Google beyond the Coca-Cola as the world's second-largest valuable brand


Google, in its short history, has won a landmark achievement: Beyond Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM and other giants of the world's most valuable brand cook second position. Analyst firm Brand Finance 2009 report points out that years of brand value, Google's brand value has reached 36.1 billion U.S. dollars, while the world's best selling soft drink Coca-Cola's brand value was 34.8 billion U.S. dollars.

2008, Google's ranking is the world's fifth this year, they are beyond ThinkPad X60 battery, Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery, Microsoft and Business NoteBook 2710p battery, but also to GE, HSBC, Vodafone and Toyota stepped on the foot.
The reason why is Google so far Vevo The greatest mistake for the following reasons - is what you can learn how to lie.

There is no innovation (Unnovation). Vevo fundamental issue is all too clear: it is the same old hazardous waste, but the new "distribution channel" and it's at its core a little innovation and did not. It does not produce more excellent works for the formulation of any incentives. Let us look at a simple example: We all know that copyright has been scarred, but, Vevo no intellectual property protection, innovation and initiative, on the contrary, it is itself built on the scarred over copyright. You can even outside the United States can not log on its web site. Like McDonald's, the sale of pseudoephedrine, "Cappuccino" coffee is not a novel, like to send • Kanye West (Kanye West is a famous American rap music producer, rap music, songwriter, translator Note) The latest video, new ways of The same is nothing innovative.

The value of thin (Thin value). Because there is no innovation, and therefore, Vevo not solve the music industry's big problem: In the Kanye West • Investing is a bad value proposition. The investment needs of a large marketing costs, and these costs will only lead to more rare, fleeting return - this return is usually rely on a bet in the record list to get support. This is the thin value of the "essence" may be needed in the 21st century it is more heavy value. In fact, Vevo only by providing an alternative marketing "channels" to further encourage people to create a thin value. Vevo support is a kind of dying of the old business model, rather than seek to establish from the outset on the basis of a more excellent way to music.

A compromise (Compromise). Vevo violation of Google's most basic principles. This is all organizations could commit the biggest mistake. Democracy is the core of all the services Google, at least he has so. But the Vevo democracy is only a replica of the Senate: from a bunch of old guys (in this case, is the record company executives) decided to let people hear who's voice. If you are a compromise to the most fundamental principle, then the result will be to curb innovation.

Self-isolation (Lock-out). If the Vevo as the next one Hulu Who cares? Hulu could not - and will not - will be from excessive commercialization of radio and television network in the rescue, Vevo the same can not save the record companies. The two companies are a dying business model, stick to a fortress, are such an imminent collapse of the last bastion of the Kingdom of siege. Adhere to be able to "victory" do? Perhaps the fortress walls where they live will never change, but such a victory is worth the wait: the outside world in full swing, with each passing day and in constant development.

Dilution (Dilution). When Google is to invest in the survival within the fort, had been Faustian bargain. Therefore, if the fortress is now collapsed, it will suffer. This is trouble. Thus, the next step is: dilution of incentives or conflicts of interest. Now that Google's business model of an outdated and has invested in it from the right support for the benefit of this model. This means that tomorrow's innovation will be more than today's innovative pay a high price.

Finally, the reason that Vevo "evil", is due to a simple reason. The music industry has been in a set of three kinds of thin value in a situation - lame music, cheated artists, as well as ethically dubious tactics. The Vevo compared to the value of the continuing destruction of the game (for continued) provides a new arena. In this arena, we can not better than yesterday, Google is the beginning of the end of the move toward excellence.

Therefore, the question is: you can go beyond the most seasoned of Coca-Cola has been a poor abandoned industrial and economic model? Coca-Cola itself is also working hard - though often failed, however, sometimes able to be successful. Google's great failure is that it is in retreat, from the 21st century, the industrial economic model back to the 20th century, the industrial economic model. Which way do you have?

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EPIC complaint to the FTC Google services


February 18 news, a privacy watchdog group to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission complaint alleging that the new Buzz Google social networking service in violation of federal consumer protection laws .

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is Google any changes to the service to address the people's growing concerns about privacy raised this complaint a few days later.

Google Buzz service as part of the service launch of Gmail has been a week has been criticized, because the service can be based on the user the most commonly used Gmail contacts to create a public circle of friends. In the last week, Google changed the service, only the user's social network to its recommended contact.

EPIC said that, in spite of these changes, Google's Buzz service is still in violation of privacy laws, because Google automatically to Gmail users to register as Buzz service users, rather than waiting for Gmail users to their registration for this service. EPIC asked the Federal Trade Commission asked Google to make Buzz services into a "totally opt-in" service. EPIC also asked to prohibit the use of Google Gmail address book contacts to edit the list of social networking.

EPIC Executive Director MarcRotenberg that Google has seriously undermined consumer privacy expectations. Google should not be allowed to the user's personal information is sent to the user never asked for a social network.

Google responded to the EPIC complaint, and said Google has based on user feedback to the Buzz service is still studying a number of changes and more improvements. We look forward to hearing more suggestions, and first consider the transparency and control over the user to improve the Buzz service experience.

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Microsoft Corp. will release the initial version of Windows Mobile today


February 15, according to foreign media reports, informed sources, Microsoft will release a new smart phone platform this Monday, Windows Mobile Starter Edition (Junior Edition).

This week, "Mobile World Congress" will be held in Barcelona, while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) is expected to release next-generation smartphone platform, Windows Mobile 7.

Informed sources said at the same time, Microsoft will introduce a new smart phone platform, the initial version of Windows Mobile. This version primarily for OEM manufacturers of mobile phones based on the system will target the emerging market users.

Primary version of Windows Mobile will be based on Windows Mobile 6, but not Mobile 7. Windows Mobile Starter Edition is also divided into two versions, one including Office Mobile, the other version does not include.

In addition, Windows Mobile initial version supports 2G (GSM), 2.5G (EDGE, GPRS), CDMA (Rev A, EV-DO Revision A) and TD-SCDMA. Whether to support 3G, is currently uncertain.

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Verizon plans to built-in cell phone with Skype

February 13 news, the largest U.S. wireless carriers, Verizon has recently announced plans to SKYPE, that the software-based data services, built-in installed on mobile phones being sold in response to AT & T from the competition.

In the United States in the wireless communications market, Verizon and AT & T points out in the first and second in market share, AT & T as the iPhone's exclusive carrier, Verizon has also always want to introduce some special services. The analysis from IDC believes that the most important thing is, Verizon has already begun to realize that voice data services are being diverted to the time has come, this is for Verizon has far-reaching significance.

SKYPE software will be installed to a series of phones, including low-end mobile phones. Verizon launched service will allow users of its 3G network operations, Verizon, and said it would SKYPE Mobile Congress in Barcelona, February 16 announcement at a press conference.

When people call for the voice, when demand is relatively weakened, Verizon is using its 3G data services to promote their business, Verizon data services revenue last quarter accounted for almost 46% of the total communications services. Co-operation with Skype can attract more users, will also enhance other functional services to businesses. From the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan's analysis, Verizon co-operation with the SKYPE is the beginning of a new business model. Telecom operators are to change its attitude and began to SKPYE features such software as collaborators.

In fact, in 2007, Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa unit 3 has started selling the phone pretending to SKYPE software, SKYPE has proven to attract the user has great value. Skype news from the installation of the Skype software, cell phone is called Skypephone, attracting tens of thousands of users, of which about 80% and yellow are the Skypephone users.

Skype is currently lobbying the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to prohibit the operator of the Internet traffic truncated in its wireless network, it is precisely because this hindered the development of Skype. The Federal Communications Commission this year, may find this advertised "network neutrality" proposals for a vote.

Skype plans in 2011 to achieve one billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

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Microsoft published the minimum hardware requirements for Office 2010


Microsoft Office Trusted computing performance group AlexDubec released on Office2010-date information on the user requirements. Office2010 has One of the important issues, facing the application is to maintain the requirements as low as possible, so that users do not need to install hardware upgrades.

In short, the user can run Office2007 in their own system, there is no problem running Office2010. However, the current system in their use of Office2003 does not guarantee the user can run Office2010.

Office2007-year minimum requirement is a 500MHz processor and 256MB of memory, while the Office2003 minimum requirements 233MHz processor and 128MB of memory. Since the Office2007 since the use of processor and graphics processor does not change, but, Office2010 than previous versions need more hard disk space. Office2010 minimum hard disk space is 1.0GB or 1.5GB, an increase over previous versions of 0.5GB. increase hard disk space due to Office2010 added new features.

Microsoft Office2010 is still able to configure the graphics processor, 64MB memory DirectX9.0c run. Microsoft does recommend that users use a higher system requirements in order to enhance programs such as Excel and PowerPoint performance, helped to show the pictures and diagrams.

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3D manufacturing household appliances industry


If it is not the movie "Affan up" and not aggressively, 3D TV was just limited to the subject between the TV giants, with not less than the market there is still a distance. But now, not talking about 3D TV companies have become obsolete just like - even though the future of 3D there are too many technical issues need to manufacturers to resolve.

With the promotion process as high-definition color TV, 3D TV industry is facing a more serious source of missing pieces, color TV enterprises need to address not only the hardware problems, but also a more comprehensive solution.

In 2010, 3D color TV sets but also to catch the excitement of Chinese New Year Golden Week.

Beijing Suning Appliance color TV business, person in charge told the "China Business" reporter, at present many companies are making determined efforts to 3D as a selling point, color TV industry is already starting a new round of staking their claims.

Among them, the most urgent, the most positive course ought to Japanese brands Sony VGP-BPS8 and Panasonic, both CRT (cathode ray tube) era of giants in the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Samsung NC10 Battery beyond the era was mainly due to these two brands in the future display technology to determine there had been errors - not to focus on the LED on, but was more concerned about the OLED (Organic Electro laser display) or PDP (Plasma Display Panel).

Now, 3D has become their Dafanshenzhang opportunities.

Sony bps8 was among the first in the 3D layout of consumer electronics manufacturers. In March 2003, Sony and Sharp, Sanyo, Itochu, Toshiba and other five companies with more than 70 Japanese joint software development, publishing, hardware manufacturers to build Japan's "3D alliance" to proceed to develop 3D image format standards, content the production of guides and development of authoring tools such as 3D standards. The alliance now has more than 100 exhibitors have participated, including Philips, DTI and so on.

Like with the Sony to find a breakthrough Matsushita of Japan. Fortunately, it is early to catch the "Affan up," This class ride, and "Affan up" bound to promote the 3D system Panasonic. Since Matsushita and "Affan up" cooperation is exclusive, so you only use Panasonic stereo TV just to see a real 3D effect. "Affan up" have been shown during the loading Panasonic organized a few more 3D TV's touring car in the United States and Europe, travel around the film "Affan up" for the upcoming 3D plasma TV and 3D Blu-ray players rally preheating.

In the LCD, LED stay ahead of the times of the Korean companies Samsung are not resigned to the weak potential. It is reported that Samsung in 2010 for the LED, LCD, PDP and other 3D features to increase across all product lines and will provide consumers with Blu-ray player, home theater systems, 3D glasses products. Samsung and DreamWorks has established an exclusive partnership for the world, but also the core of the global film and broadcast television content providers together to promote co-operation platform to stimulate the development of 3D industrial environment and improved. 3D TV market research agencies generally optimistic, DisplaySearch reports that are expected to 3D TV by 2010, shipments will reach 1.2 million units, with global sales will reach 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, by 2013 will grow to 15.6 million units, global sales in 2015 expected to reach 15.8 billion U.S. dollars is huge.

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