Microsoft is facing four major challenges in 2010

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According to foreign media reports, analysts listed Microsoft has faced four challenges in 2010, Windows operating system and Office software are in the list.

This year, Microsoft released Windows7 and launched a search engine.

So far, this is the relative success of two products and need to make persistent efforts in 2010.

In addition, Microsoft experienced a strong challenge in smart phone platform and office market next year, the company must take some action.

The following are the four major challenges for Microsoft in 2010:

1. Do not be left behind in the smart phone market too far

This year, though Microsoft has launched a WindowsMobile6.5, but only 6.0 version of the rush to upgrade, do not attract too many user's attention. In contrast, Google, Apple, RIM and Palm eye-catching performance.

Next year, if not catching up with rivals, Microsoft must also ensure that Windows Mobile 6.5 will not be alienated, and provide WindowsMobile7 more details.

2. To ensure that the current momentum of Windows 7

So far, Windows7 is not the Vista, which Microsoft is concerned it is good news. In 2010, Microsoft needs to continue to ensure that Windows7 sales, attract more users to upgrade the Windows7.

3. Beware of Google Apps GoogleApps is a real threat to Microsoft's Office revenue, and is still controversial. At present, GoogleApps is the main attractions of individual consumers, companies still insist on using Office. But with Google escalating enterprise functions, the situation will not last long.

4. The will to be bigger The goal is simply to enhance its market share and increase advertising revenue. But to really achieve that goal, it is not easy.

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