EPIC complaint to the FTC Google services


February 18 news, a privacy watchdog group to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission complaint alleging that the new Buzz Google social networking service in violation of federal consumer protection laws .

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is Google any changes to the service to address the people's growing concerns about privacy raised this complaint a few days later.

Google Buzz service as part of the service launch of Gmail has been a week has been criticized, because the service can be based on the user the most commonly used Gmail contacts to create a public circle of friends. In the last week, Google changed the service, only the user's social network to its recommended contact.

EPIC said that, in spite of these changes, Google's Buzz service is still in violation of privacy laws, because Google automatically to Gmail users to register as Buzz service users, rather than waiting for Gmail users to their registration for this service. EPIC asked the Federal Trade Commission asked Google to make Buzz services into a "totally opt-in" service. EPIC also asked to prohibit the use of Google Gmail address book contacts to edit the list of social networking.

EPIC Executive Director MarcRotenberg that Google has seriously undermined consumer privacy expectations. Google should not be allowed to the user's personal information is sent to the user never asked for a social network.

Google responded to the EPIC complaint, and said Google has based on user feedback to the Buzz service is still studying a number of changes and more improvements. We look forward to hearing more suggestions, and first consider the transparency and control over the user to improve the Buzz service experience.

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