Mozilla Firefox suggested its users to use Bing instead of GoogleMozilla

IT news:

an official has said that as Google's chief executive did not attach importance to consumer privacy concerns, Firefox browser users can list in the browser engine and add Dousuo Bing Microsoft's search engine.

Mozilla Community Development Manager Asa Dotzler cites a section of CNBC last Friday broadcast.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt discussed these privacy issues in that broadcast online.

Dotzler Firefox extension provides a link which can be added to the Firefox search engine Bing browser search engine list. He said that this is the Firefox search engine, Google changed Bing from a simple approach.

In the interview, a reporter asked Schmidt "People are bringing Google as their most trusted friends, people should do so now?." Schmidt replied that, if you have do not want others to know, maybe you do not want to do it first.

If you really need some sort of privacy, the reality includes Google search, which must retain this information for some time. We are in the United States and have to comply with the Patriot Act, all information will be provided to the relevant authorities.

It is Schmidt's remarks prompted the proposed Dotzler Firefox browser users to give Google the default elements, using competition-Bing search engine.

Dotzler said he thought that Bing's privacy policy is better than Google's.

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