Google beyond the Coca-Cola as the world's second-largest valuable brand


Google, in its short history, has won a landmark achievement: Beyond Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM and other giants of the world's most valuable brand cook second position. Analyst firm Brand Finance 2009 report points out that years of brand value, Google's brand value has reached 36.1 billion U.S. dollars, while the world's best selling soft drink Coca-Cola's brand value was 34.8 billion U.S. dollars.

2008, Google's ranking is the world's fifth this year, they are beyond ThinkPad X60 battery, Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery, Microsoft and Business NoteBook 2710p battery, but also to GE, HSBC, Vodafone and Toyota stepped on the foot.
The reason why is Google so far Vevo The greatest mistake for the following reasons - is what you can learn how to lie.

There is no innovation (Unnovation). Vevo fundamental issue is all too clear: it is the same old hazardous waste, but the new "distribution channel" and it's at its core a little innovation and did not. It does not produce more excellent works for the formulation of any incentives. Let us look at a simple example: We all know that copyright has been scarred, but, Vevo no intellectual property protection, innovation and initiative, on the contrary, it is itself built on the scarred over copyright. You can even outside the United States can not log on its web site. Like McDonald's, the sale of pseudoephedrine, "Cappuccino" coffee is not a novel, like to send • Kanye West (Kanye West is a famous American rap music producer, rap music, songwriter, translator Note) The latest video, new ways of The same is nothing innovative.

The value of thin (Thin value). Because there is no innovation, and therefore, Vevo not solve the music industry's big problem: In the Kanye West • Investing is a bad value proposition. The investment needs of a large marketing costs, and these costs will only lead to more rare, fleeting return - this return is usually rely on a bet in the record list to get support. This is the thin value of the "essence" may be needed in the 21st century it is more heavy value. In fact, Vevo only by providing an alternative marketing "channels" to further encourage people to create a thin value. Vevo support is a kind of dying of the old business model, rather than seek to establish from the outset on the basis of a more excellent way to music.

A compromise (Compromise). Vevo violation of Google's most basic principles. This is all organizations could commit the biggest mistake. Democracy is the core of all the services Google, at least he has so. But the Vevo democracy is only a replica of the Senate: from a bunch of old guys (in this case, is the record company executives) decided to let people hear who's voice. If you are a compromise to the most fundamental principle, then the result will be to curb innovation.

Self-isolation (Lock-out). If the Vevo as the next one Hulu Who cares? Hulu could not - and will not - will be from excessive commercialization of radio and television network in the rescue, Vevo the same can not save the record companies. The two companies are a dying business model, stick to a fortress, are such an imminent collapse of the last bastion of the Kingdom of siege. Adhere to be able to "victory" do? Perhaps the fortress walls where they live will never change, but such a victory is worth the wait: the outside world in full swing, with each passing day and in constant development.

Dilution (Dilution). When Google is to invest in the survival within the fort, had been Faustian bargain. Therefore, if the fortress is now collapsed, it will suffer. This is trouble. Thus, the next step is: dilution of incentives or conflicts of interest. Now that Google's business model of an outdated and has invested in it from the right support for the benefit of this model. This means that tomorrow's innovation will be more than today's innovative pay a high price.

Finally, the reason that Vevo "evil", is due to a simple reason. The music industry has been in a set of three kinds of thin value in a situation - lame music, cheated artists, as well as ethically dubious tactics. The Vevo compared to the value of the continuing destruction of the game (for continued) provides a new arena. In this arena, we can not better than yesterday, Google is the beginning of the end of the move toward excellence.

Therefore, the question is: you can go beyond the most seasoned of Coca-Cola has been a poor abandoned industrial and economic model? Coca-Cola itself is also working hard - though often failed, however, sometimes able to be successful. Google's great failure is that it is in retreat, from the 21st century, the industrial economic model back to the 20th century, the industrial economic model. Which way do you have?

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