Apple's iTunes social networks can not interact Ping

Sept. 6 am news, according to foreign media reports, the failure to reach an agreement with record companies, Apple's music social networks can not Ping the users of the service to listen to all music.

The industry believes that, Ping's biggest flaw is not with the user's iTunes music library to interact, but can only support purchased from the Apple Powerbook G3 battery store a limited amount of music.

For example, when users play iTunes music library Kanye West (Kanye West) of "Power" song, he's Ping friends will not know he was listening to this song, but just know that he likes " Power "The song - as he searched in iTunes on the song, and click on the" like "button.

Unable to tell friends what their listening to music, some people think that Ping is a useless laptop battery service. Lala music service, the user can not listen to all of Ping's, which became a major flaw in the service.

It is learned that the reason for this defect is an agreement with record companies, not Apple Powerbook G3 battery. Apple has been negotiating with record companies, want to allow users to upload music library to Apple's server, so all users can listen to the music streaming. Back in January, well-known technology site reported:

"Apple executives to provide free streaming music service plan and conducted negotiations with the four major record laptop battery companies. Apple's manager, said the program aims to enable iTunes users to the music library stored on Apple's servers. If the scheme is to achieve , iTunes users will be able to back up music, and can access the Internet through any device access to the music. "

Insiders said that he was like by browsing Ping understand what people like music, but Apple Powerbook G3 battery order to realize the potential of Ping, to better negotiate with record companies.

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