Intel's next-generation processor, a large-scale shipments early in 2011

September 14 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Intel CEO Paul Otellini (Paul Otellini), said this week, Intel's next generation of Sandy Bridge processors will ship in early 2011 began a large scale.

Otellini said he expects PC sales volume in 2011 from sales will be driven by emerging markets such as China, after Intel had the laptop battery demand in mature markets are pessimistic, and warned that strong demand as expected.

August Intel warned that its third-quarter revenue may be lower than previously estimated one billion U.S. dollars, because of concerns about the strong science and technology industry recovery is not enough.

Intel is now betting on the Sandy Bridge processor, said Sandy Bridge will be a powerful graphics processor technology combined with the core processing technology, will receive next year, PC manufacturers and consumers.

While PC laptop battery makers may still use the product specific discrete graphics, Intel still expect Sandy Bridge to meet within the next few years, the mainstream computer graphics needs.

Some analysts have criticized the critics say, Intel's processors can not meet the demand for high-end graphics laptop battery users, such as those willing to spend big bucks for the high-end graphics card gamers. This high-end market is currently the British Hill & Knowlton (NVIDIA) and AMD both divided.

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