America media: the United States need to show humility because China is doing the right thing

Hot news for Barack Obama and China:

On The evening of November 15, U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Shanghai by "Air Force One" plane, the start of a 4-day state visit to china.

United States President Barack Obama started with his first visit to China on the 15th, "New York Times" reported that "he will pay tribute to the role of the boss in many ways, wasting a lot of money "

"The New York Times" said that Obama will work different former U.S. president, they have publicly urged China to follow the Western model and stimulating, politically and economically to become more open, Obama will spend less time to teach Beijing, and spend more time to guarantee peace of mind for Beijing. President Bush has accused China of manipulating its exchange rate, President Clinton's demand that China improve human rights in the days gone, and now Barack Obama issued a calm voice of China, he made the speech of the relationship between United States and Asia in Tokyo, a new relationship speech pointed out that the United States does not seek to contain China .

Brookings Institution fellow in Washington, former President Clinton, former special assistant for Asian affairs, said Kenneth Lieberthal, China Obama will deliver the message that the United States regards China as have to start a "constructive cooperation" an important country, both parties to be frank, taking into account the views of each other.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation, China Program Douglas Paal, director, said: "China is an internal-oriented country, it would have preferred to do their own political system. This is the same as the United States, the United States is always the first concern of their own country response. Obama will coordinate the parties concerned as far as the interests of both sides. "

"Wall Street Journal" said that, in addition to the policy and attitude toward China, the main topic of US-China relations are undergoing profound changes. 10 years ago, in the US-China summit, the most debated issues is limited to the following three: human rights, nuclear non-proliferation and trade. Now both topics have been expanded to cover almost all the major world issues, from clean energy to the war in Afghanistan, Africa's development, to how to fix the global economy, "Wall Street Journal" s envisaged that all these issues will be a place of dialogue between Obama, and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Lieberthal said: "In the history of US-China relations, global affairs will become the most important issue for the first time, which is a new field for us."

Barack Obama has begun on the occasion of a visit to China, the latest issue of "Time Magazine" published the entitled "The United States needs to learn from Chinese five things," According to the article, Obama's visit to china, we have chosen an awkward time. China has become the world's engine of economic growth. It has withstood the test of a global economic recession, there is a strong feeling that China is rising. In contrast, the United States seems to become old suddenly, become more vulnerable. United States national mood is still low, economic outlook remains grim.

"Time magazine" said the modest performance of the United States should start because China has done some important things right. The United States should learn from, "ambition, emphasis on education, care for the elderly, a large number of savings, put a long look", etc. 5 experience.

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