YouTube transactions deficit has been for three years

Google news:

Google look forward to a profit in Youtube.

In 2006, Google reach the acquisition of YouTube for USD 1.65 billion, this is the most daring and risky the 21st century, one of the strongest trade, but it is also the first time Google is full of passion and it never ceased to show its ambition – which will reach extends to every corner of the Internet.

From the first date a video uploaded to YouTube, just 18 months after it was Google's acquisition, the deal is Google’s biggest deal in the 21st century, it carried out by a "race" part of the contents that can be designed to have a monopoly and become a large market potential, but at the time the Internet was just beginning a new market.

In the Google acquisition of YouTube a year ago, News Corporation has acquired MySpace, which is an early pioneer of social networking sites. It is reported that News Corp. and Yahoo and Microsoft have also approached the EPR on acquisitions YouTube. In the end, Google acquisition of YouTube has won the most popular video site- this a "competition", but the Google deal brings not only the interests of its original expectations.

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