Firefox 3.6 beta has been released

Which browers are you using for surfing the internet?
The older Firfox 3.5?
On Friday Mozilla released the first beta of Firefox 3.6, the users can update this version through the older version.
Firefox 3.6 Beta has relatively few visible changes from Firefox 3.5 in June. Instead, most of the enhancements have been design to under-the-hood components, including the TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine and other convenient added features.
Among all of the new features visible to users is integrated support for the scaled-down browser skins dubbed "Personas" by Mozilla, and new warnings to users when they reach a site that calls on outdated plug-ins, such as Adobe's Flash Player or Apple's QuickTime.
Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, are support for new CSS, DOM and HTML 5 technologies; support for full-screen video embedded with the video HTML tag; and support for the Web Open Font Format (WOFF). JavaScript performance has also been boosted, said Beltzner in a post to the Mozilla developer center blog, and start-up times have been reduced.
Some features once destined for Firefox 3.6, however, have been dropped, including one that was to take advantage of Microsoft's new Windows 7. Integration with Windows 7's Jump Lists -- a feature that would list recently-visited sites when Firefox's icon is right-clicked in the taskbar -- has been postponed and wasn't included with the beta.
Though Firefox 3.6's interface chances are minor, Mozilla plans to revamp the user interface in Firefox 3.7, set to launch in the coming 2010, and finish the redesign in Firefox 4.0, currently scheduled for late next year.
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