Google's new mobile phone will be in market next year

Mobile phone news:

Google-made mobile phones appear just in the United States, impatient consumers have been booked the Google mobile phones. Yesterday, the reporters found that some companies have already started to accept the Google-branded phone booking, the price will have to wait until a specific cell phone fixed after arrival.

Motorola and other vendors released Google phone in the past, using the Google operating system. The Google phone is self-published, and is tentatively called the Nexus One. Google has recently made frequent cell phone pictures and performance of online exposure, there is news that Google will, the U.S. Eastern Time at 1:00 p.m. on January 5 (Beijing time at 2:00 on January 6, 2010) held a press conference next year, determine the rumors. The Google Nexus One will be the protagonist of this conference, and even the sales people are concerned about the manner and the retail price will also be published simultaneously.

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Foxconn win get OEM orders for Android phone through the Orange

IT news:

According to industry sources, Foxconn has directly won orders for Android phone from the French telecommunications-operator Orange. Foxconn will use these phones chip from Qualcomm's 3G chipset solution, which is expected to begin shipments in the second quarter of next year.

According to Taiwan media reports, the industry also pointed out that, in addition to Dell, HP, Acer (Acer) and Lenovo and other existing customers, the Foxconn is also the world's major markets to find other mobile operators OEM orders. However, this Foxconn directly coopeation with the telecom operators will not be self-defeating ways of cooperation remains, because there are a number of brand computer manufacturers which have also begun to move into the field of telecommunications.

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Facebook is the most visited U.S. Web site in Christmas

Internet news:

According to foreign media reports, how did you spend Christmas? Internet traffic tracking firm Hitwise said that it knows that you are at least in the holidays some time to visit with the Facebook Web site, so that this kind of social networking sites has become America's most popular sites.

The Facebook CEO of Make Zha Ekberg (MarkZuckerberg) and his company for the first time Google dropped the cost of network traffic to become America's most popular websites. However, this information does not allow people to be surprised. Facebook’s site traffic has increased last Christmas. At that time, Facebook had only 1.4 million users. Now, Facebook the number of users is 350 million.

Thus, even as tens of millions of users modify the privacy regulations for the Facebook (there is no evidence that indicated that it will happen, which are disappointed to leave this site, Facebook will continue to be regularly breaking the record of network traffic.

To be sure that your next Christmas will see the same situation.

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Google Nexus One is stronger than the iPhone and the Droid

IT news:

December 29, according to foreign media reports, testers said that the upcoming release of Google NexusOne is stronger than the Apple iPhone mobile phones and Motorola Droid.

The testers said the iPhone, compared with the Droid and, Nexus One volume is thinner and run faster, almost be better than Droid in any way.

Page loaded in NexusOne faster than the iPhone and Droid. The test officer said: "If you want to buy Android phones, why not Google NexusOne "

Various sources indicated that Google will launch the phone in January next year. The phone thickness of 11.5 mm, using Android2.1 system, equipped with a 3.7-inch WVGA display and 5 million pixel camera.

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AMD is expected to release three-core notebook platform in May next year

Digital News:

Intel launched a new Pine Trail platform, AMD will not fall behind and release the platform called "Danube" (Danube), as opposed to the use of Pine Trail is for Netbook, while the Danube is to mainstream notebook platform.

More noteworthy place in the AMD in the mobile platform, there will be three-core CPU, but also the Black Box (Black Edition, no locks multiplier any case, ASUS has Turbo33 a), but in order to save power and volume, they are removed in the L3 memory. Northbridge is still using the previous generation Tigris platform M880G (or RS880M), if the non-independent graphics version of the GPU is a ATi Radeon 4200, while the South Bridge is used SB820M.

Can be summed up from the table, X at the beginning of the TDP is 45W, N is 35W, while the P is 25W, and are based on 45nm process, which is expected to market in May 2010.

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six best smart phones In 2009

IT news:

Apple iPhone 3GS ranks first in the six best smart phones in 2009

According to foreign media report today, the U.S. market research firm Gartner said that the smart phone mobile phone market this year, the fastest growing areas of the sales in the third quarter from the fourth quarter of 2008 are more than 318 million to grow to 411 million.

Nokia and its Symbian OS mobile phones with the dominance of a gradual decline, the smart phone competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Nokia's market share in the third quarter of this year has been the fourth quarter of last year fell 47% to 39%. At the same time, RIM BlackBerry mobile phone market share reached 20%, while the learned that Apple's iPhone (mobile Internet) from 11% of the share increased to 17%.

However, the smart phone market this year, the situation is not tripod. RIM, Apple, Google, Motorola and Palm's smart phone shipments suffered from a significant growth, the market there is still significant room for growth. Here are this year's six best-selling smart phones.

1, Apple iPhone
3, GS
2, Motorola Droid
3, HTC's MyTouch 3G
4, Palm Pre
5, BlackBerry Storm 2
6, Nokia N97

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Apple Tablet PC buys iSlate.com

IT news:

If selecting Top Ten IT rumors in 2009, Apple must be considered as a big one. Although the news spread from the beginning to the end, but we like what this product is clearly understanding of, and even it is called we do not know anything.

before the rumors in this flat plane called it iPad, but a recent excavation network of people have discovered that Apple had purchased one in 2007 which called iSlate.com. Slate intent of slate, stone are also used to write notes on behalf of the European ancient ston.e Is it that Apple's prepared for flat-panel machine name?

iSlate.com was initially registered in October 2004 by Eurobox company registration, in 2006 changed hands to Data Docket corporations. In 2007, the domain name has been sold to a domain name management company MarkMonitor.com. The company is usually agent acquisitions of major companies, manage domain name and does not disclose the truth behind the buyer's name. However, domain name registration records can be found, iSlate.com was indeed purchased by Apple.

From the "Slate", look at the meaning of the term, even though Apple's flat-panel machine iSlate is not the final name, at least Apple has already been considered one of the options. The final outcome, perhaps by the end of January next year, will be revealed.

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"Fortune"-Sohu got the third place of fastest-growing technology companies

Digital news:

"Fortune" magazine list in 2009, today the world's fastest growing 100 companies includes technology and Internet companies, super-20, Sohu, Shanda, Ctrip and AsiaInfo is a chart of several Chinese companies. Sohu ranks third,which is behind RIM and Sigma.

"Fortune" magazine rated and said: Sohu in the past four quarters revenues reached 460 million U.S. dollars, the third consecutive year growth rate of 59%, earnings per share growth rate of 78%.

For RIM, the company had topped the list, in the past four quarters revenue income reached 11.065 billion U.S. dollars, the company a market value of 44 billion U.S. dollars.

The following is a chart of the 20 science, technology and Internet companies list:


2. Embedded systems solutions provider Sigma


4, on-demand software and e-commerce service provider Ebix

5, Shanda

6, Luxembourg telecom operator Millicom International Cellular

7, the Canadian enterprise content management software provider Open Text

8, Pegasystems Business Process Management

9, ANSYS engineering simulation software developers

10, Ctrip

11, Apple

12, AsiaInfo

13, touch-screen technology providers Synaptics

14, Amazon

15, infrared equipment, FLIR Systems

16, Dolby Laboratories

17, Blizzard

18, Google

19, the Spanish IT company Telvent GIT

20, China Medical Technologies, Inc.

21, IT outsourcing services provider Syntel

22, portable navigation devices by Garmin

23, interactive marketing and consulting firm Sapient

24, online security certification service provider Vasco Data Security International

25, IT services company Cognizant Technology Solutions

26, Western Digital

27, India's second largest IT company Infosys Technologies

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2009 24 Best Software

Software news:

1. Windows 7 –The best

2. Game, "The Beatles: rock band" (The Beatles: Rock Band)
Price: £ 40

3. Norton Internet Security 2010 (Norton Internet Security 2010) Price: £ 50

4. Game DCS KA-50 Black Shark Price: £ 35

5. Video editing authoring software, VideoStudio Pro X2 (VideoStudio) Price: £ 67

6. Game Batman: Agam el madhouse (Batman: Arkham Asylum) Price: £ 35

7. Antivirus software Bitdefender Total Security 2010 Price: £ 45

8. Game "Championship Manager 2010" (Championship Manager 2010) Price: £ 30

9. Antivirus software, Symantec Norton 360 3.0 Price: £ 60

10. Album editing management software Scrapbook Factory Deluxe Price: £ 30

11. Antivirus software, Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Price: £ 50

12. Game "Battlefield 1943" (Battlefield 1943) Price: £ 10

13. Windows upgrades Laplink PC Mover Price: £ 42

15. Image processing software Portrait Professional 9 Price: £ 50

16. Remote management software Teamviewer 4

18. Game "Empire: Total War" (Empire: Total War) Price: £ 40

19. Game "Anno: Create a New World" Price: £ 30

20. Site Tools Mr Site Takeaway Website Beginner Price: £ 20

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Firefox 3.5 is the most widely used browser than IE7

IT news:

December 22, according to foreign media reports, research firm Stat Counter data show that, Firefox3.5 has surpassed IE7, as the world's most widely used browser.

Stat Counter said that as the users from IE 7 upgrade to IE 8, leading to sharp drop in share of IE7, IE8 is basically flat now. The Firefox3.5 is recently roaring and replace the hegemony of IE 7.
Stat Counter data show that IE 7 is currently a market share of 21.21%, IE8 is 20.31%, while the Firefox3.5 increased to 21.92%.

Firefox 3.0 market share 9.01%, Firefox2.0 of 1.01%. But overall, IE combined market share is still dominant, IE6.0 market share of 13.92%.

In addition, Safari 4.0 market share of 3.02%, while Opera 9.6 to 0.42%.

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2009's most concerned 10 largest electronics products

IT news:
December 21 news, foreign well-known IT web site PcAdviser recently selected the most talked about 10 electronic products in 2009, the following is the site's ranking:

Chapter 1: Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft's latest desktop PC operating systems, compared to Windows Vista, it is welcomed by the market's concern which is not surprising.

Chapter 2: Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple's iPhone has become a legend, and enduring. The new product launch in June this year, widely praised by users: This is iPhone3GS connection speed and quality of products, the best paragraph.

Chapter 3: Panasonic Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7
The digital camera is the top ten most concerned of the data products, the only cameras. The camera's image quality is very high.

Chapter 4: Microsoft anti-virus software, Microsoft Security Essentials
As the world's largest software developer, Microsoft software products are brand new and free to download, the market was very curious, and among the top 10 is very normal.

Chapter 5: Kaspersky Internet Security Software (Internet Security 2010)
Kaspersky Kaspersky Internet Security Software (KIS) 2010 with its powerful ability to deal with malicious software among the five.

Chapter 6: Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T
Major companies in this year introduced a variety of notebook computers, the acer Aspire Timeline 5810T stood out for its ultra-long standby Acer Aspire 5810T Battery time.

Chapter 7: Apple iMac Computer
Apple's iMac, the gradual evolution of the home entertainment center, which features more and more worthy to experience.

Chapter 8: HTC Touch Pro2 mobile
HTC launched the smart phone features greatly improved.

Chapter 9: Electronic games "The Sims 3" (Sims 3)
Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts) launched the game popular with the market.

Chapter 10: LCD Monitor Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS
The world's leading display manufacturers liyama Iiyama LCD Co., Ltd. launched product.

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Intel plans to launch 17 microprocessor next January

It news:

December 18, according to foreign reports, Intel plans to launch CES Consumer Electronics Show which introduces 17 microprocessors on a chip, it was the first time for the company to achieve the manufacturing technology- the latest achievements of 32 nm.

The 17 models will use the Core Duo chip brand, they are all based on a design technique known as Nehalem.

The adoption of the technology makes the performance of Intel's high-end chips be improved in the past year. The use of the chip size from 45 nm is reduced to 32 nm production process, more functionality can be concentrated in a smaller space inside, thus reducing production costs. Intel plans to let the mainstream desktop and laptop computers also enjoy the benefits of lower costs and prices , and provide consumers with a wide selection space.

On January 7 it will hold pre-CES product launches, Intel will not be disclosed the outside world most of the details, such as the pricing of the new chip, and which PC makers will use these chips.

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Fujitsu recalls laptop batteries free of charge for 3 models

IT news:

Fujitsu said that since receiving a limited number of problem reports, the company decided to recall these defective laptop battery, these batteries may cause the body overheating and fire hazard. December 15, according to foreign media reports, Fujitsu announced on Monday that because of fire hazard it has decided to recall some models of laptop batteries now. Fuji known, the affected notebook models are only three, namely Amilo Pa2510, Pi2512 and Pi2515, the manufacture date of April 2007 to June 2009, while the other models Amilo, Amilo Pro and Lifebook remain unaffected. Fujitsu replacees the batteries free of charge for users, and recommended that users should immediately stop using the batteries before the new batteries arrive and before the temporary use of AC power.

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Google gave employees experimental self-produced mobile phone

Digital news

According to foreign media reports, Google has recently released its staff their new phones, once again this draw attention to the authenticity of Google-branded phone rumors speculation.

According to well-known international science and technology blog TechCrunch reported, Google open source program manager Leslie Hawthorn team (Leslie Hawthorn) said in the micro-blog Twitter, "We got a new Google phone.

It is very beautiful. "The news triggered the latest round of speculation on the Google phone.
On Saturday morning, Google issued a blog article and said that, Google issued to staff the mobile phone, the purpose is to enable them to test the new phone features. But the article did not say that this is a mark printed with Google mobile phone.

Google product management vice president Mario Queiroz said in this blog article the company paid employees mobile phones, and it is also a way to test new technologies. The phone uses innovative hardware from partners, and has run Android on the software used to test a new phone features and performance.

CNET columnist Jason Howell (Jason Howell) said on Friday he has seen this phone and its hardware OEM from HTC, running Android 2.1 system, and has been unlocked, you can choose to use at & t network, or T-Mobile network, the cell phone than the iPhone but also thinner and lighter, using touch-screen keyboard, no hardware keyboard. Google may announce in the next few days, phone for more details.

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Mozilla Firefox suggested its users to use Bing instead of GoogleMozilla

IT news:

an official has said that as Google's chief executive did not attach importance to consumer privacy concerns, Firefox browser users can list in the browser engine and add Dousuo Bing Microsoft's search engine.

Mozilla Community Development Manager Asa Dotzler cites a section of CNBC last Friday broadcast.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt discussed these privacy issues in that broadcast online.

Dotzler Firefox extension provides a link which can be added to the Firefox search engine Bing browser search engine list. He said that this is the Firefox search engine, Google changed Bing from a simple approach.

In the interview, a reporter asked Schmidt "People are bringing Google as their most trusted friends, people should do so now?." Schmidt replied that, if you have do not want others to know, maybe you do not want to do it first.

If you really need some sort of privacy, the reality includes Google search, which must retain this information for some time. We are in the United States and have to comply with the Patriot Act, all information will be provided to the relevant authorities.

It is Schmidt's remarks prompted the proposed Dotzler Firefox browser users to give Google the default elements, using competition-Bing search engine.

Dotzler said he thought that Bing's privacy policy is better than Google's.

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Microsoft is facing four major challenges in 2010

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, analysts listed Microsoft has faced four challenges in 2010, Windows operating system and Office software are in the list.

This year, Microsoft released Windows7 and launched a search engine.

So far, this is the relative success of two products and need to make persistent efforts in 2010.

In addition, Microsoft experienced a strong challenge in smart phone platform and office market next year, the company must take some action.

The following are the four major challenges for Microsoft in 2010:

1. Do not be left behind in the smart phone market too far

This year, though Microsoft has launched a WindowsMobile6.5, but only 6.0 version of the rush to upgrade, do not attract too many user's attention. In contrast, Google, Apple, RIM and Palm eye-catching performance.

Next year, if not catching up with rivals, Microsoft must also ensure that Windows Mobile 6.5 will not be alienated, and provide WindowsMobile7 more details.

2. To ensure that the current momentum of Windows 7

So far, Windows7 is not the Vista, which Microsoft is concerned it is good news. In 2010, Microsoft needs to continue to ensure that Windows7 sales, attract more users to upgrade the Windows7.

3. Beware of Google Apps GoogleApps is a real threat to Microsoft's Office revenue, and is still controversial. At present, GoogleApps is the main attractions of individual consumers, companies still insist on using Office. But with Google escalating enterprise functions, the situation will not last long.

4. The will to be bigger The goal is simply to enhance its market share and increase advertising revenue. But to really achieve that goal, it is not easy.

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35 million netbook have been sold in 2009

IT news

35 million netbook have been sold in 2009, and 1 / 3 of them are pre-installed Linux

on December 9, according to foreign media reports, research firm ABIResearch expects the netbook sold all over the world will reach 35 million.

ABI Research, based on shipments of the first half of this year, the global notebook are expected to reach 35 million, lower than 39 million previously expected.

In this online text of 35 million, about 32% of 11 million use the free Linux operating system. The figures are taken from almost all of the companies investigated.

As Microsoft said, "Microsoft has shared 93% of the netbok", ABI Research said Microsoft's data is limited to the U.S. market.

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Twitter and its partners push the potential of enterprise service

IT news:

on December 7th: According to foreign media reports, on Monday the U.S. Local Business Portal Citysearch Joint Twitter announced the launch of a number of SME-oriented services, media analysts and believe that some of these services will be Twitter by the plan's revenue-generating services.

Citysearch encompasses a large number of cities in the U.S. business sector information, such as restaurants, bars and so on. Business organizations create their own pages, in addition to the services provided there is contact information. Alleged that, from now on, the site's business users can choose not to leave Citysearch, log in directly to Twitter, and to publish a short message.

In addition, Citysearch will get a short message from the Twitter database search and analysis of information relating to a small and medium enterprises migrate to their page. In this way, users query their information at the same time; you can read the Twitter user evaluation of its services. Citysearch will also conduct more analysis, such as the consumer is still praised for its critical attitude.

The person in charge said they hope this can help small and medium enterprises know that Internet users how to comment on their business.

Previously, Twitter co-founder of the talk about the future revenue-generating business, business models mentioned above, that more mining information database Twitter potential. Citysearch responsible Notman confirmed, and Twitter had been discussed on these operations, and in the next step of the cooperation the two sides, but also will introduce more business-oriented services to business users.

Twitter mentioned the previous models including the provision of other income-generating business Twitter account authentication service. It is worth mentioning that Facebook has introduced the use of user information between the corporate brand message advertising services, but the results are unsatisfactory, the industry think that Twitter should be a warning.

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Asus will announce the plan to challenge the 4st global notebook next year

IT news

On 12 7, Asus will be held today, the annual global business conferences, Asus chairman Johnny Shih Fu Dong Zeng qiang Sheng, CEO Jerry Shen, will co-chair the meeting; at the same time, Asus will declare to start the "giant lion 2" program, jointly challenge Lenovo and Toshiba- the world's 4th largest notebook makers plan next year.

ASUS Global Business Conference includes systems, components, hand-held devices, etc. in charge of three major business groups, as well as the heads of all regions around the world will gather in Taiwan headquarters.

Asus said that the global business meeting time will be up to a week, to hold 1 years. ASUS pointed out that the performance was mainly due to be optimistic about next year, in place of the full range of products, market confidence and start the attack, the business group will have a more detailed discussion, and thus lengthen the time of this meeting.

At the 4th quarter, the ASUS main product shipments will reach high and he would expect a high standard, in terms of Eee PC laptops with 4.3 million units, the challenges -11 million units shipped throughout the year to 1200 million units. Motherboard shipments in Q4 Challenge 5 million.

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Intel was hit hard again

IT news:

On December 5, according to foreign media reports, Intel announced on Friday that an independent graphics Larrabee project was delayed again, and the products will initially be launched as a software development platform.

There is no doubt that it is not small blow. In the past 10 years, Intel has been hoped to launch its first dedicated graphics card.

Intel spokesman (NickKnupffer) said on Friday: "Larrabee's development progress was later than we expect, therefore, the first Larrabee products will not be a separate graphics card."

"On the contrary, it will serve as an internal and external use of the software development platform." In addition, Intel did not say when they can be launched as a stand-alone graphics card.

Larrabee has been repeatedly delayed, was originally projected for the 2008 listing, with Nvidia and ATI in the graphics market, it will be competed.

To be dertermined
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Nokia will release 10 smart phones next year

It news:

On December 5, according to foreign media reports, research and development department in charge of Nokia's smart phones AnttiVasara said recently that Nokia launched only about 10 smartphones in 2010.

This year, Nokia introduced about 20 smartphones. But Vasala recently said that the number of smart phones will be reduced by half next year.
He said: "By reducing unnecessary model, we will focus our resources, research and development boutique mobile phone."

At present, Nokia is facing in the smart phone market, rivals such as Apple and RIM's strong challenge. In the third quarter, Nokia's smart phone market share from 41% to 35%.

Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (Olli-PekkaKallasvuo) said on Wednesday that in the foreseeable future, Nokia will continue to regard Symbian as the dominant smartphone platform.

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Nokia announced that it reduced by half of smart phone models next year

IT news:

on December 4, according to foreign media reports, Nokia's smart new departmental head of the Qiaoha Luo (Jo Harlow) said on Thursday that: in order to better with rivals such as Apple and RIM compete next year, Nokia’s smart phone Model number will be reduced by half.

Nokia 2009 launched a total of 20 smartphones.

Although the smart phone market, Nokia is still number one, but its lead is narrowing down. Harrow said on Thursday that both the high-end smart phone market and the low-end smart phone market, Nokia is facing fierce competition from Nokia , which will defend their lead and claimed that they have offensive and defensive weapons.

Berstein analyst at research institution Pierre Ferragu said that despite the reduction of the number of smart phone models Nokia helpful, the company must pay attention to maintaining balance as a comprehensive product portfolio and it has been a tremendous competitive over the past advantage.

The head of Nokia's smart phones Antigone Vasala (Antti Vasara) said the company could be more focus on fewer products.

Investment firm MKM Partners analyst Fernandez (Pablo Perez-Fernandez) said a number of models of mobile phones Nokia looks a little different, which could make consumers confused, simple is the best, Therefore, Nokia is now the decision is wise.

Demand in the market has shrunk under the pressure and financial losses, Sony Ericsson and Motorola have been revised this year.

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Microsoft 's 2009 Top 10 Search Keywords

Microsof keyword searching news:

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has announced the 2009 top 10 hot search keywords, the late pop star Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) topped the list, the results are consistent with the rankings released Yahoo.

10 Top Search Keywords in Microsoft in 2009 is listed as follows:

1. Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson)

2. Twitter

3. Swine influenza (Swine Flu)

4. The stock market (Stock Market)

5. Fala Fu Dorset (Farrah Fawcett, U.S. actress, June 25, 2009 died)

6. Patrick Swayze (Patrick Swayze, American actor, September 14, 2009 died)

7. Cash for Clunkers (United States, to replace an old car will receive a refund," the auto industry rescue plan)

8. Kaite Ge Qiao Enge Sutherland and Sutherland (Jon and Kate Gosselin, reality show, famous for the American couple.

9. Than Limei Si (Billy Mays, the United States well-known advertising salesman, June 28, 2009 died)

10. Jiexi Du garde (Jaycee Dugard, was abducted 18 years to the police station for help after the girl)

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Microsoft 's 2009 Top 10 Search Keywords

Microsof keyword searching news:

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has announced the 2009 top 10 hot search keywords, the late pop star Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) topped the list, the results are consistent with the rankings released Yahoo.

10 Top Search Keywords in Microsoft in 2009 is listed as follows:

1. Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson)

2. Twitter

3. Swine influenza (Swine Flu)

4. The stock market (Stock Market)

5. Fala Fu Dorset (Farrah Fawcett, U.S. actress, June 25, 2009 died)

6. Patrick Swayze (Patrick Swayze, American actor, September 14, 2009 died)

7. Cash for Clunkers (United States, to replace an old car will receive a refund," the auto industry rescue plan)

8. Kaite Ge Qiao Enge Sutherland and Sutherland (Jon and Kate Gosselin, reality show, famous for the American couple.

9. Than Limei Si (Billy Mays, the United States well-known advertising salesman, June 28, 2009 died)

10. Jiexi Du garde (Jaycee Dugard, was abducted 18 years to the police station for help after the girl)

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Dell's custom version of Chrome OS only supports Mini 10V

Breaking news:

According to foreign media reports, Dell has launched a Google Chrome OS in an open-source development version, but it only supports Dell's Mini 10V.

Recently Google introduced at a news conference on the Chrome OS, this upcoming operating system launched an open source project "Chromium OS", free of charge to developers opened Chrome OS source code. Since then, different Chromium began to appear in the network.

Dell Doug • ON Semiconductor (Doug Anson) and his team in the Google provide the source code of the secondary development to solve its Mini 10V access to this hardware supporting issues, and it is free to download as an image file available.

If Users want to use the operating system and he needs to have a surplus of more than 8GB of space on USB flash drives, and then download the image file provided to a Linux computer by Dell, and use the "dd" command to release into the USB flash drive, the and then connect to the Mini 10V online book, you can begin to experience the operating system.

It is worth noting that Dell's custom version of the Chrome OS is not a stable version, users may encounter some of the problems when using.

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there are loopholes in upgrading Win7 for PC makers

Window7 news:

Are you using the windows7 right now?

Pirated optical discs in Win7 are hot ,at the same time, Microsoft's Genuine Win7 is also "big." Recently a lot of users found that through the PC makers Win7 upgrading program is free to apply to a genuine copy of Win7 upgrade CD-ROM, users can even obtain a free set of values of Win7 Ultimate 2460 RMB.

these PC makers on windows7 upgrade audit vulnerability, Microsoft's public relations person in china are in charge of this consultation, Microsoft already knew this and said there had been patched the flaw and there is no similar incidents. The two PC makers involved stakeholders in an interview, and also said the current escalation of Win7 should strictly apply to verify the applicant information online. However, why there is such a loophole, Microsoft and PC makers have expressed silence.

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Do not expose the Vostro 1310 battery to high heat or freezing temperatures. Do not leave your battery in your car in the summer. Hot batteries discharge very quickly, and cold ones can't create as much power.
Make sure to plug your laptop charger adapter into a UPS and not directly into a power outlet or surge protector.
If you have a nickel-metal hydride battery, completely drain and recharge the battery once a month to maximize its capacity to hold a charge.
Fully charge new battery packs before use. New pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.
For laptops that work as Desktop Replacement, the Dell Vostro 1310 battery replacement should be re-installed every 3-4 weeks and allowed to fully discharge.

Dell Vostro 1310 Laptop battery Compatible Battery Part:
compaq 436281-241

DELL Vostro 1310 Battery
DELL Vostro 1510 Battery
Dell Vostro 2510 Battery


There are five major differences between Google Chrome OS and other operating systems

Chrome OS news:

According to foreign media reports, at the November 19 in US Google disclosed new details about Chrome OS, trying to redefine the operating system, the community and the technology to further penetrate web.

About Google Chrome OS, through the press conference, it was informed that the operating system have essentially difference from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Through the analysis of relevant Chrome OS information it can be found on the market Chrome OS operating system, there are five major differences as follows:

1, the browser is also the operating system: This is the Chrome OS's fundamental, PC can serf the internet without having to install Firefox or IE and other browsers, Chrome is the browser, but also the operating system.

2, self-repair: Chrome OS focus on safety, Chrome OS applications run in its "safe sandbox" preventing malware and viruses; the other cool function is that Chrome OS can check code integrity itself, once the code is found to be tampered with, will re-start and repair itself.

3, all applications are web applications without having to install. Microsoft Office, Adobe AIR, TweetDeck, Digsby, or even Android applications will can not run in the Chrome OS, Chrome OS can only run web applications.

4, Chrome OS does not support the hard drive, can not run on the existing notebook: in the short term Chrome OS can not run on Dell or Apple laptop, the operating system only supports solid-state hard drive, this indicate that the operating system is for the Internet in this tailor - built. Many Internet companies are to designing net book to support Chrome OS. Chrome OS will support the hard disk in the future. Google said it Chrome OS will print jobs hrough "innovative technology" in the coming days.

5, start speed is super fast: Google is very concerned about the speed, Chrome OS is a good example. To improve the startup speed, Google predigest unnecessary things, since the right things can be simplified, the user boot "seconds" and surf the Internet. Google required the use of the hardware manufacturers to improve the speed of the Chrome OS specific hardware.

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AMD settled with Intel

IT news:

Intel had 6 “not allowed"

According to foreign media reports, Intel and AMD anti-trust settlement reached, the provisions of the agreement, Intel must comply with six major business criteria.

Last Thursday, Intel reached a settlement with the AMD and Intel will pay AMD 1.25 billion U.S. dollars, so as to solve all the anti-trust between the two sides and patent infringement litigation.

As part of the settlement agreement, Intel agreed to comply with a range of business codes of conduct, but both the two sides did not disclose the specific content of those standards of conduct.

Recently the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) K8 documents show that Intel is subject to the 6 which are not allowed:

1. Intel can not provide any benefits to customers in exchange for customer agreements, and commit to purchase only Intel processors.

2. Intel can not provide any benefits to customers in exchange for customer agreements, commitments to limit or postpone the purchase of AMD processors.

3. Intel is not providing any benefits to customers in exchange for customer agreements, a commitment to limit the promotion, production or distribution of the use of AMD PC processor.

4. Intel is not providing any benefits to customers in exchange for customer agreement, promise to give up or delay to participate in AMD's product releases, advertising or other promotional activities.

5. Intel, retailers or distributors are not allowed to provide any benefit to asking them to limit or postpone the purchase or distribution of AMD processor-based PC, or other platforms.

6. Who do not meet Intel's limited manufacturers and Intel may not be threatened.

According to the agreement, the above six restriction period for Intel for 10 years.

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America media: the United States need to show humility because China is doing the right thing

Hot news for Barack Obama and China:

On The evening of November 15, U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Shanghai by "Air Force One" plane, the start of a 4-day state visit to china.

United States President Barack Obama started with his first visit to China on the 15th, "New York Times" reported that "he will pay tribute to the role of the boss in many ways, wasting a lot of money "

"The New York Times" said that Obama will work different former U.S. president, they have publicly urged China to follow the Western model and stimulating, politically and economically to become more open, Obama will spend less time to teach Beijing, and spend more time to guarantee peace of mind for Beijing. President Bush has accused China of manipulating its exchange rate, President Clinton's demand that China improve human rights in the days gone, and now Barack Obama issued a calm voice of China, he made the speech of the relationship between United States and Asia in Tokyo, a new relationship speech pointed out that the United States does not seek to contain China .

Brookings Institution fellow in Washington, former President Clinton, former special assistant for Asian affairs, said Kenneth Lieberthal, China Obama will deliver the message that the United States regards China as have to start a "constructive cooperation" an important country, both parties to be frank, taking into account the views of each other.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation, China Program Douglas Paal, director, said: "China is an internal-oriented country, it would have preferred to do their own political system. This is the same as the United States, the United States is always the first concern of their own country response. Obama will coordinate the parties concerned as far as the interests of both sides. "

"Wall Street Journal" said that, in addition to the policy and attitude toward China, the main topic of US-China relations are undergoing profound changes. 10 years ago, in the US-China summit, the most debated issues is limited to the following three: human rights, nuclear non-proliferation and trade. Now both topics have been expanded to cover almost all the major world issues, from clean energy to the war in Afghanistan, Africa's development, to how to fix the global economy, "Wall Street Journal" s envisaged that all these issues will be a place of dialogue between Obama, and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Lieberthal said: "In the history of US-China relations, global affairs will become the most important issue for the first time, which is a new field for us."

Barack Obama has begun on the occasion of a visit to China, the latest issue of "Time Magazine" published the entitled "The United States needs to learn from Chinese five things," According to the article, Obama's visit to china, we have chosen an awkward time. China has become the world's engine of economic growth. It has withstood the test of a global economic recession, there is a strong feeling that China is rising. In contrast, the United States seems to become old suddenly, become more vulnerable. United States national mood is still low, economic outlook remains grim.

"Time magazine" said the modest performance of the United States should start because China has done some important things right. The United States should learn from, "ambition, emphasis on education, care for the elderly, a large number of savings, put a long look", etc. 5 experience.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Beta version leaked on the P2P sites in advance

IT news:

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta version leaked on the P2P sites in advance

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Office 2010 beta version leaked in advance, users do not have to wait until next week-Microsoft officially released, you can now find it on P2P sites.

According to foreign Web site Neowin, in recent days in many P2P sites it has been found in Office 2010 beta version. At the same time, another fan site has posted an alleged Office 2010 beta version of the screenshot.

Microsoft has said it will launch an Office 2010 beta version this month, and has again hinted that next week a major Office press release will be released on the Twitter micro-blog, so the industry generally believe that Microsoft Developers Conference published on the Office the latest beta in Los Angeles next week.

In July of this year, Microsoft released a technology preview version of Office 2010, when this version has been leaked ahead of schedule on the network.

In addition to the desktop version of Office 2010, Microsoft will also provide the browser version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
In addition to OneNote, Microsoft has released a preview version of these Web applications, but is not clear whether they will be released next week.

Microsoft Office 2010 beta kept silent when knowing this. However, one staff member said, "We have not officially released Office 2010 beta version, it is recommended you do not download it from unauthorized sources."

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EZMATCH Spray paint is simply the finest multi-purpose spray paint which available in a range of finishes to suit your chosen application. The good features of slight smell, fast drying spray that creates a smooth, professional finish on metal, plastic or wood objects, which is durable, excellent weather ability and indoor/outdoor use. EZMATCH Spray paint can meet your special painting needs with several color categories, such as normal colors, metallic colors, chrome colors, gold colors and fluorescent colors, etc.. We have all colors that you need. And most important, EZMATCH Spray paint is environmental-friendly products, its top-class quality and innovative formulation is keeping pace with the times which should satisfy your new demand to the Spray paint.
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App Store: 100,000

In the past few days, Apple gives the world a deep impresssion. The APPLE iPhone-maker officially announced that their tightly controlled App Store has surpassed the 100,000 mark when it reaches available applications. A hundred thousand -- that's many many apps, especially compared to other platforms' far more limited offerings. Let us take a look at the detail:
However, look into it deeper, how much does size really matter? Does anyone really need a selection of 100,000? In this case of the App Store, it appears that despite the impressive nature of its big and firm number, the way we use the catalog may count far more than any measurement.
Seeing how few of the App Store's 100,000 apps are actually put into use and brings that idea into question.
On the other hand, there's still the worrying of quality: Do the Android apps hold a torch to the iPhone's when it comes to what they offer and how well they perform? That's a subjective question you'll have to answer for yourself. When it comes to sheer numbers, though, you may want to think twice before letting an extra zero make up your mind.
A joke or a fact?
About the fact, what shoud it be? Let us wait and see.
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Firefox 3.6 beta has been released

Which browers are you using for surfing the internet?
The older Firfox 3.5?
On Friday Mozilla released the first beta of Firefox 3.6, the users can update this version through the older version.
Firefox 3.6 Beta has relatively few visible changes from Firefox 3.5 in June. Instead, most of the enhancements have been design to under-the-hood components, including the TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine and other convenient added features.
Among all of the new features visible to users is integrated support for the scaled-down browser skins dubbed "Personas" by Mozilla, and new warnings to users when they reach a site that calls on outdated plug-ins, such as Adobe's Flash Player or Apple's QuickTime.
Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, are support for new CSS, DOM and HTML 5 technologies; support for full-screen video embedded with the video HTML tag; and support for the Web Open Font Format (WOFF). JavaScript performance has also been boosted, said Beltzner in a post to the Mozilla developer center blog, and start-up times have been reduced.
Some features once destined for Firefox 3.6, however, have been dropped, including one that was to take advantage of Microsoft's new Windows 7. Integration with Windows 7's Jump Lists -- a feature that would list recently-visited sites when Firefox's icon is right-clicked in the taskbar -- has been postponed and wasn't included with the beta.
Though Firefox 3.6's interface chances are minor, Mozilla plans to revamp the user interface in Firefox 3.7, set to launch in the coming 2010, and finish the redesign in Firefox 4.0, currently scheduled for late next year.
The Firefox is used to be designed to meet the requirement of the Internet fans all over the world
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Google Music Search releases today

According to foreign media reports, Google will open the music search with the veil through the music in a concert, its detailed features, how to enjoy the free music and other details have been in the "New York Times" article.
The searching name of this music is "Music Onebox", rather than the "Google Audio" before. It is not a separate vertical search, but the search results page appears at the top of the functional areas.
When inputting song name, Google will display artist, song information, and the free link. Music streaming music service are from Lala, and Myspace. Users click on the link, Google will open a new window, but the opportunity to enjoy free of charge is just only once, when users can also buy songs through a number of pay site.
If you enter a singer, band and album name, users also get the opportunity to enjoy the music free of charge.
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Microsoft officially released Windows 7

Window 7 has been the most important product in the recent 10 years!!
Microsoft's highly anticipated next-generation operating system- Windows 7 was globally released in the U.S. at local time 11:00 on the 22nd this month, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer attended the press conference and gave speeches. Reuters noted that this was Microsoft's most important product in more than 10 years. Microsoft is hoping to win back the lost customers because of Vista, and to strengthen to control over the PC market.
President of Dell enterprise business ever claimed that Windows 7 is Microsoft's best products.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the press conference: "This is a simpler, faster and more responsive to the new operating system. We hope that users have a new and better operating experience. Our engineering staff and partners engage in close collaboration. "
Ballmer said that the 3000 engineers, 50000 partners, 8 million testers were therefore conducted close cooperation. Collect the consumer feedback and put these integrated into the new products. "The new mode of operation of the operating system is what you want. Quick boot, more responsive and more concise. We realized that Windows 7 is the best choice." Ballmer said in his speech.
Reuter’s news agency said, the importance of Windows 7 is the most in the past 10 years. Because of the launch of Vista, most clients are disappointed at the MS market, Microsoft hopes to take to win back customers, and to enhance the personal computer (PC) market in control.
Microsoft's Windows 7 to the Home Premium version is priced at 199.99 U.S. dollars, while the operating system upgrade from a previous version of the Users only needs to spend 119.99 U.S. dollars, which is below than Vista operating system.
Windows 7 officially released, at the same time, Microsoft's first store in Scottsdale, Arizona (Scottsdale) opened, Windows Cafe coffee shop will also be opened in Paris, France.
The Analysts said whether the consumer sales of personal computers can be useful for Windows 7 will soon verified in the U.S. holiday season, but for the success of enterprises, it will have to be clear until next year.
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Man keeps on playing Grand Theft Auto IV for over 40 hours

Have you played games for over one day?
Have you played Grand Theft Auto IV?
Some records are made to be broken By a guy, named as Chirantan Patnaik, a resident of Mumbai, India, became an official Guinness Record holder last month when he clocked over 40 continuous hours playing Rockstar's 2008 smash Grand Theft Auto IV. Patnaik trained for the marathon event by running, exercising, and yoga -- which no doubt prepared him well for Grand Theft Auto's themes of running, and so on.
The previous record was held by an American citizen and stood at a mere 28 hours and one minute. Patnaik, who has a day job as an equities trader, isn't done, either: he plans to challenge his own record in an attempt to make it to 48 hours, which need to be TBD.
Maybe it's just us, but fiber-packed snacks like dates just don't seem like a good snack choice for a marathon like this. Chirantan, we admire your commitment...not to mention your intestinal fortitude.
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How to revive your dell inspiron 6400 laptop battery?

Have your dell 6400 battery come to the dead mode?
It is a successful experience sharing for reviving a dead dell inspiron 6400 laptop battery .
But before sharing the tips of reviving the laptop battery, please be sure what is listed below:
1. If your laptop is still under warranty, please forward your laptop battery to the manufacturer.
2. There’s no guarantee that this tip will work with your laptop battery. This is a just sharing for tips. Not every battery could be revived.
3. I won’t be responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from following this tip.
Please take note of the above information
Here is the tip:
freeze the dell inspiron 6400 Battery ! That is very important
Remove the battery from the laptop
Wrap the battery with old newspaper, making sure that it envelops the battery tightly
Repeat the step 2 above with at least three pieces of newspaper
Place the wrapped battery in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator
Let it stay in that cryogenic state for three to seven days
Once your battery has been given the frozen treatment, do not directly plug it into your notebook! Let the battery thaw to normal room temperature within the newspaper wrapping by leaving it in the open for at least half a day (overnight is recommended).
Tear off the newspaper wrapping and touch the battery. leave it at the normal temperature of room for a few more hours. Once it feels just about room temperature, take a piece of tissue and wipe the contact points of the battery just in case there’s some traces of moisture there.
And then plug it in your notebook computer, plug in the power adapter and leave your notebook in “charging” state. Do not power on the laptop!
Give your battery time to fully charge (this depends on your laptop/battery model). Once you’re 100% confident that the battery is fully charged, say your prayers, cross your fingers and power on your notebook. If all goes well, your dell inspiron 6400 Battery should be working just fine.
This is the successful experience for dell 6400 battery, and what about HP, Compaq, Dell and an old IBM ThinkPad battery?…
If interested, please have a try.
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Solar Battery Charger

# Specification:
Type :Li-ion
Availability:In stock now
Capacity:2000 mAh
Condition:Brand New, High quality li-ion cells
Net Weight:1.059 pounds
charging Time :7-8 hours
Dimensions :11.3*7.3*2.4 Inch

* Full One year warranty and 30 days money back.
* 100% made of solar cell.
* Accessories can not be used according to the Spec.
* Fit for different types of headlamp, flashlight, camping lights, cell phones, walkie-talkie, GPS, digital cameras, mp3, mp4 and other electronic products.
* Solar energy is changed into electric power directly under sunshine; you can charge cell phones, MP3, MP4 at any time and any place. Ideal for business men, outdoor activities, travelers.
* Solar panels : Output Voltage: 6V ,Maximal Output Current:200 mA
* Solar battery : Capacity: 2000 mAh; Input Voltage:5-6V, Input Current:500mA, Output Voltage: 5.3V, Output Current:500mA # Input Line: 31.5 Inch, USB-MINI USB
* Output Line: 31.5 Inch, USB-DC Base
* USB universal charger: DC Input Voltage : 5.0 ±0.25V; DC Output Voltage: 4.2±0.05V ,Maximal DC Output Current: 500 mA
* USB Ni/MH battery charger: Input Voltage :5V, Input Current:500 mA Output DC2×(1.4V-220mA)AA Output DC2×(1.4V-100mA)AAA DC Output Voltage: 4.2±0.05V ,Maximal DC Output Current: 500 mA
* Takes 7-8 hours to fully charge the special battery
* USB universal charger: Almost all kinds of cellphone battery and Digital battery can be fully charged by the solar panels,special battery and USB.
* USB Ni/MH battery charger: AA and AAA Ni/MH battery can be be charged to full capacity by the solar battery or AC, providing enough energy for the digital camera,camping lights, cell phones and so on.
* Accessory: Solar panels, Specical Battery, Input Line & Output Line, USB universal charger, USB Ni/MH battery charger, 6 pcs plugs (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and Erisson, etc).
* Pass CE and ROHS!
Solar charger
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Lenovo got the Windows 7 Certified and Vista users need to pay for upgrade

Windows 7 will be released sooner an sooner, many PC manufacturers are all ready for the related products to the Windows 7, Lenovo recently released a Windows 7 Lenovo "EE" certification, covering the idea of Lenovo Think series products. The user can recognize the Windows 7 products optimized for Lenovo products by the "EE" certification logo.
Lenovo Windows 7 "EE" certified association is the combination experience for Windows 7. Certification (Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience Certification) is a Lenovo and Microsoft developers collaborating result, Lenovo and Think products in the idea of the two technical advantages LVT (Lenovo Vantage Technology), TVT (ThinkVantage Technology) with Windows 7 full integration of technology for the Windows 7 operating system, providing a fully compatible, stable and reliable operating platform.
Lenovo said one of the valuable "EE" feathures is to optimize the certification system performance, so that the computers greatly accelerate the speed to start. "EE" Certification embodied in the idea of the value of products which also includes audio-visual entertainment experience richer and make it more easy to use and maintain, is reflected in the value of Think products , to bring a new experience for and security features.
In addition, the Lenovo Group official said, the old users need to upgrade Vista to Windows 7 by paying 88 RMB, which includes the software costs and logistics costs, then call the customer service line, after-sales service personnel will come to their homes to install.
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Intel Engineer: Windows 7 Beta is incredibly stable

Intel Mobile Division engineers and software development experts have verify the fact that they have used the early Windows 7 Beta and Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta, finding that they are "incredible stability."
In fact, Doug Holland has had the individual desktop and laptops both install the Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta as a routine use, and opened the Aero interface effects. and if the company's IT department permits, he will also do it in the office notebook.
Doug Holland said that the new operating system is pretty catching, where his favorite feature is directly into CD / DVD ISO image without having to install third-party software, but still need to load images with other software. Microsoft has provided MSDN users a virtual drive tool for Virtual CD, but only for Windows XP, never support Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
In the popularization process of Windows Vista, Intel's attitude has been very cautious, has been reluctant to upgrade. At the moment Windows 7 is still in the testing phase, but they had been so satisfied with the Windows 7, it seems this time Microsoft will not let its closest partners,disappointed.

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7 big tough guys in the history of Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers plays an important in the NBA championship and in the past couple of years, it has won lots of NBA championships and left the NBA fans so many wonderful stories. IN these stories there were a lot of heroes and their spirit will live in our heart for ever.

Take a look and enjoy it

7. Ron Artest
Before entering the Lakers, Ron Artest has won a tough guy reputation in NBA, perhaps in the future he can be the first tough guy as the list Lakers player, but at the moment, he had just joined the army temporarily at No. 7.

6. Shaquille - O'Neal
When Big shark swims around the rim, he is unstoppable monster, probably the most dominant in the history of NBA, anyone who annoyed him will be absolutely no good either.

5. Derek - Fisher

Mr. Fisher always gives the feeling of fish in fact he is currently the league, one of the toughest players as I remembered last season's playoffs, he has given Luis Scola of the Rockets a power elbow. Do you remember?

4. "Magic" Johnson

Magicians is always not afraid of any challenge, in the fifth finals Games in 1980, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was sending-off, Johnson played center position to change the results of the big man and the Celtics can NOT guard the paint in their district, at last Lakers won the NBA championship.

3. Wirth - Chamberlain

Although he only played five seasons for the Lakers, they help the team enter the finals four times and won a championship. he was NBA's most dominant player before O'Neal.

2 . Kobe Bryant

Even his head, shoulders, knees and toes ... ... badly bruised, it can still insist on fighting, especially in times of crisis the team was behind, Bryant’s spirit will become more resilient and tough!

1. AC Green
What is a tough guy? What is called tough? In a 15-season he only missed three games, AC Green is a well-deserved, "Iron Man." From 1986 to 2001, Green took part in the horrors of 1192 games to help the Lakers won three NBA champion titles.
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Dell ads deceived consumers and paid 4 million U.S. dollars

According to foreign media reports, Dell and New York prosecutors reached an agreement Tuesday to the victims of fraud advertising who were paid four million U.S. dollars. In this case, the New York State prosecutors had accused of Dell's deceptive advertising, content, consumer loans involving the purchase of computers, and as well as some warranty. New York State Attorney General Kumo said some consumers did not get the services they additionally paid, such as 99 U.S. dollars and 250 dollars to buy warranty. But when announcing the agreement, Dell does not admit any fault. Kumo believes that Dell's sales in advertising should be much clearer that in fact the majority of consumers are inconsistent with the purchase of loans and on-site service the next day. Consumers can log on www.nyagdell.com to register to receive compensation. Dell spokesman expressed satisfaction in solving the case this Tuesday.
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"Transformers 2" received 400 million within 19 days, breaking record

The major entertainment news: "" Transformers 2 "sinking" Titanic "" is a popular big news all over the world. in 1998 "Titanic" reached 360 million yuan in mainland China, and now "Transformers 2" which is also from Hollywood broke through 400 million yuan within 19 day. from the above numbers, it is certainly a gratifying news. Just behind the numbers, there is a 11 years. 11 years, the world is changing, with these 11 years, 400 million yuan is not a record-breaking like 100 meters race.

Let's take a tracing location of the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
June 2-5 Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) as Shanghai, China
June 6-7 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Chantilly, VA) as same
June 9 - 21 Philadelphia, PA
June 9 Cappucelli's Meats, Italian Market South Philly
June 10-11 Laurel Hill Cemetery
June 11-12 University of Pennsylvania, Quad
June 12-14 University of Pennsylvania, Psi Upsilon (Castle) Fraternity as Princeton
June 13 East River Drive
June 14, 18 Richmond Power Plant
June 14 Free Library on Ben Franklin Parkway
June 18 Front Street
June 13, 17, 20-21 Eastern State Penitentiary
June 18-19 Philadelphia City Hall as Ecole Militaire in Paris, France
June 22-25 Princeton University, NJ
Sedona, AZ - dates, locations unknown (rumor)
?-? 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (Tucson, AZ) (rumor)
?-? Edwards Air Force Base (Lancaster, CA)
August 26-27 - Long Beach, CA Queensway Bridge
September 12-October 6 - Holloman Airforce Base and White Sands Missile Range (Alamogordo, NM) as Egypt
October 7 - Tucson International Airport (Tucson, AZ)
October 8-? - The Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Tucson, AZ)
October 9 - Naval Base Coronado (Coronado, CA)
October 17 - Valley of the Kings, Egypt
"Transformers 2" is the second fastest to achieve 300 million U.S. dollars in Hollywood history . "Transformers 2" has more than 600 million U.S. dollars all over the world. "Transformers 2" Directed by Michael Bay achieve the largest income in the past 2008, The first "Transformers" in the U.S. box office revenue of 319 million U.S. dollars, 708 million U.S. dollars in the worldwide revenue.
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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 will be officially released on October 22

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 will be officially released October 22, which may give the sluggish PC industry a rebound in the holiday sales season.
Microsoft will provide the service of "technology guarantee (tech guarantee)" of the upgrade options for those who is using older versions of Windows operating system.
Earlier in this month, Microsoft said it hoped to launch Windows 7 earlier before the good sale season. It was said in the April that Windows 7 may not be able to release in October, and now the rumors have been proved unfounded.
Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc said at that time, "If we received from the feedback from the Windows 7 RC which can achieve quality expectations, about 3 months later it will be followed by RTM. "
Microsoft had previously said that all versions of Windows 7 will be able to run on desktop and notebooks, and also run on the growing popularity of netbook. Since the hardware of the majority of the netbook can not meet the requirements in Vista, at present only the Windows XP and Linux operating systems could fit the netbook.
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Nepal's youth inventor: solar panels can generate 9 volts power with his hair

Nepal's 18-year-olds inventor Karl has invented solar panels made by the hair in rural areas, which cost only 23 pounds, and is able to generate 9-volt power source. Karl said made from human hair, the new solar panel (solar panel) can provide low-cost, green energy, and solve the energy which is shortly needed in most developing countries.

Milan said that at first he just wanted to provide electricity for their own family , followed by their village, and now he was considering to provide electricity for over the world.
Hair acts as a conductor solar panels instead of expensive silicon, which means that it will reduce the cost of solar panels and provided for the short energy area. Nepal, as the world's poorest countries and many rural areas are short of power, even in areas connected with the power lines, residents are usually facing up to 16 hours electricity shortage every day.

In Nepal, you can buy half a kilo of sand hair with 16 Nepal dollars, electrical energy can be provided by a few months with these hairs. The battery can only be using for a few nights with 50 Nepal dollars. And what is more! The people can easily collect free of hair, hence this method appears to benefit a lot.

Since three years ago, Karl had had this idea, he will do the research for this important issue. The limited resources and global warming makes the demand of renewable resources more urgent, With the slow depletion of natural resources, people need to consider the future of humanity, one day we will face a major energy crisis, it must now be begun to take action to save the planet a long way to go.
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Price of Windows 7 is too high and NOT conducive to upgrade

Microsoft's Windows 7 price is likely to encourage users to upgrade the operating system, but forget the shadow impact of efforts Vista, which is greatly reduced.
A lot of users are very disappointed with the upgrade price of Windows 7, upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium price is as high as 119.99 U.S. dollars, only less than 8% the appropriate version of Vista. 120 dollars is a high price, as it needs 300 U.S. dollars to buy a new PC case.

It seems that Microsoft may prevent the user to upgrade to Windows 7 for free, so that Vista will lost Microsoft's best interests as the consumers through the lofty price of the upgrading, that is Microsoft Windows 7 sets up a big obstacle to upgrade for users.

Some of the analysts also condemn that Microsoft did not provide a license covering more than one PC, allowing users to be able to upgrade all home PC. at least in the United States, most households have more than one PC, if buying a copy of the software at lower price will be able to upgrade all of the PC at home, there will be no doubt that it will greatly enhance the user's experience.
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DELL mini 10 review

The pros of Mini 10: High-end width including a higher-resolution screen and HDMI output; very configurable and convenient; it is for a Netbook, including optional mobile broadband, bring more convenience.
The bad of DELL mini 10: Options drive the price up into mainstream laptop territory; short DELL Mini 10 battery life.
The bottom line of this laptop: DELL inspiron mini 10 laptop it is the most customizable Netbook in the DELL markets. Adding extras such as a higher-resolution display makes it more useful, but also blurs the price line between Netbooks and mainstream laptops in all brands of the laptops.
Specs: Processor CPU: Intel ; RAM installed: 1 GB ; Hard drive size: 160 GB,28 Wh battery capacity.
The Mini 10 shares the same design as the Mini 9 and Mini 12; the rounded lid sports the same glossy black coating (also available in white, green, pink, blue, and red, for an extra $30) which is prone to fingerprints. Underneath the hood, the black keyboard is offset with a smooth silver palm rest and gritty trackpad.

The Mini 10 is one of the most compact 10-inch netbooks on the market. Measuring 10.3 x 7.2 x 1.3 inches, it’s both thinner and shorter than the Samsung NC10 and the ASUS PC 1000. It isn’t as thin or light as the 1-inch, 2.4-pound HP Mini 1000, but the 2.6-pound Mini 10 fit into our purse and left plenty of room. Its single cord, 0.4-pound AC adapter is also more compact than most of its ilk.
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Humans captured the photos of the Andromeda galaxy engulfing neighboring mars for the first time

Because of the Andromeda enormous gravity, triangular constellation rotates around its center, and the triangular constellation star was dragged away by Andromeda.

Simulation of Figure of Triangle (Triangulum) rotating around the Andromeda galaxy.
Multi-national team of astronomers found that the latest observations, the Andromeda galaxy may have been "misappropriated" the vicinity of small galaxies, galaxies also exist the rules about "law of the jungle" phenomenon.
Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5 million light-years from Earth, and is Earth's nearest galactic neighbors. The group set up in Hawaii for the use of astronomical telescopes and found that in the very edge of the Andromeda where there are some stars, its location is too far away from the core of Andromeda, the gas is not enough to form these stars. Therefore, they speculated that these stars are formed as "misappropriation" in the vicinity of small galaxies which is still not "digest" End of the residues.
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Canon IXUS 110 IS review

Canon IXUS 110 IS loads with a 12.1 million effective pixel CCD image sensor, 28mm wide-angle, and 4x optical zoom IS lens focal length equivalent to 28-112 mm, making it strong versatility. At the same time the camera uses a 2.8-inch, 23-megapixel "Crystal Hyun II" LCD liquid crystal screen, the screen has a high brightness, there is a good performance even under the light. The card machine has been currently set to $315, coming with a 4GB high speed card, homemade spare batteries, camera bags, Protector.
The four sides of Canon IXUS 110 IS camera is more or less traditional without too much modification, and we can also feel, compared to only 18.4 millimeters thick body of the IXUS 100 IS, IXUS 110 IS looks to be thicker out. due to the placement of a 2.8-inch, 23-megapixel "Crystal Hyun II" LCD liquid crystal screen, in general the entire camera is also relatively longer than a lot of cameras, and at the same time the design of the back is very simple, , IXUS 110 IS has only two buttons in addition to the multi-function button.

Canon IXUS series always won a lot of consumers’ concern for its outstanding image quality and fashion design. And the section IXUS 110 IS is developed to be more "slender". The airplane's performance at high sensitivity is absolutely outstanding, making it the most popular digital cameras in the first half of 2009.
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