Intel was hit hard again

IT news:

On December 5, according to foreign media reports, Intel announced on Friday that an independent graphics Larrabee project was delayed again, and the products will initially be launched as a software development platform.

There is no doubt that it is not small blow. In the past 10 years, Intel has been hoped to launch its first dedicated graphics card.

Intel spokesman (NickKnupffer) said on Friday: "Larrabee's development progress was later than we expect, therefore, the first Larrabee products will not be a separate graphics card."

"On the contrary, it will serve as an internal and external use of the software development platform." In addition, Intel did not say when they can be launched as a stand-alone graphics card.

Larrabee has been repeatedly delayed, was originally projected for the 2008 listing, with Nvidia and ATI in the graphics market, it will be competed.

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