Dell's custom version of Chrome OS only supports Mini 10V

Breaking news:

According to foreign media reports, Dell has launched a Google Chrome OS in an open-source development version, but it only supports Dell's Mini 10V.

Recently Google introduced at a news conference on the Chrome OS, this upcoming operating system launched an open source project "Chromium OS", free of charge to developers opened Chrome OS source code. Since then, different Chromium began to appear in the network.

Dell Doug • ON Semiconductor (Doug Anson) and his team in the Google provide the source code of the secondary development to solve its Mini 10V access to this hardware supporting issues, and it is free to download as an image file available.

If Users want to use the operating system and he needs to have a surplus of more than 8GB of space on USB flash drives, and then download the image file provided to a Linux computer by Dell, and use the "dd" command to release into the USB flash drive, the and then connect to the Mini 10V online book, you can begin to experience the operating system.

It is worth noting that Dell's custom version of the Chrome OS is not a stable version, users may encounter some of the problems when using.

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