There are five major differences between Google Chrome OS and other operating systems

Chrome OS news:

According to foreign media reports, at the November 19 in US Google disclosed new details about Chrome OS, trying to redefine the operating system, the community and the technology to further penetrate web.

About Google Chrome OS, through the press conference, it was informed that the operating system have essentially difference from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Through the analysis of relevant Chrome OS information it can be found on the market Chrome OS operating system, there are five major differences as follows:

1, the browser is also the operating system: This is the Chrome OS's fundamental, PC can serf the internet without having to install Firefox or IE and other browsers, Chrome is the browser, but also the operating system.

2, self-repair: Chrome OS focus on safety, Chrome OS applications run in its "safe sandbox" preventing malware and viruses; the other cool function is that Chrome OS can check code integrity itself, once the code is found to be tampered with, will re-start and repair itself.

3, all applications are web applications without having to install. Microsoft Office, Adobe AIR, TweetDeck, Digsby, or even Android applications will can not run in the Chrome OS, Chrome OS can only run web applications.

4, Chrome OS does not support the hard drive, can not run on the existing notebook: in the short term Chrome OS can not run on Dell or Apple laptop, the operating system only supports solid-state hard drive, this indicate that the operating system is for the Internet in this tailor - built. Many Internet companies are to designing net book to support Chrome OS. Chrome OS will support the hard disk in the future. Google said it Chrome OS will print jobs hrough "innovative technology" in the coming days.

5, start speed is super fast: Google is very concerned about the speed, Chrome OS is a good example. To improve the startup speed, Google predigest unnecessary things, since the right things can be simplified, the user boot "seconds" and surf the Internet. Google required the use of the hardware manufacturers to improve the speed of the Chrome OS specific hardware.

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