there are loopholes in upgrading Win7 for PC makers

Window7 news:

Are you using the windows7 right now?

Pirated optical discs in Win7 are hot ,at the same time, Microsoft's Genuine Win7 is also "big." Recently a lot of users found that through the PC makers Win7 upgrading program is free to apply to a genuine copy of Win7 upgrade CD-ROM, users can even obtain a free set of values of Win7 Ultimate 2460 RMB.

these PC makers on windows7 upgrade audit vulnerability, Microsoft's public relations person in china are in charge of this consultation, Microsoft already knew this and said there had been patched the flaw and there is no similar incidents. The two PC makers involved stakeholders in an interview, and also said the current escalation of Win7 should strictly apply to verify the applicant information online. However, why there is such a loophole, Microsoft and PC makers have expressed silence.

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