Google pushed Android 3.0 SDK final version of the more key features

February 24 morning news, Google on Tuesday released the Android 3.0 SDK final version, adds several new features.

Google Android SDK Technical Director Roth (Xavier Ducrohet) in his personal blog, writes: "With the release of the final version of SDK, you can develop specific applications in this new platform, and then posted to the Android Market . "Google announced in late January Android 3.0" Honeycomb "SDK preview release, so developers can test their on the Tablet PC applications HP laptop battery.

Earlier this month, Google held an event in San Francisco, more formally issued "cellular" system, but also the way introduced the Android Market Web Store, the web version of Android application store. As the world's first powered Android 3.0 "cellular" system Tablet PC, Motorola Xoom will be listed on Thursday.

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Google Chrome browser address bar to be hidden

Google Chrome browser is its implementation of a number of user interface "significant" changes. One of them is to remove the address bar. The user interface changes in this web browser will be the biggest change since the birth. Another feature has been confirmed that it will support multiple accounts at the same time landing.

In July 2010, Chrome browser user interface has undergone a drastic change, when Google decided to remove the "stop" and "Run" button, the toolbar into the page. Chrome has repeatedly reduced the function of the user interface, when the people have begun to call it "naked version of the browser." Google's intent is to provide users more space to view the content of the network and plug-ins. Although this transformation in Chrome at the forefront, but they have IE9 the most efficient HP Pavilion dv6000 battery user interface, but also provides enough space for web browsing.

Compared to completely remove the address bar, Google Chrome goes on plans to improve the user interface may be more radical. We can Chrome user interface version of the picture shows Google is planning to quit at least 4 different versions of the interface: the classic version, clean version of the sidebar version and the touch version. Google said they "are interested in" the development of all 4 versions, but at present the development of Chrome also "focused on the classic version and simple version of web browsing patterns."

It is somewhat surprising that, despite the sidebar version has been test run for a few months, Google now is not then the main focus in the sidebar version of the browser. Google said it will affect the appearance of the plug-button does not require much user experience, only the pixels in the screen width in 1366 when it is most applicable, but they are not suitable for the resolution of the overall effect of Chrome browser.

The biggest change is Google's "clean version" browser. Its plan is to completely change the two lines currently occupied by a browser operating area (currently the top line is the navigation buttons and menu, the following line is the address bar.) In the simple version of the browser will only be a bar to the navigation buttons, search buttons, tabs and menu placed closely together. Each tab in the address bar would be invisible, only if you replace the tab or page will be displayed at load time.

Google also realized that the "clean version" looks to save browser space. Search bar can be deemed to "run and converter", that is, according to the size of the screen to adjust their view template from the "Classic" to "clean version" to allow users to "maximize the control of browsing pages "environment to enjoy a better experience. But Google also recognizes that the address bar will not always visible in Lg SQU-804 and Lg R410 battery, navigation controls and menus are not operating area, which will likely affect the relevance of content to the browser, but also makes the action bar and become more crowded. Although these templates are not the final version, but Google has said they will further reduce the browser's user interface.

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