Apple Releases iPhone OS 4


At 1 o'clock on the April 9 news, Apple today in Cupertino, California headquarters of the Town Hall of the iPhone OS 4 of the conference, Steve Jobs attend. The iPhone OS 4 firmware release Sina digital use of new digital micro-Bo and cool graphics were two forms live. Before the start of the conference, Steve Jobs set out a number of figures:

iPad sales of 450,000 (as of release time), on the first day sales of 300,000,

iBooks downloads 600,000 times

iPad Apps downloaded 3.5 million times,

Apps downloads 4 billion times

Apps number of 185 000,

iPad Apps number 3500,

U.S. share of the iPhone OS Explorer 64%

A total of 50 million sold iPhone,

Sold a total of 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch,

iPhone OS 4 is available in summer.

Jobs officially announced the debut iPhone OS 4 will be available this summer, news, and refers to iPhone OS 4 to 7 major items of 100 small improvement projects, including support for Bluetooth keyboard, 5 times digital zoom, the main menu wallpaper details of features such as the following, we first look at the iPhone OS 4 of the seven major improvements Apple laptop batteries:

1, multi-task:

Apple iPhone OS 4 officially supports multi-tasking capabilities, achieved through double-HOME key. Apple is a multi-task with API functions without additional power consumption, these API, including background audio, VOIP, background address location information, PUSH Push, local reminder, the process of competition and rapid procedures for switching, the scene has to Pandora, Skype , TOMTOM and other procedures as an example to demonstrate.

However, Apple Battery also mentioned the only iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3 in order to use multi-tasking capabilities behalf. And, in a multi-task interface, the user can not close the program itself but only by the system control. In this regard, conference interview that the question, Jobs replied, "just as there is the root document in the iPad would very shocked if there were more task task manager was too funny."

Second, icons classification function (Folder):

Folder The first manifestation of the user desktop icons can be classified into an icon, or can be placed at the bottom of this icon in Dock, this iPhone will be able to from the desktop application support 180 to 2160, very significance. At the same time replace the iPhone finally support the main menu wallpaper Sony VGP-BPS8, this feature in OS 3.2 the iPad has appeared on the user interface and can be individually set to unlock the main screen wallpaper.

Third, enhance-mail:

E-mail function on the OS 4 has been enhanced, including a number of accounts share the same inbox, multiple Exchange accounts (MobileMe, Yahoo!, Exchange, etc.), fast switching in all mailboxes, dialogue style e-mail and open mail attachments with Apps so. In iPhone OS 4, the e-mail functionality has been greatly enhanced Sony VAIO VGN-FZ Series Battery. This is also criticized by the user before the Apple iPhone and complaining of a place, have also been corrected.

4, iBooks:

Not surprisingly Apple will be iBooks into the iPhone, after following the iPad. This powerful platform is iBookstore support for reading and books can only buy one in the iPad and iPhone. iPod Touch on the common, but also can sync your bookmarks to see the page and, truly seamless switch to read, that whenever, take your iPad and the iPhone, can then last seen content to continue reading.

Fifth, corporate functions:

The new iPhone OS enhanced enterprise features, for the traditional advantage of RIM BlackBerry has conducted a large-scale impact. The new enterprise services, including better data protection, mobile device management, multiple Exchange accounts, Exchange Sever 2010 and SSL VPN support.

6: Game Center:

Game center is iPhone OS 4 new features added social class, it will around the world iPhone / iPod Touch game players come together, you can invite your friends to games, and has charts, props and other elements, is an interactive game SNS platform, Apple again to the Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft XBOX tremendous stress.

7, iAd:

iAd also the previous rumors of new features - Apple's own mobile advertising. iAd of technical support for HTML 5, allows customers in a variety of applications in there every day for 30 minutes, 10 ad appears each device, about a total of one billion times exposed. iAd amazing form of advertising. Watch the video iAd, we think this is a subversive form of advertising, at least on the vivid than a lot of Android, it is estimated all happy to see this ad.
Finally, Jobs has once again mentioned that iPhone OS 4 to developers today, summer will be available to consumers Dell XPS M1330 battery, iPad users can use in the fall. In addition, iPhone generation and generation iPod Touch is not supported to upgrade to iPhone OS 4.

Apple iPhone OS 4 to further strengthen the iPhone's ease of use, but also so that we see Apple's extraordinary creativity and focus on the products seriously. Meanwhile, the seven major improvement in the iBooks, business services and game centers are clearly pointing to a clear competitor, iPhone enough to make non-phone industry, the company is intimidating, as other mobile phone brands and even the operating system business, is the time to think again the Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery.

The iPhone OS 4 firmware release Sina digital use of new digital micro-Bo and cool graphics are two forms of the live, interested users can jump to watch, with detailed pictures and the press conference Q & A part of the exciting content.

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comScore data for search engine in the United States

Google news:

October 15, according to blog site TechCrunch reported that Internet traffic analyst comScore data released Tuesday, September Google in the U.S. search market in August from 63% to 62.2%.

The share of Yahoo and ASK increased appeared Sony VGP-BPL9 battery. Google this week announced third-quarter earnings four.

Data show that Yahoo's share in September was 20% higher than in August rose 0.4%; AOL share of 4%, higher than in August fell 0.3%; Microsoft's share was 8.4%, higher than in August increased by 0.1%; ASK possession rate of 5.4%, 0.6% higher than in August. ASK search engine which currently uses Google's technology.

Despite the share drop, but Google is not facing all the bad news Sony VGP-BPS9 battery. U.S. total of all search engines up 26.9% year on year in September. And Google's search volume increased by 38.6% year on year. Analysts and investors are likely to think that the data have a positive impact on Google stock.

In September, just ASK-year growth rate of total search Google faster, reaching 45.5%. But ASK CANON NB-4L Battery has become Google's partner. AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft's year on year growth rates were 18.9%, 7.1% and 3.0%.

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Facebook bought photo sharing site Divvyshot

Facebook news:

April 3, according to foreign media reports, photo sharing site Divvyshot l announced the acquisition of the company has been Facebook this Friday, saying it is a "can not refuse the deal."

The two sides did not disclose terms of the agreement. Obviously, with the acquisition of application developers Parakey and social networking sites, like FriendFeed, hp pavilion dv2 battery, Facebook is also intended to acquire Divvyshot its technical team.

Divvyshot provide group photo sharing feature that allows multiple users to edit the album. As part of this transaction, the service will be shut down. Divvyshot said, "We will gradually shut down service today. Existing users can continue to use Divvyshot, but users will not be able to create a new account and not be able to download our iPhone applications." After six weeks, the user access Divvyshot.com will be directed to the Facebook.

Under the agreement hp pavilion dv2 battery, Divvyshot founder Sam • Odio (Sam Odio), and two other employees of the company Michael • Yuan (Michael Yuan) and DeGroot • Kaduna (Paul Carduner) will join Facebook photo sharing application development team. Facebook Photos is the world's most popular photo sharing service, the user per month for more than 30 million photos.

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