Nepal's youth inventor: solar panels can generate 9 volts power with his hair

Nepal's 18-year-olds inventor Karl has invented solar panels made by the hair in rural areas, which cost only 23 pounds, and is able to generate 9-volt power source. Karl said made from human hair, the new solar panel (solar panel) can provide low-cost, green energy, and solve the energy which is shortly needed in most developing countries.

Milan said that at first he just wanted to provide electricity for their own family , followed by their village, and now he was considering to provide electricity for over the world.
Hair acts as a conductor solar panels instead of expensive silicon, which means that it will reduce the cost of solar panels and provided for the short energy area. Nepal, as the world's poorest countries and many rural areas are short of power, even in areas connected with the power lines, residents are usually facing up to 16 hours electricity shortage every day.

In Nepal, you can buy half a kilo of sand hair with 16 Nepal dollars, electrical energy can be provided by a few months with these hairs. The battery can only be using for a few nights with 50 Nepal dollars. And what is more! The people can easily collect free of hair, hence this method appears to benefit a lot.

Since three years ago, Karl had had this idea, he will do the research for this important issue. The limited resources and global warming makes the demand of renewable resources more urgent, With the slow depletion of natural resources, people need to consider the future of humanity, one day we will face a major energy crisis, it must now be begun to take action to save the planet a long way to go.
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