Asus will announce the plan to challenge the 4st global notebook next year

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On 12 7, Asus will be held today, the annual global business conferences, Asus chairman Johnny Shih Fu Dong Zeng qiang Sheng, CEO Jerry Shen, will co-chair the meeting; at the same time, Asus will declare to start the "giant lion 2" program, jointly challenge Lenovo and Toshiba- the world's 4th largest notebook makers plan next year.

ASUS Global Business Conference includes systems, components, hand-held devices, etc. in charge of three major business groups, as well as the heads of all regions around the world will gather in Taiwan headquarters.

Asus said that the global business meeting time will be up to a week, to hold 1 years. ASUS pointed out that the performance was mainly due to be optimistic about next year, in place of the full range of products, market confidence and start the attack, the business group will have a more detailed discussion, and thus lengthen the time of this meeting.

At the 4th quarter, the ASUS main product shipments will reach high and he would expect a high standard, in terms of Eee PC laptops with 4.3 million units, the challenges -11 million units shipped throughout the year to 1200 million units. Motherboard shipments in Q4 Challenge 5 million.

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