than those features, the DELL Vostro A860 and DELL Vostro A840 are pretty much your standard laptops.
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President Obama : healthcare overhaul needed to be carried out

Latest news about the health care in USA - on Wednesday a broad healthcare overhaul was critical to a U.S. economic recovery and urged Congress to take advantage of momentum behind the reform package, despite doubts about the plan even among fellow Democrats- President Barack Obama.
In a televised evening news conference, Obama had proved that the biggest driving force behind the federal deficit was the big healthcare costs for the government's Medicare program of healthcare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor.

But there is still the measure faces opposition from many sides, with a group of fiscally conservative Democrats saying it remained stalled because there is not any information on whether it will save the government money on healthcare or be paid for or not.
Will this measure be taken successfully to cut down the cost of the US financial money?
Let us wait and see the detail.
TO be determined!
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Microsoft seems to RTM Windows 7 tomorrow

Hottest news in the IT: Software expert Microsoft are likely to announce that Windows 7 has reached "release to manufacturing," or RTM.
The company would neither confirm or deny that Windows 7 will RTM Wednesday; a spokeswoman on Tuesday simply repeated the company's earlier pledge that it would move the new operating system into its final pre-sale phase sometime "in the second half of July."

If the company does put its seal of approval on Windows 7 on Wednesday, it would be able to note that it successfully met the deadline when officials hold their quarterly earnings call with Wall Street analysts Thursday afternoon.
Reports have circulated for two weeks that Microsoft would reprise the multi-license upgrade pack it offered for Windows Vista; at least one reseller has posted the suggested list price as $149.99 on its Web site.
For more information about Microsoft, please refer to: http://lawrenceluo.blog.com/2009/07/16/google-vs-microsoft/

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Dell Inspiron 1300 review

Do you have the experience of using the Dell Inspiron 1300? Take a look
But where you don't want to cut corners is on choosing a reputable brand, particularly as budget computers often appeal to those who have little technical expertise. This is why we have gone with the safe route of choosing a Dell Inspiron 1300.
Dell has won loads of awards for offering good value for money and excellent reliability. This year alone it has won awards for value from computer magazines including Computer Shopper, Computer Buyer and What Laptop? It has also picked up praise for support and reliability from PC Pro, What Laptop? and Computeractive, to name Dell's most recent successes.
Dell Inspiron 1300 MediumThis reputation means you can buy with confidence even if you aren't spending the earth. As each laptop is designed online, it's hard to recommend a specific model, but the entry-level model in its Home Essentials range, the Inspiron 1300, caught our eye.

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Moon astronauts speed Mars mission

Latest News:
Two of the astronauts in the US who first landed on the moon 40 years ago have called for renewed efforts to send a manned mission to Mars, which is in progress.
The US space agency's currently stated aim is to return astronauts to the Moon by 2020. Now the vision is under review, along with the space vehicles that would get them there. This would be the great achievement for our human being.
Another rocket, Ares V, would have the capability to launch heavy payloads - service and cargo modules - that would be needed to service Moon missions.
The race to get to the Moon had been the ultimate peaceful contest.
Let us wait the next step. TBD!
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President Obama: Health-care bill a must

According to the latest news of WASHINGTON President Barack Obama moved Friday to forward his campaign to overhaul health care, sending Congress a new proposal for curbing costs and taking to the airwaves to encourage Democrats laboring to pull together a bill.
The president obama delivered the pep talk after his budget director sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a detailed proposal to create an independent board to decide how Medicare pays hospitals and doctors.
Though Democrats pushed major health-care legislation through two House committees and one Senate panel this week, a growing number of the party's rank-and-file members are expressing concerns.
Some have looked for Obama to get more directly involved, partly to offer them the protection of his popularity.
IF it is done by Barack Obama, the citizen of US will get lots of goods in the medical care.
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