3D manufacturing household appliances industry


If it is not the movie "Affan up" and not aggressively, 3D TV was just limited to the subject between the TV giants, with not less than the market there is still a distance. But now, not talking about 3D TV companies have become obsolete just like - even though the future of 3D there are too many technical issues need to manufacturers to resolve.

With the promotion process as high-definition color TV, 3D TV industry is facing a more serious source of missing pieces, color TV enterprises need to address not only the hardware problems, but also a more comprehensive solution.

In 2010, 3D color TV sets but also to catch the excitement of Chinese New Year Golden Week.

Beijing Suning Appliance color TV business, person in charge told the "China Business" reporter, at present many companies are making determined efforts to 3D as a selling point, color TV industry is already starting a new round of staking their claims.

Among them, the most urgent, the most positive course ought to Japanese brands Sony VGP-BPS8 and Panasonic, both CRT (cathode ray tube) era of giants in the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Samsung NC10 Battery beyond the era was mainly due to these two brands in the future display technology to determine there had been errors - not to focus on the LED on, but was more concerned about the OLED (Organic Electro laser display) or PDP (Plasma Display Panel).

Now, 3D has become their Dafanshenzhang opportunities.

Sony bps8 was among the first in the 3D layout of consumer electronics manufacturers. In March 2003, Sony and Sharp, Sanyo, Itochu, Toshiba and other five companies with more than 70 Japanese joint software development, publishing, hardware manufacturers to build Japan's "3D alliance" to proceed to develop 3D image format standards, content the production of guides and development of authoring tools such as 3D standards. The alliance now has more than 100 exhibitors have participated, including Philips, DTI and so on.

Like with the Sony to find a breakthrough Matsushita of Japan. Fortunately, it is early to catch the "Affan up," This class ride, and "Affan up" bound to promote the 3D system Panasonic. Since Matsushita and "Affan up" cooperation is exclusive, so you only use Panasonic stereo TV just to see a real 3D effect. "Affan up" have been shown during the loading Panasonic organized a few more 3D TV's touring car in the United States and Europe, travel around the film "Affan up" for the upcoming 3D plasma TV and 3D Blu-ray players rally preheating.

In the LCD, LED stay ahead of the times of the Korean companies Samsung are not resigned to the weak potential. It is reported that Samsung in 2010 for the LED, LCD, PDP and other 3D features to increase across all product lines and will provide consumers with Blu-ray player, home theater systems, 3D glasses products. Samsung and DreamWorks has established an exclusive partnership for the world, but also the core of the global film and broadcast television content providers together to promote co-operation platform to stimulate the development of 3D industrial environment and improved. 3D TV market research agencies generally optimistic, DisplaySearch reports that are expected to 3D TV by 2010, shipments will reach 1.2 million units, with global sales will reach 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, by 2013 will grow to 15.6 million units, global sales in 2015 expected to reach 15.8 billion U.S. dollars is huge.

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